November born characteristics

Many people believe that the month of birth has a great impact on personality and mood. Many even make important decisions in their lives based on the month of birth of other people with whom they have a relationship. For example, they believe that they should not marry people from a certain month of birth, or that they will be happy only if they marry someone who was born in a certain month. Some even pay attention to the month of birth when choosing a job.

It is true that some traits may be more common among those born in a particular month or have similar physical characteristics, but we can not say for sure about the effect of the month of birth on a person’s personality.

However, many books are written about astrology and even personality, all of which stem from human interest in categorization and labeling.

sign of people Born in November

Symbol: Scorpio

Slogan: I wish I could

Planet: Pluto

Element of existence: water

Metal Existence: Iron

A pleasant stone: silica

Popular color: dark red

The element of existence born in November is water. Those whose element is water may seem calm in appearance, but there are strong emotions going on inside them.

These people are like water, compassionate and kind and communicate very quickly with others. They too often trust others, which can sometimes be to their detriment. Because water has a very deep relationship with others, it feels the grief of others as well, and this causes it to forget its own wants and needs.

Characteristics of November born

November born have a high concentration and intense excitement to do things. They are inherent detectives and can use this inner curiosity to solve financial problems and have detailed economic plans. So in saving and investing, they will be successful people.

They also have a strong sense of competition that helps them succeed in their careers and plan more carefully to achieve more success. People born in November have a lot of control over their behavior, so they do not jump on the water and do not make big decisions out of excitement. Of course, it is also possible that sometimes they go too far in this direction. For this reason, it is recommended that they enjoy their lives and possessions to some extent.

Because they are so talented and tasteful, they can succeed in many professions and careers.

Because they are very serious, independent and self-controlled at work, they can be surgeons, scientists, heroes and soldiers, daring and brave.

In general, any profession that requires research, study and arguing with the facts, is interesting and enjoyable to them, and can also be eloquent, and persuasive.

Negative traits of November born

November born are outspoken people. If someone makes a mistake in public, they do not hesitate to correct it. Although they are not rude, they can not accept the mistakes of others. So be careful when talking to an November born.

Do not look tired and narrow-minded because a November born woman is angry at seeing any sign of fatigue, especially in the presence of others.

Also do not expect a November born man to always be ready to accept any community. He does not particularly like formal occasions ( to know more see 10 things to expect in a relationship with a November born.

Love from the perspective of an November born

The emotion in love is very attractive for those born in November and it is very beautiful in their eyes. They have a special sincerity in their love and it is interesting to know that those who are not honest in love can recognize well and not allow them to enter their hearts.

People born in November have such a high understanding of their emotional partner that they do not stop analyzing it until they find the root of the problem.

They are very emotional, passionate and active in love and romance. Romantic communication is sacred to them, and they look at it spiritually. When they fall in love, they fall into a trance and spontaneity and forget their individuality, and marriage is considered by them to be a spiritual bond. For this reason, sometimes in the matter of love and romance, they go so far as to call themselves “unlucky lovers”.

Ethical characteristics of November born men

November born men usually have the following characteristics:

Sharp-willed, willing, demanding of great goals, compassionate and kind father.

Be careful never to lie to a man born in November and not to hurt his feelings or to behave and speak contrary to his masculine pride because his revenge and angry reaction is very burning and dangerous.

If you like an exciting and challenging life, a man born in November can be a good option for marriage. Raise the level of income and life of yourself and your family.

The cool face and calm and quiet appearance of an November born man is one thing and his warm and burning inside is another! He has strong, steely wills and lofty, progressive and jealous thoughts that, like a cauldron, boil and produce power and heat.

Ethical characteristics of November born women

November born women usually have the following characteristics:

Humorous and beautiful, housewife and warm, jealous and vindictive, secretive and self-controlled, punctual and sometimes ambitious, attractive and proud and confident.

For a person born in this month, a little love or a little hatred does not make sense. He is either a lover or an enemy, otherwise he is completely indifferent.

A woman born in November knows very well how to attract a man’s attention and always uses methods that have never been seen before. He does not use his method until he is completely sure of the result, and he never uses the same method twice.

A woman born November , despite some masculine traits, is not one to ignore the weakness in a man. He is looking for a brave and ambitious man who will rule him with power and make him proud, without disturbing his pride and high character.

The complete reliance of an November woman on her inner strength causes some intellectual changes in her, so that she may find various beliefs during her life and go to extremes, even in religious beliefs.

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