Short prayer for anxiety

There are many times we may experience unwelcome circumstances. And, as a result, anxiety, worry, and fear overtake us. At this point, we should try to be honest with ourselves so we can find the source of our anxieties and fears. But, the best thing you can do in this situation is to bring that problem to the Lord and ask Him to help you through a short prayer for anxiety. In this article, Nevidya is going to share with you some of the best prayers for anxiety so you can ask the Holy Lord your requests in an honest, heartfelt manner. Short prayer for anxiety includes prayer for anxiety Islam, prayer for anxiety and stress, prayer to stop worrying, and prayer for inner peace and calm.

Prayer for anxiety in Islam

Gracious Lord, thank You for Your endless blessings and favors. I feel so alone and anxious these days and I can’t calm my mind. Lord God, I pray I feel less stressed, anxious, and depressed as I read this prayer for anxiety in Islam. Holy Father, give me guidance and vision to overcome my anxiety and stress.

Enable me, Dear Lord, to control my thoughts and feelings so I can stay calm and hopeful when I’m overwhelmed with anxious feelings. Almighty Lord, I recite this short prayer for anxiety sincerely and ask You to uplift me through Your grace and help me to be strong and mighty when I get into a panic.

Loving Lord, I ask You to bless me with Your faith and peace so that I will always be slow to anger and bear the present difficulties with serenity.


Prayer for anxiety and stress

Great Lord, You are the source of all mercies. Today I bow before You in prayer and thank You for being there for me during tough times. Holy Father, You are my preserver, so You are the only one who can help me to find rest and comfort when I recite this short prayer for anxiety.

Almighty Lord, please direct me to the right way and guide me back to Your ways when I’m filled with anxieties, fears, and worries.

Loving Lord, I read this prayer for my anxiety and stress and ask You to bless me with Your vision and remind me to rest in Your love and comfort when I feel worried about life situations that are out of my control.


Prayer to stop worrying

O Lord, thank You for listening to this short prayer for anxiety. Loving God, help me talk things through when I feel anxious, and grant me Your vision so I can rest in You during hard times.

Holy Lord, I humbly ask You will bless me with Your faith, wisdom, and patience so that I can find the causes of my anxious feelings as I read this prayer and help me to stop worrying about the future.

Compassionate Lord I reassure myself that You hear my prayers and that you grant me the strength to get rid of anxious feelings and help me to refresh my soul.


Prayer for inner peace and calm

You are our Compassionate and Merciful Creator. You are our protector. Holy Allah, Your goodness and supreme guidance affect my life and I’m always grateful for Your mighty presence. Heavenly Allah, I’m anxious all the time and I need Your help.

Dear Allah, I know all the reasons for my anxiety and I need your guidance to get rid of such awful feelings. Gracious Allah, I never doubt Your presence so I lift up my heart to You and ask You to fill it with Your peace and faith as I read this short prayer for anxiety.

When I feel worried, I call on You, Holy Allah, because You are the only one who can provide me with peace and comfort. Almighty Allah, I recite this prayer for inner peace and calm and reassure myself that You will fill me with wisdom, courage, and the ability to overcome what makes me anxious.



Lord’s blessings and favor are things we need to change our lives. For this to happen, we have to do things that satisfy The Lord, and in return, He will grant us His blessings. Recite the above-mentioned prayers every day, and ask Almighty God to accept your requests. Also, you can recite the prayer for a miracle right now and be sure that He hears you and provides you with peace of mind and heart.

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they give you the chance to receive God’s power. On the other hand, scientists believe that those who recite prayers are benefiting from a feeling of emotional and spiritual support. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. Hence, Nevidya has offered many prayers for protection. To meet your needs, you just need to read the prayers mentioned in Nevidya. Recite the prayers you think you need more.

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