Miraculous dua to get money urgently

 Many of us are looking to increase wealth or make money fast. Concerns about the future regarding family expenses and livelihoods make running money become the main concern of people today.

As we know, Islam is a complete religion that has a complete plan for the life and happiness of human beings. With this in mind, it is expected that this issue will be discussed in the Qur’an, which is the miracle of the Prophet (PBUH), and that will contain instructions and help for human beings.

It is true. There are many verses in the Qur’an about achieving money and wealth. We should also mention that the Innocents have narrated a lot about this issue in their conversations with their companions.

But in this article, we are going to introduce you to a dua to get money urgently. This prayer is taken from the verses of the Holy Quran. The text of the verse indicates that there are many signs for the believers in the creation of this world to believe in god. The following verse also indicates that the provision of human beings that has descended from heaven.

Join us in the next part, first on duty and then on prayer in the next part.

wazifa to get money urgently

After we have told you about the miraculous dua, which is also mentioned in the Qur’an, here we tell you it’s wazifa to get money urgently.

you can act as follows and according to the wazifa that was going to explain to you. These things, along with the prayer we will mention for you in the next section, will help you get rich sooner. ( To read more dua see Miraculous dua to become rich and famous)

Do this task in the order listed:

  1. Fast on the day you want to recite this prayer.
  2. Do ablution.
  3. Write these verses in a new bowl, while you are focused on God and the meaning of the verse.
  4. Fill the bowl with water.
  5. This time read the verses to the water.
  6. Pour that water into your home or workplace or farm.

 dua to get money urgently

As we told you before, in this part we mention the dua to get money urgently. Remember that according to what we have said, it is necessary to pray with the wazifa mentioned in the previous section.

You can see this dua below. Note that there is a verse in each line and this prayer is actually the first 6 verses of Surah Jathiya.

“haa miim *

tanziyl alkitab min allah aleaziyz alhakiym *

‘iina fiy alsamawat wal’ard layat lilmuminiyn *

wafiy khalqikum wama yabuthu min dabah ayat liqawm yuqinun *

wakhtilaf allayl walnahar wama ‘anzal allah min alsama’ min rizq fa’ahya bih al’ard baed *

mawtiha watasraqif alrwiat ama’ min rizq fa’ahya bih al’ard baed mawtiha watasraqif alrwiat. *

tilk ayat allah natluha ealayk bialhaqi fabi’ayi hadiyth baed allah wayatih yuminun.* ”


Last word

 In this section, we want to draw your attention to two points.

  1. In using these prayers and wazifa, as mentioned in this file, you must perform the wazifa mentioned. Just reciting the dua to get money immediately is not the right way to do it. So pay attention to the fact that you must pray according to its wazifa.
  2. As you know, God is not against wealth or a decent life and comfort, but like this verse, He has repeatedly told His servants the way to achieve it.

But in addition to these, God has also said that it is through effort that one can achieve success and reach any of his goals.

Some people get the misunderstanding that wealth can be achieved only through carelessness and without any effort, but only by quoting such a dua to get rich in one night.

Therefore, it is needed that we tell you here that according to the words of God, we must do our best for our goal or desire we have. But in the end, we leave everything to God and trust Him, and in times of trouble, by praying and appealing, we should remove our worries and just believe in God, who does not ignore our efforts.

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