Prayer for my wife poem

Reciting prayers for your wife increases trust and intimacy in your relationship. And, if you read prayers through poems, you let her realize how much you love and cherish her. You can recite a variety of different love prayers for her and be sure that the Lord God listens to you and strengthens the bonds of intimacy in your relationship. Hence, Nevidya offers some of the best poems you can read for your wife when you are by her side. Prayer for my wife poem consists of a short love poem for wife, prayer for my wife in Islam, prayer for my wife in difficult times, and short prayer for my wife.

Short love poem for wife

• Your kindness has no bounds
Your beauty has no limits
You are the only woman in the world
To whom I express my true love
And, ask the Lord to lift you up in His blessings
My Angel, I look at you and gasp in awe
wondering how lucky I am
To have you by my side.

• I care for you
I love you, too
I always pray that grant you His love for
You are my world
You are my life
And I’m so glad
That you’re my lovely wife.

• The shortest word I know is ɪ
The sweetest word I know is ʟᴏᴠᴇ
And, the person I always pray for is ʏᴏᴜ.
May His mercies surround you forever, my dearest.

• I thought I would never
Find the right person
To love
Until I met you
And since I have
Always thought that
Love is the most
Important part of my life
I ask the Lord to bless us with a love
To last and
To be as beautiful
As it is now.

• My love is deep like the sea
It shines over you like a star
It’s warm like the sun rays
It’s soft as a flower
It’s beautiful like YOU.
Honey, I have nothing to ask from the Lord because
I have You. (To read more poems see short love poem for wife.)

Prayer for my wife in Islam

Gracious Lord, having a good wife is such a blessing to my life. I love my wife from the bottom of my heart and I read a prayer for my wife so You will promote intimacy in our marriage. Holy Father, I’d like to make my wife feel loved.

Please help me, Dear Lord, to create an atmosphere where my wife can feel safe and secure as I read this prayer for my wife in Islam. Almighty Lord, uplift my wife through Your grace and help her to be a strong and mighty woman when she faces difficulties.

Loving Lord, I ask You to bless my wife with Your faith and help her improve her communication skills so that she will always be slow to anger. Omniscient Lord, I pray that my wife will treat me with utmost love and respect forever.


Prayer for my wife in difficult times

You are the Merciful Lord. You are my savior. Holy Lord, bless my wife with patience when she faces difficulties and help her to succeed in achieving her goals.

Dear Lord, today I read a prayer for my wife and humbly ask You to bless her with Your wisdom and always remind her that You’re with her to manage workplace tensions and crises calmly and effectively.

Grant my wife Your light and vision, Dear God, and protect him from troubles and protect him when unexpected problems happen. Holy Father, I read this prayer for my wife in difficult times and earnestly ask You to save her from those wicked people who try to deceive her.


Short prayer for my wife

Great Lord, fill my wife’s heart with Your love and provide her with emotional, spiritual, and physical healing to the end of her life.

Holy Father, give me discernment to understand my wife and don’t be critical of her as I read this short prayer for my wife. Dear Lord, I ask You to make my wife understand how much I love her.

Mighty Lord, give my wife patience as she does her best to watch over the family. Please answer my prayer for my wife, Almighty Lord, and give her the chance to spend more time with me so I can cherish and praise my wife the way I like it.



God’s blessings and favor are things we need to change our lives. For this to happen, we have to do things that satisfy The Lord, and in return, He will grant you His blessings as you recite these prayers for your wife. You can read the above-mentioned prayers every day, and ask God to accept your requests. Also, you can recite the prayer for blessings and favor and be sure that Almighty Lord grants your wife His blessings.

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they give you the chance to receive God’s power. On the other hand, scientists believe that those who recite prayers are benefiting from a feeling of emotional and mental support. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. Hence, Nevidya has offered many prayers that help you meet your needs. To meet your needs, you just need to read the prayers mentioned in Nevidya. Recite the prayers you think you need more.

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