Seeing money in dream – Islamic interpretation

Here, in this article we cover dreams like someone asking for money in dream, to give somebody money in a dream and giving money to poor in dream according to Islam interpretation.

seeing money in dream according to Islamic meaning whether paper or coin, can have many signs, but to analyze it, you must pay attention to other details as well.

Seeing money in someone else hand: Paper money or coins, if seen in someone else’s hands, are a sign of trouble.  If you dream that you have a lot of paper money in front of you and you are counting it, you will have problems in the future. To know more about paper money and its meaning according to Islamic intrepretation you should also see seeing paper money in dream according to Islamic meaning

Makin a lot of money: To dream of making a lot of money, indicates that your financial situation is in jeopardy. If you dream of counting money, it is a sign that something is threatening your position.

Seeing Foreign currency in dream: Foreign currency or dollar in a dream are a sign of hiding something. Working with foreign currency is a sign of progress. To dream of foreign money also might mean that you have to spend money on something. Seeing foreign money or dollar in a dream is also a sign of success in dangerous work.

Finding money in dream: finding money in a dream is a sign that you are resisting problems.

Dream interpretation of seeing coins or paper money: The interpretation of the many coins that are in the bag are words and sayings. If you see a coin in the palm of your hand, it means you have a child, ‌‌‌‌‌ but if you see that you lost that coin, it means that your child might die. The interpretation of seeing a paper money is lightness and purity in your religion and world.

Seeing a little amount of money: The interpretation of a low, worthless and insignificant coin is darkness, turbidity and impurity in your religion and world.
Its interpretation is hostility

Seeing black money: The interpretation of a black coin is better than a white coin.

Seeing silver money: The interpretation of silver coins is property.

Seeing a king give you money: If you see the “king” giving you coins or paper money, it means that he will make you sad, especially if the coin or paper money is not healthy and correct. Giving money to someone else has so many other meaning in islam so if you want to know more see giving money in dream according to Islamic meaning

Seeing finding money: gain power; Get rid of stress and negative emotions, because you are excited and happy to find money.

Losing money: Loss of power or opportunity.

Lack of enough money: Feeling of inadequacy and breaking one’s ability

Stolen money: Feeling guilty about the power you gained; You feel betrayed; Loss of power if your money was stolen in a dream; Feeling that others trust you completely; You simply give in to emotional relationships and sex.

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