Surah Yaseen ayat 36 for marriage

Many times the reason why young people do not get married and their marriage is delayed is because there are some obstacles in their way. These barriers can have different causes. Sometimes young people say that they have not found the right person to marry or do not see the right conditions to do so. However, these obstacles must be removed so that young people can get married, because in Islam, marriage is an important issue, and believers are highly recommended to get married.

To solve these obstacles, we can refer to consulting with elders, more effective social presence, or other things, but in this article, we intend to tell you about an effective dua for marriage which is as powerful as surah Yaseen for marriage.

This dua is actually one of the ayahs of Surah Yasin. This surah, as we mentioned in the previous articles: 10 Benefits of surah Yaseen 41 times, has many benefits, one of which is its effect on young people getting married.

By reading surah Yaseen ayat 36 for marriage, you can overcome the obstacles that exist and get married sooner. Join us to first explain the wazifa of reading this dua and then bring the dua to get married soon itself.

Wazifa of surah Yaseen ayat 36 for marriage

As we have said, ayah 36 of Surah Yaseen is very useful for helping and accelerating marriage. In this section, we want to tell you about how to recite this authentic dua for marriage and the things you should observe when reciting it ( to know more see effective wazifa for marriage).

Remember to follow the wazifa we give you and take the period necessary to achieve the result. The following is the wazifa of surah Yaseen ayat 36 for marriage:

  1. read ayat 36 of surah Yaseen 100 times every day
  2. 2. After reciting this ayat, perform Tahajjud prayer (Tahajjud namaaz).
  3. Do this for 40 days.

It should be noted that the Tahajjud Namaz is a mustahabb Namaz that should be recited at night between the night prayer and dawn. You must recite this ayat before the Tahajjud Namaz .

It is also necessary to say that for women during menstruation, they should stop praying during their menstruation period and Instead, add the number of days when they could not recite the prayer at the end of the 40-day period.

If you have already married and look for a to solve your problems look at dua to strengthen Marriage and Solve Problems.

ayat 36 of surah Yaseen for marriage

 As we have said, Surah Yaseen has many benefits and is recommended for many hajats. ayat 36 of Surah Yaseen for marriage is highly authentic and experienced. Here we bring you this ayat. Just keep in mind that in order to achieve your hajat that is getting married, you must act according to the wazifa we mentioned in the previous section. The ayat is as follows:

“subhan aladhia khalaq al’azwaj kulaha mimaa tunbit al’ard wamin ‘anfusihim w mimaa laaelamun”


Last word

Finally, we want to point out that marriage is very important in Islam, and the Prophet always advised young people to get married. But the conditions for what you want to do may not always be there. So the first thing you need to do to get what you need (in this case it is marriage) is to create the conditions for it. For example, we can say that if you have financial problems, you have to solve them. ( To solve financial problem see Miraculous dua to become rich and famous).

or if you do not find a suitable case for marriage, try new environments and things like that. ( If you haven’t found your favorite partner to get married with 5 duas and wazifa to marry the person you want ) In this case, you can get help from God by performing dua for getting married soon. Rest assured that if you strive for your need and ask God for help, God will surely get you what you want, Inshallah.

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