5 body language techniques to make someone laugh without speaking

one of the most exiting way of making someone laugh is by silence. there is nothing more influencing and attractive that someone how can make you laugh only by looking at you. This is why, today, in nevidya.com we are going to enplane how to make someone laugh without speaking. It also helps you how to make someone laugh when they are sad.

So if you are interested in this impressing skill to make someone laugh without speaking read this article.

you can also look at 5 ways to make someone laugh over text, if you like to know some practical ways to make others laugh even when you are chatting since you know, texting and communicating over text is much more common that face to face conversations these days.

5 funny techniques of fun in body language

there are many body language techniques to make someone laugh without speaking. In the following, we will mention some of these techniques.

  1. Presence conditioning: When someone makes you laugh by speaking or talking, your mind get conditioned by the person’s presence. so whenever you meet the guy, the past experience of laughing is remembered. So if you want to make someone laugh without saying anything you should have a hilarious impression on them specially in your first meeting. there are so mane practical skills which explains how to make someone laugh in your first visit with anyone anywhere.
  2. facial expression: Movement of your facial components is so much effective when you want to make someone laugh without speaking. the best practice to improve facial movement skill to be funny is standing in front of mirror and looking at your self while moving the different components of your face. then you can find out which movement or style makes you more funny. This technique is also effective in making someone fall in love with you.
  3. eyes makes fun: If you manage to develop your sense of humor, even the way you look becomes funny. In fact, each person has his or her unique way of looking which may make others laugh. for example someone is so much funny when he or she dilates his or her eyes and someone else is more funny when he or she rolling up their eyes. So you should practice to find out in what style your eyes gets more funny. You need also to improve your sense of humor generally to make your eyes more funny when you want.
  4. mimicking others: Imitating or mimicking others is so much funny if you do it correctly but not by disrespecting. for this one also you can practice by mirror which helps you to find a funny way of mimicking others behavior. to do so, you need to be master your body language and facial expression.
  5. sudden silence look: One of the most funny way to make someone laugh without speaking is a sudden look when someone say something foolish or crazy. there are so many unspoken things in this body language which can help you to persuade, attract or even laugh others who see the face.

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