8 texting techniques to make someone fall in love with

When it comes to falling in love, most people think they should but gifts or send a flower with letter of love to the one they love. That’s cool and great But avoid such an old advice and think scientifically. Before showing your romantic love and doing things like that, First you need to make them fall in love with you.

Here we are going to explain how to make someone fall in love with you over text.

There is no secret massages

if you look for some idea to send massages, you can find thousand  of them via internet, namely:

143 Test massages that make him fall in love with


100 romantic love massages to make her fall in love

But they are all useless if you haven’t make them fall in love with you already. In fact these massages and ideas are goods after love starts.

Start making love

People are different from each other and we can not find a magical universal massage to make anyone fall in love with us but they are some ways and theqniques that can help you to make anyone fall in love with you even over text if you gain the right skills. But you should know that the way of making someone fall for you is more than just sending massages. In other words, you need to learn some more techniques which is related to face to face techniques for making your boyfriend of girl friend fall in love with you ( See 35 short techniques to make anyone fall in love with you ).

So spare some time and read this article carefully to find out how easily you can start making love with anyone you love.

1# Don’t be so romantic

Of course, The first thing you will hear about making a guy or a girl fall in love with is by sending romantic massages. But love doesn’t bring love. It means if you love someone, it doesn’t mean that the other one should love you too.

So it doesn’t matter, how much you say you love them, if they don’t, they don’t. Insisting on how much you love them, or sending undreds of lovely text doesn’t change their mind.

2# women must use visualization

men fall in love with their eyes so that girls should use this need of men. So if a girl wants to make a guy fall in love with her she should change their profile picture usually and even send him her picture. More beautiful sexy text you send, more men turn on.

3# men must use voice

Girls fall in love with men with their ears. Luckily, all social network platforms have an option to send voice massage. Men need to use such option most of the time.

A men voice is comforting and relaxing for men. this will hook then on you and you can make hem more attached to you. On the contrary, men should avoid sexy massages at first, specially if she is a calm and sensitive girl.

4# making them they love you

That’s so much related to your creativity. You can do it by saying something funny and at the same time induce them they love you. For example you say that: ” I know you love me so much but you should care about yourself too”. ( to know more see 5 ways to make someone laugh over text whenever you want )

In fact, your purpose here is to induce them they love you.

It would be weird to mention such things always and in any condition so that you must to find a right time to remind him or her why he or she is in love with you. Then he/she may imagine her/his love toward you.

5# Don’t write an article

Some people get use to send long massages and explain everything in details. Such an strategy in sending massages will bore him or her and consequently they lose their interest in you.

So keep you massages as short as possible and try encourage them to send more massages than you. For example by sending vague texts, you can make them curious and prolong the conversation.

6# Don’t care who send first message

many believe that men should send the first massage but as long as you find a right text to send and know how to be flirty and charming, you can get his or her attention. Having self confidence is so much important when you want to start a relationship.

7# improve your self confidence

Self confidence is one of the most important step in sending text massages to make someone fall in love with you.  This is why self confidence is a part of developing social skills. In order to improve your self confidence, you should boost your self esteem. (for more information look at most important tips to improve your self esteem).

one of the most effective way of improving self esteem is by eliminating the fears of rejection. If you want to get rid of such feeling,  you need to accept that making someone fall in love with you is always a risky move.

So you should be prepared for any result. Don’t care if you fail, just do your best and know there are always some great opportunity for you. Remember that by increasing yourself confidence you can improve you unconcise power of  intuition which inspires you to write what you must write.

8# Improve your intuition feeling

No one can tell you what the best text is for you. The best massages to make someone fall in love with you depend on your personality, your target’s characteristic and your type of relationship. Even if we could find some rules for sending massages, you can’t always check your booklet rule to find a right way to make someone fall in love with you. Communication is something intuitive and unconscious. since you need to find the right answer or text at the moment of texting.

Intuition feeling come from you sub conscious which helps you to inspire to come up with a right massage which is the best on the spot. The question arises here is how to improve intuition feeling. To do so, you need to study and read as much as you can about relationship, love, social communication. and any other skills in a related and comprehensive manner. Nevidya.com is source which make its content according to the rule of unconscious programing of mind which can help you to improve you intuition feeling. You just need to read its articles and other related articles, introduced in each article.

Nevidya is a free scientific website for improving a goal-oriented intuition in your mind which can guarantee you to become successful in anything you desire. It happens through interrelating formula which relates different informative articles in Nevidya which can activate your hidden unconscious powers. So you just need to spare some time reading articles introduced in each page. Then you spontaneously come up with best ideas and actions for any purposes you have in any moment in you life whether relationship or business. So get started today to see the result soon.

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