dua for someone to remember you

Influencing other’s mind is one of the best way to make them remember you but it is only possible when we are in direct contact with them. So if we can’t contact with someone but we want to make them remember us what should we do. It is where dua for someone to remember you comes to scene. So if you need something to help you make someone remember you we recommend you reading this dua.

dua for someone to remember you

Before reading this dua for womeone to remember you, you need to do ablution and perform two rak’ats of Namaz and recite this verse seven times in each rak’at after the Surah Hamd:

allah ‘an yjeal biynkm wabyn aldhdhyn eadytum minhum mawadat wallah ghafur rahym

Meaning: I ask God to make it between you and those who are accustomed to them, and God is Forgiving and Merciful.

Read this do for up to a week. (To read more dua see 5 powerfull dua to make him call me right now).

Dua for  someone to remember and miss you

In order for someone to remember and miss you, write the following holy verses with rose and saffron on a lineless paper and keep it with you. (to read more dua to make someone miss you see Miraculous dua to make someone miss you)

Verse 74 of Sura Al-Baqarah:

thuma qasat qalubakm min baed dhlk fahy kalhijarat ‘aw ‘ashadu qaswatan wa’iina min alhijarat lama ytafajar minh al’anhar wa’iina minha lama yshqq faykhraj minh alma’ wa’iina minha lama yhbut min khashayt allah wama allah bighafil eamaa taemalun

Verses 1 and 2 of Surah Al-Insan:

  • (76-1) – hal aty ely al’iinsan hyn min aldahr lam ykn shyya madhkwira
  • (76-2) – ‘iinaa khalaqna al’iinsan min nutfat ‘amshaj nabtalyh fajaealnah samyea bisyra

Dua for someone remember you and then feel love

In order for someone to remember you and and at the same time feel love for you, write the following holly verses on paper without lines and with rose and saffron: ( to read more dua to make someone fall in love with you see Quranic Duas for Making Someone Fall in Love with You)

Verses 83 to 88 of Surah An’am

  • (6-73) – wahu aldhay khalaq alsamawat wal’ard bialhaqi waywim yqul kn faykwin qawluh alhaqu walah almalk ywm ynfakh fay alsuwar ealam alghayb walshahadat wahu alhkym alkhabyr
  • (6-74) – wa’iidh qal abrahym labyh azar ‘atatakhidh ‘asnamana alihat any arak waqwmk fy dalal mabyn (6-75) – wkdhlk nry abrahym mulkwat alsamawat wal’ard walykwin min almawqinyn
  • (6-76) – falamaa jana ealyh alllyl ray kwkba qal hdha rby falamaa ‘afal qal la ‘uhibu alafalyn
  • (6-77) – falamaa ray alqamar bazighana qal hdha rabay falamaa ‘afal qal layin lam yhduny rabay lakwunun min alqawm aldaalayn
  • (6-78) – falamaa ray alshams bazighatan qal hdha rby hdha akbir falamaa ‘afalat qal ya qawm any biray’ mimaa tashrakwun

In addition to the instructions given to you, you need to recite all these prayers aloud at least once. To do this, you can go to the website Quran  and search for the name of the verse on that website. Then click on the audio playback option to have the verse read to you. You can also click on each word to hear the pronunciation of that word and then repeat. It does not matter if it is not accurate, but as soon as you make an effort, it is enough. You can also read the meaning and translation of the verses on this site.

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