about us

Nevidya.com main goal is to give you information and resources which increase your knowledge and cognition to understand the world better and consequently behave more reasonably. Nevidya.com’s main resources provide its information from many sources and languages to present the best data needed for improving the level of life satisfaction.

As nevidya.com sees it, life satisfaction revolves around two major criteria, namely raising awareness and mind controlling. Nevidya.com, by offering a lot of useful and practical information, helps you to know more and as a result act more wisely.

What about psychological techniques?

The first most important duty of nevidya.com is to increase your level of knowledge and expertise in some crucial stages of human life like relationship, love and business in particular.

Everything you see, in nevidya.com, is written based on scientific data and solid facts which will help you to make better life decisions and behave maturely when in love.

The most important thing, left for you to do, is spending time reading our material, trying to learn and practicing. One other thing that should be considered above all is motivation. In other words, motivation is what we need to change our life style for better. There are various techniques which can make us motivated, including spiritual performance, imagining a bright future, and increasing knowledge. They are all covered in nevidya.com in one way or another.

How is nevidya.com related to praying and Dua?

If you look carefully, you can see so many praying and duas in our scientific articles which seem to be a little strange since it may give rise to questions like how nevidya.com is related to reciting dua when it is a completely scientific source of knowledge.

For many people who need motivation to fulfill their dreams ( or to make their dreams come true), dua and praying is a beam of light to guide them through an uneven land and keep their hopes alive. Even if dua can show the way to achieve the wishes it can never per se help anyone pass the uneven land. Yet, there are some indispensable means to let us cross that precarious land like knowledge, perseverance and effort.

Praying as a spiritual connection between ego and external phenomenon have been proved even by those who has no believe to God. According to psychologytoday.com, praying or reciting dua “… reduces the experience of anxiety, elevates a depressed mood, lowers blood pressure, stabilizes sleep patterns and impacts autonomic functions like digestion and breathing. Further, in influencing our state of body-mind, prayer and meditation also influence our thinking”.

So dua can be brilliantly powerful and effective for having more achievements since it can enrich our mind and motivates us toward success.

Next to dua, in nevidya.com, you may confront with some instructional plans to perform any unique praying or dua which increase its impact and power over mind.  Anyway, it doesn’t mean that there is no alternative to increasing the power of mind, motivation or psychological mood.

At the end there is one point shouldn’t be neglected about improving the level of satisfaction and relationships and that is getting help form experts and professional. Due to the fact that there are always individual challenges and personal issues which depends on each unique style of life, there may be times you need to talk with someone to get better advice or learning comprehensive techniques to achieve your wish which may be anything from improving your mood to strengthening you relationship.