Morning prayers for married couples

Reciting morning prayers for your spouse is so effective. You can ask the Holy Lord to bless your husband/wife with His vision so they can meet their needs all through the day. Moreover, Merciful Lord grants them patience to endure unexpected problems. Hence, we are going to share some powerful morning prayers for married couples here, in Nevidya. Morning prayers for married couples consists of good morning prayer for my wife, good morning prayer for my husband, Catholic daily prayers for married couples, and short prayer for couples.

Good morning prayer for my wife

Great Lord, fill my wife’s heart with Your love and provide her with her needs as I read this good morning prayer for my wife. Holy Father, my wife makes my heart leap for joy every morning and I sincerely ask You to help me be a supportive and caring husband for her.

Dear Lord, please let my wife understand how much I love her. Lord God, help me to support her dreams and passions and lead her to the way she can receive Your mercies and blessings as I recite this morning prayers for married couples.

Mighty Lord, my wife is a blessing from You and I love and cherish her. Heavenly Lord, let my wife find strength in my love and never let her forget the fact that she’s eternally loved by You.


Good morning prayer for my husband

Holy Lord, my husband is a blessing from You. Lord God, please bless my husband with Your wisdom and grant him health, prosperity, and success as he opens his eyes.

Dear Lord, I read this good morning prayer for my husband and humbly ask You to bless him with Your peace and strength so he won’t feel anxious about the unremitting pressure of his workload.

O Lord, I pray that my husband never feels hopeless and that he always makes the right decisions when it comes to important issues relating to our marriage.

Heavenly Lord, I recite morning prayers for married couples every single day with the hope that Your peace and guidance accompany my husband all the time. Lord God, please hear my husband and help him whenever he calls on You.


Catholic daily prayers for married couples

O Lord, thank You for listening to my Catholic daily prayers for married couples. Loving God, help me and my spouse to talk things through when there’s a disagreement between us.

Holy Lord, listen to me and bless me and my spouse with Your wisdom and patience so we can respect each other’s opinions and learn to appreciate each other as I read a morning prayers for married couples.

Merciful Lord, grant me and my spouse with Your love and peace so we will maintain a healthy and strong relationship forever.


Short prayer for couples

You are my merciful Lord and everything comes from You. Heavenly Father, thank You for Your endless blessings and favors. Lord God, I’m a sinful servant and I repent for the times I went my way and ignored Your Will.

Please forgive me, O Lord, and fill me with Your discernment and show me how I can find true fulfillment and happiness with my husband/wife.

Holy Lord, I earnestly ask You to hear me when I recite morning prayers for married couples because I need Your help to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship with my spouse.

Loving Lord, grant me and my spouse Your faith and love as I read a this short prayer for couples so we will achieve deeper intimacy with each other.



God’s blessings and favor are things we need to change our lives. For this to happen we have to do things that satisfy The Lord, and in return, He will grant us His blessings. Every day, recite the abovementioned prayers ask God to accept your request. Also, recite Miracle Prayers That Work Immediately, and be sure that Almighty God will answer your prayers at the right time.

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they connect God’s power to us. On the other hand, scientists think it has inductive powers. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. So Nevidya has offered many prayers that help you have a fulfilling relationship with your spouse. To meet your needs, you just need to read the prayers, mentioned in Nevidya. Read the prayers you think you need more.

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