Surah Yaseen for marriage – In 6 steps

Surah Yaseen for marriage - In 6 steps

Marriage is one of the most important events in the life of any person and It causes many life changes. In the religion of Islam, marriage is an important issue and it has been paid a lot of attention in the Quran. It is narrated by prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that the religion of man is completed by marriage and the religion of Islam always recommends men to marry.

The religion of Islam has shown the way to a better life as well as introducing it to the people. You can see many instances of marriage in the Quran and hadiths.

we intend to address an effective surah for marriage in the Quran in this article. Surah Yaseen is one of the experienced and authentic duas for marriage. Those who intend to get married are highly recommended to read this surah. ( to read more dua see 5 duas and wazifa to marry the person you want)

In the following, we tell you how you could read surah Yaseen for marriage.

Surah Yaseen wazifa for marriage

 In this part, we want to tell you how you should read surah Yaseen for marriage. but first, you should know that One of the important points in reciting this dua is it has been said while reading this prayer, the devil wants to distract you in any way and don’t let you stay focused. When reciting this prayer, be sure to keep the things that are on your mind away from you and be in complete peace. ( To read more dua see Effective wazifa for marriage)

Now pay attention to the surah Yaseen wazifa for marriage. Do these 6 steps in the given order:

Wazifa for marriage step 1

Wear white, perfume yourself to smell good, and sit facing the qibla, in complete peace.

Wazifa for marriage step 2

Send Salawat 100 times.

Wazifa for marriage step 3

Start reciting Surah Yaseen and ask God for your needs in three deferent parts of the surah which is as follow:

Where you need to ask you need for the first time

After the phrase “Imamin Mobin” at the end of Ayah 12.

Where you need to ask you need for the second time

After the phrase of “falakin Yasbehun” at the end of Ayah 40

Where you need to ask you need for the third time

After the phrase “Salamon Qawlan Men Rabbin Rahim” at the end of Ayah 58. (when you reach here , you must first repeat the same phrase 34 times (exactly 34 times) which is “Salamon Qawlan Men Rabbin Rahim” and then ask for your need)

After this, start reciting the rest of the surah until the end of it.

Wazifa for marriage step 4

After the end of the surah, recite this prayer:

subhan almfrrij ean kull mahzun.

subhan almukhalis ean kull masjwn.

subhan almunaffis ean kull madywn subhan alealim ean kull maknwn.

subhan man jael khazayinah bayn alkaf w alnnwn.

subhan man ‘iidha arad shayya ‘an yaqwl lah kun fayakwn.

fasubhan aladhy biyadih malakwt kull shay w ailayh turjaewn.

Wazifa for marriage step 5

allahum aftah lay ‘abwab rhmtik w ‘abwab khazayinak bihaqin suruh yaasiin w tafadulik w karamik ya arham alrrahimyn.

Wazifa for marriage step 6

Then read this exactly 101 times:

ya mufarij alhami farij.

Last word

 In this passsage, we have told you an effective Surah Yaseen wazifa for marriage. But Here We want to have a friendly conversation with you. As you know Marriage is definitely one of the most important events in human life and it needs to be paid high attention. if you want to marry, it is better to prepare yourself for marriage first, and then seek to get married and start a family. So it is better that you provide the right conditions like getting a good job and become financially independent, or so on. Of course, in this regard, consulting with others or get help from consultants can be very useful too. Once you are sure that you have the conditions for marriage, then you can start your way by reading authentic duas for marriage and asking God for help. trust in God and Rest assured that God will not leave you alone.

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