5 duas to make a specific person remember you

If you want to make someone remember you, Don’t miss this article. As you know, there are many duas, in Islam, that can help you achieve what you want simply by reciting them. To recite these duas, you should believe in them and don’t doubt their effectiveness. In this article, we provide you with some kinds of dua to make a specific person remember you. Be mindful of reciting each dua based on its wazifa to achieve desired results. (To read more dua see 5 powerfull dua to make him call me right now)


Dua number 1

Here is the wazifa for the first dua to make a specific person remember you:

You should read this dua on Thursday. Perform wuzu first and wear white and clean clothes. While sitting on your Sajadah, face the qibla and, then, perform Namaaz and recite the Ayat 10 of Surah Fatir 300 times. (It is better to memorize this ayat so that you don’t need to read it from the book, this ayat is too short so memorizing it is not that difficult). Then, ask Allah for help and mention the name of the person you want to make him/her remember you.



Dua number 2

The second dua to make a specific person remember you can help you to make someone miss you , as well. The wazifa for dua to make someone miss you is given below:

Write Surah Taha on a blank paper (paper that nothing is written on it). Then dissolve the paper in a glass of water (Stir until the paper dissolves in the water). Then drink some amount of the water and wash your face with the remaining amount. Inshallah, you will meet your needs soon.


Dua number 3

The third dua to make a specific person remember you works for you if you want to make someone think of you. You can recite dua to make someone think of you as explained below :

  • Before each Azan, Say “Ya Latif” 129 times.
  • When you hear the Azan ( 5 times a day) read this dua: the ayat 32 of Surah Noor in the Holy Quran
  • Then perform your Namaz e wajib and, after that, perform the first two Rak’ats of Namaz e shab.


Dua number 4

The fourth dua to make a specific person remember you is also great to get someone back in your life. The wazifa for Dua to get someone back in your life should be recited as follows:

  • Recite the ayat 89 of surah Anbiyah 7 times a day after each daily Namaaz
  • Perform this wazifa for 40 days.
  • Then, on the fortieth day after Isha namaz and when you recited the mentioned dua, go under the sky and say “Subhan Allah” 10 times and ask Allah whatever you want.

Note that women should stop reciting this dua during their menstruation and continue reciting just after that period of time.

Dua number 5

Here is the fifth dua to make a specific person remember you that could be useful for you when you want to bring your husband back and you are looking for a dua for my husband to come back to me. Recite this dua as given below:

  • Repeat the “Ya Akhir”  110 times.
  • Then write Surah Taha on a piece of green cloth and Tie that cloth to your right arm, and always have it with you.

Inshallah, your Hajat will be met soon.

In addition to making dua to make a specific person remember you ,  you can interact more with those who are close to the person so that s/he can hear more about you and can surely remember you. More than that, you can also ask  a counselor or a psychologist to help you in this regard. Of course, by making dua, Allah will help you to achieve what you want sooner and overcome the obstacles that you’re likely to come across.

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