4 powerful prayers for prosperity

As a child of God, wealth, and therefore, a financial release is one of our priorities. But despite what other people think, prosperity is not only a matter of money. And the other priorities being good condition and unshakeable belief. Now, having prosperity in all these areas is a status in life that can be achieved with these most powerful prayers for prosperity. These powerful prayers also can be prayers against stagnation, limitations, and setbacks.

4 t incredible and powerful prayers for prosperity

  1. Lord above, I pray to you in unlimited subservience today about my life. I glorify you and I’m grateful for everything you have done to me. God, you are the most powerful and I will be even more appreciative if you listen to my prayers for prosperity and abundance and bless my life financially, physically, and spiritually. Lord, I need your divine help in granting me the motivation to live and to work. Strengthen me with your unlimited power and let me feel that. Because I need to restore my financial independence and that does not happen without your help. So, here, I hope you accept my prayer for motivation to work, and also my prayer for financial blessings and restoration. Through these prayers, I ask you to provide me with all the income that I’ll use to take care of myself, my dear ones, and all of your beloved for the rest of my life. I thank You, God, for giving me the chance this morning to have a prayer for a financial miracle and prosperity. I worship and admir your holy name, and I love you.
  2. Oh God in Heaven, I am grateful for all things you have done for me, but I also ask Your forgiveness for my sinful life and want you to help me to compensate. Now, I come before you this morning and today for prosperity and blessings. By your will, I shall prosper financially, spiritually, and healthily. Oh God, I pray you also protect me so that I will live a long and abundant life, and motivate me to work better and gain more income. I thank you in advance for hearing my prayers for motivation to work. And I hope you grant me a miracle this morning in my prayers for a financial miracle as I step out for work. May you support all my prayers especially my prayers for financial blessing and restoration. Because all these prayers are important to show my gratitude to you so you may accept them as prayers for prosperity. Thank You, my Lord.
  3. My Lord, I repent for any sin my family and I have done. In your glory and power, I shall declare and I ask you to help me restore my life and become prosperous. My Lord, the curse is an evil behavior that can bring poverty and depression. Listen to my prayer, Lord, and help me to break all the curses of poverty. Because this is the most powerful prayer that asks for prosperity. So, if I want all my poverty curses to become broken, I shall ask for prosperity and abundance first. When all aspects of my life become prosperous, poverty will never step into it to ruin it. Almighty, stagnation is equal to inactivity. Limitation is equal to less hard work, and backwardness means I am not going to grow and succeed. My Lord all these factors remove prosperity and bring poverty. So, in Your Holy Name let my prayers for prosperity be against stagnation and backwardness. May my prayers against stagnation, limitation, and setbacks be answered very quickly, thank You, God.
  4. Heavenly Lord, I thank you for your presence because it shines my life. And I thank you for taking care of me and loving my family. Because only with you, we can prosper and break poverty curses. God of Heaven, listen to my prayers and do something to break the curse of poverty. Shower my life with prosperity and remove setbacks and limitations through my sincere prayers against stagnation and backwardness because these factors bring shortage and poverty. God, make my prayers the most powerful prayers for prosperity that you shall not leave unanswered. Thank you and I love you.

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they connects God’s power to us; on the other hand scientists think it has inductive powers. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. So Nevidya has offered many prayers which are scientific and can bring prosperity and abundance to your life. You just need to read the prayers, mentioned in each page of Nevidya. Follow the prayers you think you need more.

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