October born characteristics

In this topic, we tell you about everything you need to know about October born individuals.

October borns are kind-hearted people. They try to make people love them. October born characteristics include good qualities as well as bad qualities. They have an idealistic personality.

Romantic, charming, good listener, fair, judgmental, and noncritical; are other diverse October born characteristics.

So let’s talk about everything you need to know about October born.

 Negative traits of October born

 Here we’re going to tell you some about the dark side of the October born characteristics. They are usually superficial and they try to convince people that they are right at every subject conversation. here are some of the negative traits of October born. These are mostly seen about them but be aware that it may not applies to all of them.

  • They are unreliable: In many cases, one born in October is unreliable because of their multi-personality. They can react differently to similar situations. And they do not even follow their own words. Therefore, it is difficult for others to trust their personality but remember that they never talk about people’s secrets.
  • They are undecided: It is very difficult for October born people to make decisions. They face a great challenge when making decisions. They think about the pros and cons of their decision and become undecided. They are simply influenced by others’ opinions and decisions and can’t reach the result early.
  • They are Lazy: One of the other October born characteristics is that they are always looking for the easiest way to do things and they are very lazy. They are both physically and mentally lazy and do not like to be very active. They even don’t change their job for a long time cause they don’t want to face the challenges of making a change in life.
  • They are not critical: If you criticize an October born, he/she will be very upset. They try to keep everyone happy and persuade others to accept them by talking. They are very lovely but they try to discuss with people until they can change people’s minds.
  • They are carefree: People who are born in October are carefree and rarely take on heavy responsibilities in life. They love games and entertainment. They pay very little attention to their surroundings and pay little attention to what is happening. They may not recognize their phone ringing for a long time. Be careful because many days you may not receive any expression of affection because they do not care about these stereotypes.
  • They are Manipulative: Another one of October born characteristics is that they criticize others and force them to do what they want. They identify the pros and cons of people and ask them to change themselves, even if they are not interested in doing so.
  • They are superficial and judgmental: October born individuals are superficial people who trust appearances mostly. They very quickly judge people by one behavior and may even accuse them of a mistake. They do not pay attention to the inner selves of human beings and this makes them unbearable.

what to expect from an October born

 Here are few things to expect in a relationship with an October born. Read the following passages to know more.

 They live in the moment: October born people prefer not to worry about the future and focus on doing things today. They usually do not plan and do not worry about what happened. They do their best now and believe that they think about the future whenever it happens.

  • They are Calm: People who are born in October are calm and hate the crowds. These people prefer to be in quiet places and avoid noise or fighting. They like soft kinds of music and like simple things.
  • They are Logical: October borns are rational human beings and use reason in decision making. They evaluate and analyze all the positive and negative aspects of their decision and examine it from all views. They have the ability to always find solutions to problems and are known for this feature.
  • They are friendly: People born in October are friendly and can be kind to everyone. They always tend to make new friends. They even get along well with strangers and socialize with them. Also, their attractive personality attracts others and they are popular people. They do not like to hurt anyone’s feelings, and even if they do not like to do something, they do it to make their friends happy. They are best friends.
  • They are idealists :October born people do their best and put all their focus on their work. They also like to be useful to others and those around them. The October borns try to help their surroundings with work and life issues ( T0 know more see 10 things to expect in a relationship with an October born)

Relationship with October born

 If we want to talk about October borns love life we should say that they are so romantic and passionate about their partner.  A person born in October admire falling in love and don’t like a life without love.

So let’s go to tell you more about October borns love life: October born people can communicate very well with others and attract the attention of others to themselves. They know exactly what words to use in their communication and what to talk about.

October borns are very romantic and they fall in love in a romantic relationship ( To know more look at Relationship with an October born).

They do not shy away from expressing their interest and fall in love more every moment than before. arranging romantic dinner and romantic trips is very common in the October born marriage life and they are willing to do anything for their partner.

They place a high value on their romantic relationship and put it first. The priority of their life is their relationship and they do their best for it.

They hate arguing and they do whatever it takes to end it. some people who know this abuse them to achieve their desires. This can be a weakness of an October born life partner.

October born woman characteristics

Women born in October are beautiful, positive, and passionate. some of the October born characteristics are seen more in the behavior. So here We tell you about the October born woman characteristics:

  •  They are elegant while masculine: Because of the power and seriousness that could be seen in the October born woman, others may think that they are masculine, But we should know that she has special elegance in her personality. She is different from other women and she acts very cool, and because of this, she gets a lot of attention.
  • They are ingenious: October born women are very clever and with their intelligence, they can attract others. They are very accurate and logical. They mostly try to convince others with reason and logic, but as men, women’s laughter is their secret weapon that can easily subdue others. They are also very eloquent, which can make others agree with them, although in most cases they are really right.
  • They are goal digger: October born women are very determined to achieve their goals and work hard for it. They are always working and not taking leave. It’s because they want to have no financial problems and have whatever they want.
  • They respect other’s privacy: Women who were born in October respect others’ privacy. They are also very secretive and do not reveal your secrets to anyone.
  • They are extroverts: Another October born characteristics related to women is that they are extroverted and talk about their feelings. They like to participate in parties and socialize with others. It is very pleasant for them to talk to others.

October born man characteristics

men born in October are a gentle, intelligent, charming, friendly, and strong commitment. some of the October born characteristics are seen more in their behavior. So as before, here We tell you about the October born man characteristics:

  • They convince others: If you disagree on an issue, the man who was born in October will try to convince you with logical reasons that you are wrong. He still keeps you satisfied with the speaking skills so that you will always be by his side.
  • They are lovely and charming: In the case of a man born in October, his partner has a high place in his life. she falls in love with him and she is completely attracted to him. she doesn’t even know why she fell in love with him, she only knows that if he smiles she has no defense against him.
  • Considerate and thoughtful: An October born man makes sure that his behavior does not hurt the feelings of others. He uses the word “no” very hard so as not to offend anyone. Before doing anything, he makes sure that it must be right.
  • They are sympathetic but manly: A person who is born in October has a kind personality and is compassionate to others, but at the same time he has a masculine charm and he plays the supporter role in their relationship.

October born celebrities

 There are many October born celebrities and here we mention some of them as in the order of birth date. The most famous October born celebrities could be named: Simon Cowell, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry.

 Brie Larson ( Oct. 1), Zach Galifianakis ( Oct. 1), Julie Andrews ( Oct. 1), Sting ( Oct. 2), Kelly Ripa (Oct. 2), Camilla Belle ( Oct. 2), Dakota Johnson ( Oct. 4), Kate Winslet ( Oct. 5), Jesse Eisenberg ( Oct. 5), Jazz Jennings ( Oct. 6), Simon Cowell ( Oct. 7), Matt Damon ( Oct. 8), Nick Cannon ( Oct. 8), Chris O’Dowd ( Oct. 9), Mario Lopez ( Oct. 10), Cardi B (Oct. 11), Matt Bomer ( Oct. 11), Hugh Jackman ( Oct. 12), Josh Hutcherson ( Oct. 12), Sacha Baron Cohen ( Oct. 13), Usher ( Oct. 14), Keyshia Cole ( Oct. 15), John Mayer ( Oct. 16), Eminem ( Oct. 17), Zac Efron ( Oct. 18), Jon Favreau ( Oct.19), John Krasinski ( Oct. 20), Snoop Dogg ( Oct. 20), Kim Kardashian West ( Oct. 21), Amber Rose ( Oct. 21), Christopher Lloyd ( Oct. 22), Ryan Reynolds ( Oct. 23), Drake ( Oct. 24), Katy Perry ( Oct. 25), Ciara ( Oct. 25), Seth MacFarlane ( Oct. 26), Kelly Osbourne ( Oct. 27), Julia Roberts ( Oct. 28), Winona Ryder ( Oct. 29), Model Ashley Graham ( Oct. 30), and Rob Schneider (Oct. 31).

*These October born characteristics are seen in many of people born in this month, but we mention that this may not be true for all cases because the situation is different for everyone.

Kobe Bryant (23 August), Mother Teresa (26 August), Madonna Michael Joseph Jackson (29 August), Bebe Rexha (30 August).

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