How to get your duas answered fast

Everyone starts praying when they face a problem and expect their duas to be answered very fast. For this reason, they refer to the relevant books or websites so that they may find a dua for a quick answer to their needs. Hence, Nevidya provides you with some important ways on how to get your duas answered fast.

1. Have a pure intention

Pure intention means that a person who asks Allah to solve his/her problems should have a strong belief in Him and His prophets. S/he recites the duas wholeheartedly.

2. Dua Tawassul

Reciting this dua in any situation is effective and you will meet your needs soon. In this dua, by appealing to the fourteen infallible Imams and mediating them, after the end of the dua, you can ask Allah for your needs. You should read this dua on Tuesday nights.

3. Ism Ad’ham dua

Another way to get your duas answered fast is by saying the great names of Almighty Allah (Ism Ad’ham) every day. Whoever utters the great names of Almighty Allah eleven times a day, will meet his/her needs very soon. You can say the very names Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim, Al-Muhaymin, Al-Ghaffar, Al-Qahhar, Al-Fattah, Al-Kareem, and Al-Baseer 11 times every day while thinking of your hajat.

4. Dua Faraj

If you are dealing with many problems and you feel sad or depressed you can recite dua Faraj after daily prayers.

5. “Ya Rab Ya Allah”

These holy words will also play an important role in getting your duas answered. Recite “ya Rab ya Allah” as many times as you can in one breathe and think of your hajat while you’re uttering the words.

6. “Ya Allah”

Whoever recites “ya Allah” 10 times, then s/he should be certain that Merciful Allah will answer his/her request.

7. Weekly ritual

Another way to get your duas answered fast is by reciting Quranic surahs on each day of the week. To do so, you should think of your hajat, every day, and, then, start reciting the surah of that day sincerely. After reading the surah, you should address it to fourteen “infallible imams” and be sure that you will meet your needs in no time. Here are the surahs:

Saturday: Surah Al-Fath,

Sunday: Surah Yasin,

Monday: Surah Al-Waqi’ah

Tuesday: Surah Al-Rahman,

Wednesday: Surah Al-Jen,

Thursday: Surah Al-Molk,

Friday: Surah Sajdeh.

8. Dua Amir al-Mu’minin

If you want to meet get your duas answered fast, you can read Amir al-Muminin’s Sari’ul-Ijabah dua (the dua will get answered fast).

9. Ja’far Tayyar’s prayer

Another effective way to meet your needs is to perform Ja’far Tayyar’s prayer whenever you feel both depressed and helpless. In this way, you can focus on your needs and pray to Almighty Allah and ask for His blessings so that you can get over your problem.

10. Be patient

When you’re making a dua and asking Allah to accept your petitions, it doesn’t mean that He will answer it soon after you pray to Him. If you say that you have prayed to Allah and your dua hasn’t been accepted yet, you reduce the chances of getting it answered.

Don’t forget that Allah loves the moment you pray to Him. He will answer some prayers soon, but some prayers are not answered as soon as you want. At such moments, you should remind yourself the Merciful Allah is aware of everything in your life and He knows the right time to answer your request.

According to the messenger of Allah, Mohammad (PBUH), you can call on Almighty Allah and be sure that your prayer will be answered and know that He does not accept an insincere prayer.

Moreover, the holy prophet believes that there are four people whose prayers are not rejected: the prayer of the father for his children, the prayer of the oppressed people, the prayer of the pilgrim to Kaaba (during the whole pilgrimage) until s/he returns, and the prayer of someone who’s fasting until s/he breaks his/her fast.

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