dua to make someone text you or contact you

Many times when you are in a romantic relationship, your lover may refuse to text you. He may not have time or he may be too busy. Maybe he is no longer interested in you or maybe your relationship is over. It does not matter what the reason for not sending the message, however, This dua to make someone text you can solve your problem.

Dua number 1

In order to to make someone text you, you have to recite this verse ten times in front of the qibla before speaking to someone at sunrise, and imagine in your mind that your love is sending a message, so that your love will send you a message And also their interest increases. If you read this dua together with dua and wazifa to make someone talk to you or contact you, it become more strong.

surah al Baqarah Ayeh 255 to 257: 

If you want to make someone text you, you may need to make them remember you as well. To do that you can see dua for someone to remember you.

Dua number 2:

The next dua to make someone text you or contact you is the first 8 verses of Surah Al-Jinn – Surah 62. (To read more dua see 5 powerfull dua to make him call me right now). This dua will help you to make your love miss you even if you have a long distance contact. Memorize this prayer and recite it 10 times a day before first Namaz and also before going to bed. (To read more dua see 5 dua to get someone back in your life)

It should not be used in the wrong way and with illegal intentions. The person you want must either be your spouse or the someone you want to get married with them. The dua is:

Surah Al-Jinn – Surah 62 – Ayeh 1 to 8.

If you the one that you want to make them send you text is your ex, you may need to recite this dua as well: 4 prayer to get your ex back. 

Dua number 3:

Another dua to make someone text you is Surat Al-Majadala. By reciting this dua, you will make your love text you or contact you so fast.(to read more dua see 5 dua to get someone back in your life) It is enough to do ablution and write these surahs in ten pages of a notebook and put it under your mattress, carpet or pillow while sleeping. You should also repeat it 20 times a day:

Surat Al-Majadala. Ayeh 1 to 3

In addition to the instructions given to you, you need to recite all these prayers aloud at least once. To do this, you can go to the website Quran and search for the name of the verse on that website. Then click on the audio playback option to have the verse read to you. You can also click on each word to hear the pronunciation of that word and then repeat. It does not matter if it is not accurate, but as soon as you make an effort, it is enough. You can also read the meaning and translation of the verses on this site.

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