4 rules to get your ex back fast by text message

What are the best text messages to send to your ex girlfriend or boyfriend?

What to text your ex after no contact?

How to text your ex boyfriend for the first time?

What are the right texts to send your ex to get him/her back?

Since separation makes it difficult to visit or date with your ex, you need to find a long-distance channel for your communication, which is text messages. Here in nevidya.com, we are going to mention some tricks to get your ex back with text messages.

In this post, sometimes he and sometimes she is used to mentioning your ex. So whether we say your ex girlfriend or your ex boyfriend, it means your ex generally. And there is no difference in using these messages techniques.

before you continue reading the article, we strongly recommend you read rules for getting back together with an ex.

how to initiate contact after no contact period

in our previous articles – how to get your ex back fast by text messages – we explained the right timing to get your ex back. Here we want to talk about the content of your messages.

It is best to start getting your ex back by sending text messages, but these messages have rules that you must follow.  Here we talk about “sending a message,” but you can also consider them in “calls” or even in a “visit.”

The key to being successful in getting your ex back by sending text messages is to do it very cleverly and skillfully. Never speak directly about your feelings or relationships. Text messages should contain positive energy and a happy subject matter and, above all, be as brief as possible.

rule 1 to get your ex back with text messages

if you want to get your ex back with text messages, first, you need to know what you shouldn’t do:

1)  Never send a nonsense message. These messages have no use because they are no different from an empty message. For example, you should be careful not to send such text messages: “Hello.” “Hi, how are you?”. “I miss U.”

2) Do not talk about your feelings for now. For the first time after no contact period, do not mention that you want to have a serious relationship again. for instance, you need to avoid such messages “I need you.” “I want you back.” ” please lets back together, I still love you.”

3) Never argue or point to anything negative when texting: “If you made a little bit of effort, we could be pleased with each other.” “You never paid enough attention to me and made this relationship break down.” “You always do whatever you want, and you don’t value others.”

rule 2 to get your ex back with text messages

Now, let’s respond to this question on how to text your ex boyfriend for the first time? here are some points that should be kept in mind when sending a message:

1) Something happened in the life that made you remember it. “Hi, I was watching the new season of the series … I remembered you. I remember that day how much we laughed. ” “Hi, I was watching the final part of the series … I’m so glad you didn’t tell me the end.” “Yesterday I finished the book you gave me as a gift. Thank you very much.”

2) Remind to your ex good moments you have experienced. It can be a message, a chat, a specific term that has been between you, a circulation, even a joke or whatever. “Hi, I remember when we went diving together. It was great. I was so happy to have this experience together.” It seems they have closed. It is awful. We had a lot of good memories there”. Pointing to a positive experience in your text messages can always remind your ex the positive side of you. It helps you create a positive image of yourself to make them dependent on you.

3) Make sure you are happy in your life and meeting new people. “Hi, I was watching a romantic movie with a friend of mine. At the end of the movie, I remember you.” “Hi, I’m going to go with a friend to the …. over the weekend. Remember the name of the hotel we left last year?”

  • Remember that these texts to get your ex back are just some examples. The best text to send to an ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend should be according to your unique relationship situation. They include length, personality traits, the way your relationship ends, and others. Also, whether your ex moves on or not and whether he or she blocks you in social media or not should be taken into account. These situations should be examined by a love expert or an experienced psychologist.

rule 3 to get your ex back with text messages

In your message, try to convey joy and use humor. Try to make a person laugh. It is essential not only to send messages for the first time but also after that. Even, in your meeting, you should care about joy and humor ( look at 10 techniques to make somebody laugh).

It is effortless to focus on making your ex laugh. Remember that the more you can make your ex happy, the more they depend on you.

rule 4 to get your ex back with text messages

Many examples can be mentioned about texting your ex boyfriend for the first time. But keep in mind that the point is that you need to be always strong, graceful, positive, and fun.

It is why you need to be proportional. It means your texts you send to your ex should be corresponding in size, time, and amount. For example, if your ex doesn’t respond to you, you need to stop sending any more messages, or if they send you a short text, you need to send short texts as well.

But you shouldn’t always follow this rule, because your ex may understand that you are imitating them. To avoid such things happen, sometimes change your format, but your overall strategy should be in harmony with your ex’s.

rule 5 to get your ex back with text messages

“Curiosity” and “self-interest” are two ways to motivate your ex to respond to you. For example, you can say, “Hi, I wanted to thank you very much for what you did for me. You could call me, and I would like to thank you personally.” but before that, think about something as the reason why you want to thank your ex.

Anything small can be a good reason for that, but there must be something to send to an ex girlfriend or boyfriend. Specially when your ex responds late or doesn’t respond at all.

last word

Again, I emphasize that messages should be short. You also need, avoid asking questions that make you wait for an answer. These tips will help you get related to positive emotions. It’s like branding. The Benz brand, for example, reminds us of aristocratic life and wealth. Volvo can remind us of safety and security. You have to remind your ex of safety, strength, and goodnes.

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