Relationship with October born

In astrology many believe that the position of stars in the galaxy at the birth time of each person has an impact on their personal characteristics which may cause people born in same months to be more similar to each other.

Hence if you are going to have a relationship with a person and you want to know more about their characteristics, one very practical way is to gain more information about their month of birth.

In this article we are going to talk about relationship with October born by the means of presenting their general characteristics and their views concerning marriage and love life. First let’s have a quick look to see what are the characteristics of October born individuals generally and then we will talk about how it is like to have relationship with October born partners.

According to the fact that the personality, emotions, reactions and decisions of each person are determinative in relationshipو by knowing these major characteristics you can easily manage your relationship with an October born person and find the best way to cope with them.

October born characteristics in general

General characteristics of October born people can be classified into 6 main features as below:

  1. October born individuals are charming: It means that they are able to win everyone’s heart with their charming attitude toward others. In other words, their charismatic personality forces almost everyone to be around them or be friends with them. This Is because their spirit is full of positive thinking and optimism. In fact, this is the very reason that they always have a good influence on people they meet.
  2. October born individuals are to a great extent romantic: they are not emotional only in their relationships but also in everything they do. They give their love and loyalty to their relationships and are keen to know their actual place in it which make relationship with October born so lovely. They also have little to no acceptance for games and manipulation.
  3. They are extremely smart and intelligent: They know how to find a solution for every problem and have a very good ability to solve them. The other characteristic of an October born individuals which show they are intelligent and smart is that They are mostly focused and quiet and if they say something, it is surely correct and relevant. This is why they are always good advisors which derived from their great ideas and their sharpness.
  4. Spending money: October born individuals are fond of spending money, no matter if they have it or not. They, instantly, will buy stuffs that they need if they have enough money or if they don’t, they will save their money to finally buy them. But They are mad at having luxurious stuffs.
  5. They are quite moody: When you ask a favor from an October born guy, you should hope that he is in a good mood otherwise, he will certainly refuse it. In fact, they will not do anything unless they are strongly passionate about it.
  6. They live in the present:  They want to concentrate on daily duties and problems rather than future matters or things in past. They surely have strict goals for their future time but what they can do today is to be successful and relaxed. Also, they believe that they must live their lives with loads of fun which means living for the moment without thinking about future or past. ( To know more look at characteristic of an October born)

love life of October born individuals 

 In terms of love life in relationship with October born, just one sentence is enough for clarifying the whole thing: ” Anyone who is with them is really lucky because their love lasts forever “. They are also sweet lovers.

In fact, they know exactly how to make their partner feel good. They are specially made for love since they add love to everything in their life. Their relationship is of a very high value to them and they always want to make their lovers happy. This is why an October born partner never tolerate any ill talk about his or her partner.

Anyone who dates an October born partner may feel special because they can take risks just to please their partner. So, they can do anything for the person they love.

In fact, when they love, they love with all their heart. But at the same time, they can easily get hurt because they have fragile hearts. They do not like being heartbroken. So, if your partner is an October born watch out to be fully loyal and honest with them.

Since they themselves are honest with you, they expect the same courtesy in return which is why in Relationship with October born honesty is vital ( To know more look at 10 things to expect when in a relationship with an October born).

In spite of having that fragile heart, they get over hurt easily. In other words, they tend to overcome feeling bad pretty fast. however, if anyone keeps hurting them over and over, October born individuals will no longer have time for them

Marriage life of October born individuals

when it comes to living with an October born individual as a partner, you can let out a huge sigh of relief since you have found a right partner to share your life with. In the following, we mention some of the prominent characteristics that mark them off from partners born in other months:

  • Family life: An October born partner consider family as a top priority. They love building a family nestled in a home that is full of positivity and good vibes in which everyone loves one another unconditionally.
  • Romantic life: Their married life must have tons of intimacy and passion; as their partner, you should have no problem keeping the romance alive over the years.
  • Unpredictable life: October born marriage life are unpredictable, therefore if you decide to choose them as your forever partner you should expect surprises in your life now and then. In other words, you may not be able to predict their next move or what they may be up to.
  • Pleasurable life: living with October born individuals are also full of fun and enjoyment. They love to play with their partners and are happiest when having fun with them. They love to go places and have unique experiences with their lovers.

what it means to born in October 

All in all, being an October born means being different! When everyone thinks about what is going to happen tomorrow, October born individuals are enjoying their current moment and that is their policy toward their whole life which is the very point that causes them to ease up for all time and positive about everything.

Being born in October also means charming and persuasive. In other words, they can almost do whatever they want with the power of their words while making others interested to themselves. Aren’t they wonderful?!

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