Dua to make your ex come back

If you are in love with someone and you think that s/he is your true love, but your beloved no longer wants to be in a relationship with you. So, you should try to win his/her attention, adoration and love to bring him/her back. In addition to changing the false behavior and comportments that have caused you to break up, there is another way to make him/her come back to you by making dua and asking Allah for his blessings. In this article we help you to make dua to…

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Islamic Dua to Get Your Husband Back

Islamic Dua to get your husband back

Islam cares a lot about love and marriage. It is why we want to talk about Islamic dua to get your husband back. According to Islam, marriage is a sacred covenant that is based on specific rules, customs, formalities, traditions, and laws. But sometimes, some problems may threaten the stability of the marriage relationship. So Islam introduces some Islamic dua to get your husband back and strengthen marriage. But even in Islam, it is mentioned several times that dua alone is not enough, and there are things that you need…

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The Most Powerful Dua for Love Back – a dua for all you wish

Today in nevidya.com, we want to talk about the most powerful dua for love back. It is something common between people all over the world to confront such a critical challenge which is losing a loved one. But is losing loved one the end of our relationship? Never. Maybe you’ve tried so much to get your lost love back but still not successful. In this case, the last hope left for you is praying and dua. Islamic dua is one of the most powerful dua for love back. This is…

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