4 steps to Get Lost Love Back by Dua and Wazifa

4 steps to Get Lost Love Back by Dua and Wazifa

What is Wazifa Dua?

What does Ya Wadud mean?

How do I ask Allah to accept my Dua?

Above questions may occur to any Muslims who has lost his love and wants to win him or her back. Today, in nevidya.com, we are going to answer these questions and offer you the ultimate guide to get your lost love back by dua and wazifa.

You must remember, however, that reciting a dua is not the only means of getting you lost love back since there are some indispensable rules one needs to consider when he or she Is trying to get his or her lost love back.

There are four steps into getting someone you love back into your life again. First and foremost is the consideration of wazifa. The second step is asking Allah properly. thirdly, it is the stage of reciting the true dua and last, but not least is the stage of taking action.  These four steps can guarantee a very good chance of getting your lost love back.

Step 1 – points of wazifa to get love back

First, let’s address the following question: what is wazifa dua?

Wasifa refers to tasks and duties that Muslems are expected to do as part of their responsibility towards god. ( To know more see 10 Benefits of surah Yaseen 41 times)

The more wazifa you do, the higher level of acceptance you have from God. it is like points that you get from God and the more points you have, the better answers you get. ( To read more dua to get your ex back see 5 dua to get someone back in your life)

So, the wazifa that someone should do to get a lost love back can increase his or her religious points as well. These wazifas are necessary for anyone seeking answers for his or her dua.

Given the reques to get your lost love back, you need to know your wazifa towards God to become qualified for reciving an answer from your dua. Here are some of the most prominent wazifas that you need to fulfill before reciting your dua to get lost love back.

  • Say your prayers – Namaz – on time and make ablutions as often an you can
  • control your emotions and be relaxed when interacting with others
  • Do not let anyone make you angry or drive you mad*
  • pray for an hour per day in addition to your prayers – Namaz
  • Take good* care of others and try to please* your family and loved ones
  • Stay calm and kind with anyone you meet.
  • Spend 4 hours per day to increase your knowledge and raise your awareness.
  • Work as much as possible to serve your society and earn money – Even If it is mainly for making a living.

Doing these wazifas will purify you and grow your power spirituality to get your lost love back, but now there are three more steps you need to. ( to read more dua see 3 powerful wazifa to make someone mad in love with you)

 Step 2 – Asking Allah properly

How do I ask Allah to accept my Dua? Sincerity and respect are the keys for gaining acceptance from God to help get our lost love back. By sincerity, we mean purity of intention. If I want God to accept my dua and help me get my love back, I need to have a Halal niyyah – permissible intention. ( To read more dua see dua for someone to remember you)

It is impossible to ask God to help you with committing a sin – a wrongdoing according to Qurnic rules – sharia. So the love that you are going to get back should be your lawful love such as a husband or wife or someone whom you are going to marry.

Only if you are going to get your spouse back or looking for an Islamic dua to get a fiancé back, then you can claim that your intention is pure and sincere.

The second vital rule for gaining God’s acceptance is asking for something with respect to God’s emanation. Emanation refers to everything from nature to creatures, which is considered as emanation of the almighty. Everything in the world is the sign of God and show the greatness of God.

If you want Allah to accept your dua, you need to respect everything Allah has created. In brief, If you ask, “how do I ask Allah to accept my dua.” specifically when looking for the most powerful dua for bringing back your love, the answer is the purity of intention and respecting emanation.

Step 3 – reciting the true dua

Is there any dua to make someone love you? of course, there is some special dua to make someone fall in love with you for the first time or fall back in love with you for the second time. Dua means asking God for something you need. It is like when you ask someone to help you do something. ( To read more dua see surah yaseen wazifa for hajat in one day)

So you need to be specific about what you need help with when making a request. This is why you need dua related to your request which in this case is dua to make someone fall in love with you. Fortunately, in Nevidya.com, there is plenty of Islamic dua specifically written for your love – seeking purposes.

But there is something else that you need to know which is concerned with the differences between asking God and people. When you ask God, there are not only words that can imply your wishes but also thoughts. This is why your imagination and thought matter when reciting dua.

If you want to use dua to make someone love you, you should imagine your love falling in love with you, and at the same time, you should imagine a halal condition like marriage if you have not married.

And if you are already married, you should imagine making love to your wedded spouse. The imagination of the halal situation is related to the purity of intention, which we have already discussed.

Step 4 – taking action to get love back

As mentioned before, there are four steps to get your lost love back by dua and wazifa, which include points you get by performing Wazifa, asking Allah truly and sincerely, reciting the right dua, and taking action. The first three have been explained already. Now we are about to elaborate on taking action.

Many dua writers claim that they can write a dua that can do a miracle for anything you wish for, but it is a fraud. There is no such dua that can do anything for you if you do not take any action yourself.

Suppose that you want to be a great soccer player. So you start reciting dua and doing all the wazifa to have the best point of spirituality but how can you become a soccer player without going to the football pitch.

How can you be successful if you never practice or try? If you are going to get your desirable outcome, start to learn and practice what you are taught. If you are going to get your lost love back, you need to take action and learn how to get your ex back.

Fortunately, Nevidya.com not only offers you a rich source of dua but it also provides you with the knowledge and techniques you need to make someone fall in love with you for the first time or fall back in love with you for the second time.

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