Powerful prayer to get your ex-girlfriend back

After a breakup, many people want to give their relationship a second chance and get their ex back. If you’re dealing with the same issue, now it’s time to put all your faith, hope, and trust in God and sincerely ask Him to make your ex-girlfriend come back to you simply by reciting a powerful prayer to get your ex-girlfriend back. In this regard, we will introduce some effective prayers to get your ex-girlfriend back here, in Nevidya. The powerful prayer to get your ex-girlfriend back consists of a prayer for reconciliation with an ex, Catholic prayer to bring back lost love, Bible verses to get your ex back, and Prayer for relationship restoration.

Prayer for reconciliation with an ex

Loving Father, You are my creator and I know that You hear my prayer for reconciliation with my ex-girlfriend. Merciful God, bless me with Your love and wisdom and uplift me through Your grace so I can make my ex-girlfriend come back to me and reconcile with me. Please give me discernment, Lord God, to follow Your will and improve my personality to the extent that I can rekindle our relationship and increase the chance to be by her side again. Great Lord, I find it hard to talk to her and ask her to start over and forget about the past. Dear Lord, You are my savior and I trust Your words when I recite a prayer for reconciliation with my girlfriend. Listen to me, O God, and forgive me for not behaving calmly when I was angry with her. Great God in heaven, hear my petitions when I ask You to accept this powerful prayer to get my ex-girlfriend back since You are the only one who can set me free from prison bars of anxiety and depression. Amen. (To read more prayers see prayer for reconciliation with an ex.)

Catholic prayer to bring back lost love

Almighty God, You are the source of all mercies and without you I’m nothing. I know that I’m a sinful servant but I want to give thanks to You for all Your blessings, and kindness to me. Holy Lord, you are my strength and I sincerely ask You to listen to my supplications as I recite a Catholic prayer to bring back lost love. Holy Lord in heaven, I ask You to bring my ex-girlfriend back in my life because she is undoubtedly the only one that makes me feel loved and cared for. Merciful Lord, accept my prayer and bless me with love, peace, and joy when she comes back to me. Loving Lord, save me from pride and selfishness so that my ex-girlfriend will change her attitude towards me and come back to me in near future. Put my love in her heart again, Dear God, and help her fall in love with me again as I read the most powerful prayer to get my ex-girlfriend back. Amen.

Bible verses to get your ex back

Heavenly Father, I love You with all my heart and I always feel loved in Your mighty presence. Lord God, I know I am upset and anxious, but You are the only one who can listen to my words and heal my broken heart. So, hear me, Great God, when I recite a powerful prayer to get my ex-girlfriend back. O Father, You are strong enough to save me from evil and take my hands when I ask for Your blessings of love and kindness. Help me follow Your will, O God, and let your eternal love fill me so that I can put aside any thoughts of anxiety and improve my personality in a way that impresses my ex-girlfriend when we meet each other again. I beseech Thee, O Lord, to help me restart my relationship so I can experience moments of joy and happiness with her once more. Heavenly Lord, bless me and my ex-girlfriend with Your unconditional love and help us walk in Your way so we will have a fulfilling relationship forever. Most Gracious Lord, deliver Your sinful servant from evil and grant me Your discernment to think about our problems and solve them as I recite Bible verses to get my ex back. I trust in You, Holy Lord, let Your light shine on me. Amen. (To read more prayers see Bible verses to get your ex back.)

Prayer for relationship restoration

Holy Lord, thank You for pouring out the blessings of peace, joy, and unconditional love on me. Loving Lord, I need Your help to let go of my anxieties that seem to be part of my life. O Lord, I feel hopeless after breaking up with my girlfriend and I don’t want my life ruined because I don’t know how to treat her with love and respect. Help me, Lord God, to find rest and raise me above all my worries through Your unconditional love and affection as I recite a prayer for relationship restoration. Mighty Lord, please fill me with Your Spirit so that I can receive Your blessings of love and compassion to treat my ex-girlfriend with respect and make her come back to me. Everlasting and Immortal Lord, please listen to this powerful prayer to get my ex-girlfriend back, and lead me in Your truth. Loving Lord, grant me Your peace and help me to overcome almost any obstacle that prevents me and my girlfriend to get close to each other and rebuild our relationship. Great Lord in heaven, grant me support in times of need so that I will become a source of hope and love for my girlfriend. I dedicate my life to You, O Lord, and ask for Your help during hard times. Save me, Great God, and make it easy for me to get back with my ex-girlfriend soon. Amen.


God’s blessings and favor are things we need to change our lives. For this to happen we have to do things that satisfy The Lord, and in return, He will grant us with His blessings. Every day, recite prayers for favor and blessings, and ask God to accept your request. Also, recite the prayer for my ex to come back to me and be sure that Almighty God will make him/her ome back to you.

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they connect God’s power to us. on the other hand, scientists think it has inductive powers. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. So Nevidya has offered many prayers that help you have a fulfilling relationship with your ex-lover. You just need to read the prayers, mentioned on each page of Nevidya. Follow the prayers you think you need more.

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