35 short techniques to make anyone fall in love with you

If you are going to make someone fall in love with you, so you have found a right article. These techniques can guarantee that you can make anyone you like fall in love with you.

But before we talk about that, it is necessary to mention that you should not use these techniques for  short term relationship or abusing others since it may cause you some problems. So try to use them wisely and morally.

  1. show your achievement: more you become successful in your life, more you show yourself valuable. as you know, Being valuable is one of the most attractive characteristic. Any success you achieve through your life is worthy and valuable.
  2. have more friends: another way to show you are a valuable partner for relationship is by having many friends specially opposite-sex-friends. Developing your social skill can help you to increase your social friends. Then it helps you to easily make someone fall in love with you since it indicates you are attractive to many persons to.
  3. be yourself: don’t fake the way you communicate with others. Try to act like yourself since if you act artificially, it shows you are not satisfied with who you are.
  4. don’t always call first: if you are the one always call the person you love, it indicates that you are alone and needy.
  5. know what you say while calling: some people don’t know when they call there beloved. For example, They call their target and wait for them to talk. instead, be prepared before calling and have reason for that.
  6. increase your self confidence: Always try to increase your abilities and skills since it make you to have more self confidence. So when you communicate with others, you are strong. It is very crucial specially when you want to make a boy madly fall in love with you. 
  7. Increase your self – esteem: To have self- esteem means you love yourself. To strengthen your self- esteem, you should remind yourself why are worthy and valuable. It has some attractive effects on your body language and speech ( for more information look at most important tips to improve your self esteem).
  8. care about your health: one of the truly important characteristic of a person who has self esteem and is self confident is that they care about their health.
  9. Don’t afraid of breaking up: If you think someone is your soulmate or the only one you can love, then you become weak and act like a loser.
  10. have a sense of humor: By developing your sense of humor you can Show off your funny personality. people like a person who can make them laugh. It doesn’t mean you should memorize jokes and reel them off; instead learn how to come up with a joke on the spot even when you are texting.
  11. make friends with their friends: people are always influenced by their friends so that you need to leave a good impression on them.
  12. don’t be jealous: jealousy indicates that you are satisfied with what you have and what you are. It is a sign of weakness. Try to avoid from being jealous.
  13. Don’t forget your life: when some people fall in love with someone, they forget their life, purposes and even their friend. So they devote themselves to their love so that It seems they had nothing before their love. people prefer to have relationship with someone who has an independent and strong identity. know now to text massages which make them fall in love with you
  14. make him a little jealous: do not make them jealous a lot until they hate you. You need to be smart and impress them wisely. For example you can show you have no interest in others while others pay attention to you.
  15. become mysteries: don’t say all your secrets at your first date. In other words, you shouldn’t reveal everything about yourself soon. Instead try to make them curious about yourself. Remember that, more question they ask, more attractive you are to them.
  16. Become active in social media: Try to attract more followers and share pictures or lovely text which is questionable. It makes him think more about you and as a result, attracts to you. You should also know how to text to make them fall in love with you. For example, Try to send massages to make them curious and ask you question about them.
  17. make them excited: if you want to make someone fall in love with you, you need to make them excited. when someone experiences excitement while they are with you, it cause to confuse the feeling of excitement with love.
  18. Show that you are different: many people experienced a messed up relationship so that they look for someone who looks or behave differently. So try to make them understand you are different with that bad partner they had before.
  19. Have a smile on your face: many study shows that, smile can make anyone more attractive. if you are a girl you should know that smile can make you gorgeous. On the other hand if you are a boy, you need to be sometimes serious.
  20. Collect information about their parents: Anyone unconsciously gets impressed by someone how matches the characteristic or personality traits of their opposite sexed parents. ( But if they have a good relationship with each other)
  21. Go for shopping: Shopping can help you to know a person more. you can find out what they buy or how they get impressed.
  22. Don’t lose your identity: you are not in a relationship to be happy but you are to be more happy. It means that your relationship is only a part of your life not all of it. If you think like that, it makes you look more confident and strong.
  23. Know how to react: Even if you are not a good narrator, at least try to be a good listener. listening is not only about hearing what others say, but also reacting to what others say. don’t fake your emotion but try to be impressed by what you hear.
  24. Try to meet them often: When you get into a relationship, try to show up more often. More meeting let their mind get used to see you and if it doesn’t, they become restless.
  25. Disappear when they need you: After they get used to see you, it is time to be less available and become more busy. But you need to have an excuse for that. it shouldn’t look like you are keeping your distance on purpose.
  26. Believe in words : Strong influence is on the power of the words. You just need to know that how to use this power then you can convince and controls anyone in any way you want.
  27. Use words wisely: you can make your target addicted to the enthusiastic and brilliant feelings coming from your words. to do so, you should examine how the use the words or how they get impressed when they hear something; for example. it can be a compliment or a type of humor ( for more information look at different types of humor and related personalities)
  28. Avoid sending negative signal: The feeling that comes from words can be as positive as negative. In order to avoid making negative feeling while talking, you must use the positive form of verbs and sentences. For example: instead of saying it is annoying to wait for you, say it make me more happy if I see you on time.
  29. develop an attractive body language: The way you move your hands, the way you walk or even your facial expression are all parts of your body language. You need to examine your target’s body language. Then by acting like them, you can show how many similarities are between you two.
  30. Eye contact: studies show that if you look at someone’s eye 75% of the time, when you talk with each other, you can make them all in love with you.
  31. Hold their hands: you need to be careful when you do it. it make you and your loved fun so much hot when you hold each others’ hand for the first time but you need to be sure if they are ready.
  32. find same interest: More you find similarities, more you can make someone fall in love with you. So try to find things which are interesting and exciting for both of you and then have a same experience related to a common interest.
  33. mention to details: if you find a way to mention some details related to someone, you can make them so much attach to you. It gives them a sense of dignity.
  34. be a giver not a taker: some people always try to take something from their relationship, like love, affection or attention. Even when they give something like their attention or kindness, they do it because they want to be compensated later.
  35. don’t show love always: love and attention is good and everyone likes it but if it becomes too much, it becomes unbearable.

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