Prayer for a new wife

Prayer for a new wife grants you the strength to love, cherish, and honor your wife forever. When you get married, it’s very important to hold fast to your vows and reciting a prayer in this regard would be of great help because this powerful prayer helps you to be a patient and kind husband for your wife. Hence, we are going to offer you some prayers for a new wife here, in Nevidya. Prayer for a new wife includes a prayer for my wife in Islam, prayer for my wife at work, prayer for my wife in difficult times, prayer for my wife to sleep, and a short prayer for couples. Our hope is that the following prayers become a daily reminder for you to pray for your wife and your marriage.

Prayer for my wife in Islam

Gracious Lord, having a good wife is such a blessing to my life. I love my wife from the bottom of my heart and I pray she will promote intimacy in our marriage. Holy Father, help me make my wife feel loved. Enable me, Dear Lord, to create an atmosphere where my wife can feel safe and secure. Almighty Lord, I recite a prayer for my wife in difficult times sincerely and ask You to uplift my wife through Your grace and help her to be a strong and mighty woman when she faces difficulties. Loving Lord, I ask You to bless my wife with Your faith and help her improve her communication skills so that she will always be slow to anger. Omniscient Lord, I pray that my wife will treat me with utmost love and respect forever. (To read more prayers see prayer for my wife in Islam.)

Prayer for my wife at work

Holy Father, thank You for always being there for my wife and making her capable of choosing the right way. O Father, let her realize that You guard her life and her work. Dear Lord, listen to my prayer for my wife at work and bless my wife with incredible amounts of endurance and perseverance during hard times. Merciful Lord, all I want now is to have mercy on my wife and grant her Your vision so that she will have control over her emotions as well as her reactions in different situations. Mighty Lord, bless my wife with patience so that she will stay calm in times of tension and uncertainty. Heavenly Lord, bless my wife with fortitude, resilience, and persistence in such a way that she will excel in her job. Amen.

Prayer for my wife in difficult times

You are the Everlasting and Merciful Lord. You are my savior. Holy Lord, bless my wife with patience when she faces difficulties and empower her to succeed in her projects. Heavenly Lord, help my wife to be resourceful and energetic at work when she has to perform the same repetitive tasks all day. Mighty Lord, bless my wife with Your strength and direct her to the way she can achieve her goals. I ask You, Holy Father, to enable me to praise my wife and be excited about her creative works and sound ideas. Loving Father, let Your love and truth be with me and help me find a way to appreciate her small acts of kindness because I love her a lot. Amen. (To read more prayers see prayer for my wife in difficult times.)

Prayer for my wife to sleep

Loving Father, You are our preserver. Please calm my wife’s mind as she lays down to sleep. Great God, fill my wife’s heart with Your peace and uplift her through Your love and peace so she can fall into a deep sleep after a busy day. Please give my wife wisdom, Lord God, to start and end her day with Your Holy Name. Gracious Father, please lead my wife with Your divine insight so that she will follow the right path in every situation. Heavenly Lord, set my wife free from anxieties and help her live a balanced life. Amen. (To read more prayers see prayer for my wife to sleep.)

Short prayer for couples

Holy Lord, I always seek your holy presence and I’m always grateful for pouring out Your blessings of love and kindness on me and my wife. Dear God, help me to find the best way to keep my relationship healthy and strong. Everlasting and Gracious Lord, fill me with Your love and faith so that I can spend more time with my wife and have fun with her. Holy God, release my wife from the barriers holding her away from peace and calmness as I recite a short prayer for couples. Merciful Lord, bless my wife with wisdom, patience, and courage so that she will stay faithful to You when she confronts problems. Amen.


“He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.” A major part of your role as husband and spiritual leader is covering your wife in prayer. Through prayer, you have an avenue directly to God; you can approach Him at any time on her behalf.” Proverbs 18:22. Recite the above-mentioned prayers every day, and ask God to accept your request. Also, you can recite the prayer for a miracle right now and be sure that Almighty God hears you and helps you meet your needs.

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they give you the chance to receive God’s power. On the other hand, scientists believe that those who recite prayers are benefiting from a feeling of emotional and spiritual support. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. Hence, Nevidya has offered many prayers for couples. To meet your needs, you just need to read the prayers mentioned in Nevidya. Recite the prayers you think you need more.

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