Right timing to fix a broken relationship by text message

How to get your ex back fast by text message?

How can we fix a relationship by sending some massages?

Is there a unique miracle messages to fix a broken relationship?

If you are looking to get your ex back fast by text messages, you should know that you are in a critical and dangerous situation. Anytime when you try to do something fast, you may lose the game. Remember that your goal should be getting your ex back, not get him/her back fast. I mean, getting back together with your ex has priority to getting him FAST because your hasty and rush reactions toward your ex may cause losing your opportunity forever.

After break up, the best way to fix your broken relationship is by text messages.

In other words, they can be considered as the best texts to send to an ex girlfriend or boyfriend in general.

A pause before getting your ex back with text messages

In order to fix your broken relationship by text messages, you need to know that there should have a pause after a breakup and before trying to get your ex girlfriend or boyfriend back with texts ( for more information look at rules for getting back together with an ex).

This pause called no contact rule by some expertise. In other words, you need to stop contact for a while and again start to contact back. However, the exact period of no contact rule depends on the unique situation of your relationship. It also depends on the personality traits of both sides, which should be checked by a professional love expert and psychologist.

There are two main reasons for the so-called no contact rule. First is that you and your ex need time to get calm and be ready for a new start of the relationship. The second reason is that there are some other communication skills which should be done during no contact period indirectly.

how to get your ex back FAST by text message

As it is mentioned, after no contact period is finished, you can use texts to send your ex to get him back. So there is no answer for how to fix your broken relationship FAST by text messages since any hasty or fast move to send a message may result in a disaster.

Next time you think about what to text your ex boyfriend when you miss him, remind yourself that you should avoid any action until the right time comes. In other words, hasty and fast reactions to get your ex back with messages cause your ex getting guard against you. On the other hand, if you follow the advice mentioned here, you can fix your broken relationship as soon as possible.

The timing of sending a message for the first time

two main crucial points to get your ex back fast is timing and content. In 4 Rules of Best Text Messages to Send to Your Ex, we talk about the content of your text messages. But here we want to explain the timing.

Timing is essential when you want to fix your broken relationship fast by sending messages for the first time. It is also crucial after sending the first messages to get your girlfriend or boyfriend back. First, let’s talk about timing for the first message. In this case, you must have no contact from one weak to 6 months.

Timing is better to be determined by a love expert since they define the level of coldness in your ex by analyzing the last time communication and the reason behind your breakup.

If the grade of this hatred and the level of coldness is high, you need to follow no contact rule unless they feel better you. The grade of this hatred can be understood if they block you or they insult you while breaking up. Remember that the timing of texting messages for the first time after the break up is so sensitive and essential since more timing may result in being forgotten and less timing may result in being rejected.

So the answer to How to fix your broken relationship by text message is that we can’t get your ex back fast by text message unless the degree of your break up is low.

Timing of sending a message after the first time

in previous topics, we talk about How to get your ex back fast by text message and clarify that there is no fast solution for that. Not only before sending messages for the first time, you need to be patient, but also, after that, when you want to continue sending messages to get your ex back fast, it is crucial and vital to be patient.

The timing of the next massages and the time interval for responding to your ex after the first message is much more critical and sensitive than sending messages for the first time. You have all the time of your life to get your ex back, but if you want to get your ex back fast, you need to have the right timing for sending text messages, which depend on your relationship, your ex personality, and your ex reaction and response toward you.

If you want to get your ex back as fast as possible, you need to be so smart and pay attention to every detail.

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