Dua to make someone obey you

If you want to persuade someone to do something or make someone agree with you, one effective way that can help you to get results quickly is to recite a dua to make someone obey you. By making this dua, you can make the person you want obey you as soon as possible. In addition to reciting the dua which we will mention briefly at the end of the text, you should also make efforts to achieve better results.
In the continuation of this article, we want to offer you some important duas in Islam that can help you to conceive others, and you can use them to meet your needs Inshallah. Follow the text and see how these duas should be recited.

Dua number 1

In order to make someone obey you or agree with you, you must recite the following dua and then blow it to the palm of your right hand and make a fist with your hand. Then go to the intended person, while imagining your hajat, and open your hand when you are in front of him/her. In fact, dua to make someone obey you is Ayat 25 of Surah Jathiya, and you should recite it according to the following wazifa.

Dua number 2

Here is the second dua to make someone obey you which also helps you to make someone respect you and accept your words. you should read the dua to make someone respect you wholeheartedly. Now recite this dua according to the wazifa as explained below:

1.On Friday, take a bath first, then pray two rak’ats of namaz hajat.
2.After that, recite Surah Tawhid 245 times.
3.Keep doing this for up to 7 days.
4.Then on the eighth day, recite Surah Tawhid 248 times and then read the following dua:
The dua is actually the surah Towhid that is 112th Surah of the Holy Quran.

be mindful of saying the name of the intended person after reciting this suraha and asking Allah to help you meet your hajat.

dua number 3

Not only is the third dua great to make someone obey you but it also makes someone realize his/her mistakes. It is necessary to recite dua to make someone realize his/her mistakes 7 times on food or drink (for example, a piece of pastry or a glass of water) and give it to the one you want to make him/her do what you want. After doing so, recite the 22nd verse from the surah Fatir 111 times. Inshallah s/he will obey you and realize his/her mistakes soon.

last talk to you

In this article, we talked about the effect of dua to make someone obey you and mentioned some duas to you. As we said, at the beginning of this text, in addition to reciting dua to make someone obey you, you need to make efforts to achieve your demand faster. The things that help you in this reguard include getting familiar with his/her personality and reading about the psychological methods of persuasion that work for him/her. In doing so, you can make him/her get closer to you and, consequently, obey you.

Undoubtedly, Allah will help you and show you the right when you recite duas and ask Him to help you meet your needs. Just trust Him and be sincere. We hope the instructions (wazifa), in this article, will be useful for you and you will meet your hajat in no time .

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