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Many resources on the internet recommend that their readers shouldn’t look for a powerful dua to get rich in 5 days to earn money for Worldly or mundane purposes why what’s wrong with that?

What wrong is with getting rich and using blessings of God to have a better life and thanks him?

  • [16:114]  Eat of the lawful and good things God has provided for you, and be thankful for God’s blessings, if it is Him that you serve.

From the above surah, it is concluded that God creates world and offer its resources to his servant so that they can use it and thank god for Her many blessings. In fact there are many Surahs for wealth, success and prosperity in Koran. This is why we decided to interduce this powerful dua to get rich in 5 days. There are, however, things that you need to know if you want to get your dua and prayers answered fast.

What you are supposed to do to get your dua answered In Islam is called wazifa. In other words, wazifa is something like requirements that you must take into consideration.

It is not possible to say that after reading some surah, you get rich in a short period of times since the fact is, knowing what to do to get your prayers answered is much more important ( to know more see 8 things that make your prayer for money scientific)

So before we talk about a dua to get rich in 5 days, first we answer the question: ” How can I get Dua immediately to become rich?

Requirement 1) Understand what you read

If you want to recite dua to become rich immediately , you should know that it is not all about blind repetitive without understanding what you say. According to Quran, God cares a lot about understanding so that if you look for getting rich quickly by reciting dua, you should learn know and understand what you say while reciting. Pay attention to the below surah:

  • [2:242] God thus explains His revelations to you, so that you may understand.
  • [54:17] we made the Quran easy to learn. Is there anyone who would learn?

This is why in nevidya, we always provide the translation of each dua and prayer for you. Then you can make sure  you understand what you say.

You can also read prayers that all riches know to become sure you will achieve the prosperity you are looking for.

Requirement 2) Never ever make a deadline

next wazifa that you should take into consideration if you want to get result from powerful dua to get rich in 5 days is that you should never specify deadline for God. It is nonsense to expect God to obey orders from you.

So you can’t set condition on your dua and determine you want to get money even if you ask money for something necessary. The reason is that such commends to God ( even if you don’t mean that) shows you have connected with God only for the sake of demanding what you want rather than praying for the sake of love and duty.

Keep in your mind also more you have faith, more you have chance to get answered quickly but if you give a 5 days deadline or specify that you want to get rich in one night or things like that, it may cause damage to your faith since there is a good chance you will not get the money you seek in a deadline you specified. Instead try to focus on strengthening your relationship with God and leave everything else to God.

It doesn’t mean that there is no chance to find the money you urgently need ( if this is the case) but if you recite the dua in a wrong way and forget to carry out your wazifa to make money, then you can be sure that you will never obtain the money you look for whether in one day or all year long.

However, there are some duas which are famous to bring wealth and prosperity through specific period of time but you shouldn’t expect God to make your rich so fast. In other words by reading these dua like Miraculous dua to become rich in one night, you can ask God to become rich fast but you shouldn’t insist on it.

Requirement 3) Earn qualification to get answered

If you want to read dua to get rich through one day urgently, one thing increases your chance and that is qualification.

If you need a powerful dua for wealth, you have to deserve it. But how can we show that we deserve being rich or receiving money rapidly?

To answer this question, let’s have a look on these 3 wazifas that gives us qualification to get rich in a short period of time after reading dua:

1.) Take care of the resources: , first let’s figure out what consequences being rich might bring. Money makes us to use the resources of nature (or over use the resources) since everything that we buy or we make is involved somehow with nature’s material.

  • [13:3]  And it is He who spread the earth, and placed in it mountains and rivers. And He placed in it two kinds of every fruit. He causes the night to overlap the day. In that are signs for people who reflect.

This shows that God cares a lot about nature as it reveals the signs of his power; so we can say that although God creates nature for us to use it, he doesn’t approve wasting or spoiling the world’s resources since all the resources created by God are the revelations of him. So if you want to show you are qualified to get your duas answered to get rich immediately, You must be careful to make best use of nature and all related resources.

2) Showing generosity: Another wazifa that you should do to make your dua powerful and get rich through a short period of time is your generosity. Even if you are not so much rich, you can spend some of your money to help the poor.

3) Do your best: The last but not the least to become qualified for being reach in a short period of time while reading dua is that we try to achieve what we want. how can you get rich after reciting your dua if you do nothing? of course getting rich needs time and effort but your dua will definitely effects on your capabilities to find ways making you rich. you just need to start something ( it is not important what but something) and move forward, then rely on your dua and leave it to him.

Dua to get rich quickly in 5 days

Now that you’re aware of what wazifa you should do in order to get your dua answered for getting rich, it is time to start reading a powerful quranic surah which can increase your chance of being rich instantly.

So we suggest these two dua and prayer which help you to make as much money as possible in a short period of time:

  • surah waqiah: Surah waqiah to become rich is one of the most effective one according to many Islamic sources. It is recommended to have a look at Arabic words as well but keep it mind that you should understand what you read so it is imperative to read the translation as well. Here it is a trustworthy source which you can read the translation and have look at Arabic sentences: SURAH WAQQIAH
  • Two more daily salah: Other than reading surah waqiah to become rich and 5 daily obligatory prayer ( called salah), pray another two rak’aah salah per day. In other words, this two rak’aah should be prayed in addition to the 5 daily Salah that you need to pray.

When starting to get rich quickly

following all these wazifa and dua, there is still one thing left to know and that is how we understand that God has answered our dua and we are going to be rich. Of course, no one is going to come into our home and say ” hey you, come on this one millions dollar is for you”

So how your dua is going to bring result after you ask to earn money?

When you recite dua and pray for God as obeying those requirement that we already talked about, you earn some internal power which helps you to make the best out of your ability. Here we mention some of those internal power that you earn:

So as you probably guess that, powerful dua to get you rich in 5 days doesn’t mean that you will blessed with hundreds of thousand dollar suddenly from unknown but it means after 5 days or sooner you will be in a situation where the process of getting rich gets started and as you move forward you become more and more hopeful.


In short, all duas, covered in this article regarding being rich, were included as the following:

  • dua to become rich in one sitting
  • dua to become rich in one night
  • dua to make me rich
  • wazifa to get money in one day
  • dua to get money urgently
  • dua to get instant money
  • surah waqiah to become rich
  • powerful dua for wealth

It worth emphasizing that  If you want  to get your dua answered for  to get rich in one night or some days, you should know what to do as wazifa to get answered. S0 never forget that your wazifa is much more important than you dua

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