Prayer for my wife and daughter

Prayer for my wife and daughter can bless your wife and daughter with a fruitful day full of prosperity and delight. When you recite this powerful prayer, the Lord God uplifts your wife and daughter’s spirit in tough times. Hence, Nevidya introduces some prayers that help you thank the Merciful Lord for their presence. Prayer for my wife and daughter consists of prayer for my wife in Islam, prayer for my children, morning prayer for my wife, prayer for my wife’s protection, and 25 prayers for my wife.

Prayer for my wife in Islam

Gracious Lord, having good children and a faithful wife is such a blessing to my life. I love my wife and daughter from the bottom of my heart and I pray for them every morning and ask You to help them have a fruitful day. Holy Father, help me make my wife feel loved. Enable me, Dear Lord, to create an atmosphere where my wife can feel safe and secure. Almighty Lord, I recite a prayer for my wife and daughter sincerely and ask You to uplift them through Your grace and help them to be strong and mighty when they face difficulties. Amen. (To read more prayers see prayer for my wife in Islam.)

Prayer for my children

Loving Father, You are our preserver. Please uplift my children through Your peace and help them prosper in their undertakings. Great God, fill my daughter’s heart with Your peace and uplift her through Your love and peace so she can speak and act wisely. Please give my daughter wisdom, Lord God, to start and end her day with Your Holy Name. Gracious Father, I love my daughter a lot. Please lead her with Your divine insight so that she will follow the right path in every situation. Amen. (To read more prayers see prayer for my children.)

Morning prayer for my wife

Great Lord, fill my wife’s heart with Your love and provide her with her needs as I read a morning prayer for my wife. Holy Father, give her discernment to understand me and don’t be critical of me when I’m busy and can’t spend time with her. Dear Lord, I ask You to make my wife understand how much I love her. Mighty Lord, I humbly ask You to grant her love and compassion as she does her best to be a supportive partner for me and my daughter. Amen.

Prayer for my wife’s protection

Great Lord in heaven, You are the source of all mercies. As a sinful servant, I want to thank You for being with me even when I forget Your presence. Holy Father, You are my preserver, so You are the only one who can provide my wife with all her needs when I recite a prayer for my wife’s protection. Almighty Lord, direct her to the right way and guide her back to Your ways when she seeks guidance from You. Loving Lord, I ask You to bless her with Your faith so she can trust Your will and choose the right path in her life as I read a prayer for my wife and daughter. Praise be to You, Holy Lord, for Your mighty presence in tough times. Amen.

25 prayers for my wife

O Lord, thank You for listening to this prayer for my wife and daughter. Loving God, help my wife and daughter to talk things through when they face problems, and grant me Your vision so I can help them make the right decisions. Holy Lord, bless my wife with Your wisdom and patience so that she can respect my opinions and stay loyal to me as I read this powerful prayer for her every day. Amen. (To read more prayers see 25 prayers for my wife.)


“He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.” A major part of your role as husband and spiritual leader is covering your wife in prayer. Through prayer, you have an avenue directly to God; you can approach Him at any time on her behalf.” Proverbs 18:22. Recite the above-mentioned prayers every day, and ask God to accept your request. Also, you can recite the short prayer for couples and be sure that Almighty God hears you and helps you meet your needs.

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they give you the chance to receive God’s power. On the other hand, scientists believe that those who recite prayers are benefiting from a feeling of emotional and spiritual support. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. Hence, Nevidya has offered many prayers for couples. To meet your needs, you just need to read the prayers mentioned in Nevidya. Recite the prayers you think you need more.

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