8 tips to fix a broken relationship by sending massage

8 tips to fix a broken relationship by sending massage

what are the message to fix a broken relationship

Is there any way to fix a relationship by sending massages?

You must first know when to use message to fix a broken relationship. When your relationship has just ended, you should not insist on maintaining the relationship at all. Instead, try to lower your ex guard by accepting the separation. By insisting too much on fixing relationship, you will only make your ex more insistent on separation. so they may want to no longer have the slightest contact with you.

Instead, try to accept the separation so that you can maintain your relationship as friends. This simple relationship allow you to keep your contact. So you can use massage to fix your broken relationship.

Here in this article are some ways in which having a broken relationship can be fixed.

But remember, after the separation, you should not start the message until your ex has sent you a message first. If after the relationship broke, your ex still did not send you a message and did not start the relationship, you can use the hidden massages to get your ex back together. hidden massages is useful only to make a simple friendship. After that you can use the following techniques to make your ex fall in love with you again.

1# Do not show too much emotion

As we mentioned earlier, to keep your ex in contact with you, you need to have simple friendship. So you shouldn’t allow your ex understand that you want to make a emotional relationship again.

Since you are going to fix a broken relatiohhsip by text massages you need to know that showing affection and love may scare them. So keep in your mind that one smile or laugh is enough to show your interest, but a million stickers and smile scares him or her.

2#Do not look desperate and needy

The last person your ex is looking for is someone who is needy and desperate. If you want to use massage to fix a broken relationship try not to complain about responding late. If you always wait for your ex to text you, he or she will come to the conclusion that your character is needy.

Your messages should be funny and happy and should not convey the feeling that you are asking him for something. ( To know more see ways to make someone laugh over text)

Here are more things you should not do when sending an SMS or chatting on social media:

Never ask wrong questions 

Except his phone was stolen, yes your message was received and he probably did not feel like responding. So do not make the situation more unpleasant than it is.

You can ask him about his weekend, but not about the person he was with or the funny person he met at university yesterday. It just makes you look jealous and a little weird.

Do not send a question mark

Do not send a question mark if he does not reply to your message. This makes you look dependent and frustrated; It is as if you are disappointed to hear his voice.

If you really like that and need so much to hear form your ex it means you should improve your self esteem.

don’t be obsessed

Your messages should not show that you are obsessed with him or her and you are always thinking about them. Nor should you show that you are willing to give up your life just to get answer.

In other words you shouldn’t pretend that you do not know how to be happy and enjoy your time because you are stuck in your phone all the time.

Be patient

If he does not answer after 5 minutes, do not say “Are you?” Do not send two or three messages in a row. Wait until you get the answer to the previous message first. Do not respond too quickly.

It should not seem like you are waiting for them to message and respond. When your target responds after four hours, you will respond 6 hours later – even 7 hours.

Do not text when you are having fun

If you are going to a party with your family, you should not text hem or her every now and then to let you ex know that he or she is the only one in your mind.

3#Ask a good question

Asking a good question is very useful while sending massages to fix a broken relationship. In fact, his is a great way to show interest in your love and also make it easy for him to answer.

By sending such texts, you can not only fix a broken relationship but also make anyone fall in love with you.

Here’s exactly what a good question looks like:

  • Ask a specific, precise question about yourself. By doing this, you show that you are interested in what he or she really is. Ask him questions that he can easily answer. Do not ask about the meaning of life or what the math test was like. Be direct. People like clear questions, not messages that are hard to understand.
  • The answer to your question should not be summed up in one word. If you ask a question that is answered in one or two words, it will be difficult to continue the conversation. Instead of asking, “When did you get home last night?” Ask, “How was last night?”
  • Try to send massages that show you are especial: Instead of just saying hello, ask an interesting and creative question and try to say something that makes him or her want to answer you and continue the conversation. ( To know more about how to be especial see 35 short techniques to make someone fall in love with you)

4#Make him laugh

If you try to be smart and make him happy, the person in front of you will make the same effort to make you laugh. There is nothing more powerful than ability of making others laugh to fix any broken relationship. This is another great way to start. Be sarcastic. Do not be afraid to be taunted and slightly taunt. ( To know more see 10 techniques to make someone laugh)

This will make it more exciting to see you. Send laughter and wink emoticons and funny stickers that show you are more interested in conversation – but do not overdo it.

5#Be valuable

The more you are in contact with others, more you show that you are valuable. we can also say that the more you show that you have a busy life, the more you can show yourself valuable. Let him think you have a busy life and feel very lucky that you now have a chance to text him/her. ( to know more see 13 techniques to develop social skills)

If he or she feels that you are always free and waiting for the right time to send a message, you have no chance to fix your broken relationship. Show you have your life. Let them know that you go out for a walk with your friends, go to karate class, or watch a new movie.

You ex should know that your life is not just about sending a message to him or her, so he/she wants to get more of your time. People like to try to achieve something, not so simple.

6#Find a common interest

It is true that you can not have a deep and complete conversation when sending SMS or text messages on social networks, but if he finds out that you are both interested in a song or a TV show you see, they will be more interested in talking to you.

7#Know when to end the conversation

It is very important that you end the conversation at the right time so that the you ex will remain interested in you. If he is always the one who ends the conversation, you may may lose to fix your broken relationship.

If you always try to prolong the conversation, especially when he is busy or when there is nothing left to say until they interrupt the conversation, they will not want to communicate with you in the future. Remember the following points to know exactly when to stop talking:

  • When you are trying to find something to talk about. If he does not ask you a question in response, then he will probably answer you just to be polite.
  • When his/her answers are summed up in “yes”, “no”, “okay” or “okay”; In this case, the other party is not interested in continuing the conversation.
  • If he always finishes the conversation, try to change this procedure. In other words, it’s your job and you have to go at least half the time possible.
  • When you notice that he wants to end the conversation, do not try to continue the conversation. For example, when he answers with short words or gives you a short answer, end the conversation

8#Make them curious

You should not just end the conversation by saying things like “now” or “until later”.

Instead, you should keep the conversation open so that you can start a new conversation. For example, you can tell him that you are doing something interesting so that he can ask you about it later.

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