Dreaming of coins

Dreaming of coins refers to worldly desires, in general. But, besides all worldly desires, seeing coins in a dream may also refer to your subconscious and the way it manifests the pleasant or upsetting emotional states of your mind. If you’ve had a dream of coins and you want to understand its meaning, Nevidya will help you decipher your dream. It is for this reason that Nevidya will introduce different interpretations of seeing coins in your dream. Don’t miss reading it.

1. Seeing gold coins in a dream

Dreaming of gold coins indicates that you’ll gain success and power in your business and it results in your happiness. In other words, your financial situation will improve soon.

Moreover, seeing a gold coin in a dream is a sign of sea voyages and the happiness that will lay ahead of you.

2. Dreaming of changing coins into money

If you dream that you change your gold coins into money, the interpretation is that your business will achieve a profitable, sustainable and secure future. And you will get to your financial goals.

3. Seeing many coins in your pocket

If you dream that you have many coins in your pocket, this dream indicates that you won’t fulfill your great goals, but it shows that you will be busy in the future and you will be entertained by things that don’t have a big impact on your life. If you are thinking about a new business, you should make the right decision and make investments in a way that your business will prosper.

4. Dreaming of finding gold coins

Dreaming of finding gold coins is a sign of wealth and abundance. It is also a symbol of spiritual values and your abilities in the real world. Dreaming of finding a gold coin is also a sign of power, kingship, and high social status.

5. Seeing coins on the ground/floor

If you dream that you find a coin on the ground/floor, an unexpected event will make you happy for a short time.

Moreover, this dream may refer to your current financial difficulties. If you are dealing with this problem, it’s best to be aware of both your expenses and investments. Because seeing coins on the ground/floor also indicates your ability to get over this difficult situation.

6. Dreaming of buying gold coins

Dreaming of buying gold coins refers to good luck and the beginning of good days in life.

7. Seeing a large number of gold coins

If you dream that you see a large number of gold coins right in front of your eyes, it indicates that there are many obstacles in the way of your success, but be sure that with effort and perseverance, you will reach your goal.

8. Dreaming of burying a gold coin

Dreaming of burying a gold coin in a dream is a sign that you don’t like to let others know about your life achievements from others and don’t want them to have access to your property.

9. Dreaming of losing a gold coin

If you dream that you put your hand in your pocket and find that you’ve lost your coin, it means that a small sorrow will occur to you, which is also short-lived.

10. Dreaming of stealing gold coins

Stealing gold coins, in a dream, is a bad sign and it means that you will hear very bad news about financial matters soon.

11. Dreaming of receiving gold coins

If you dream that someone gives you a handful of coins, it is a sign that someone will trust you and you will probably be consulted to share your ideas with that person because your views will help him/her solve his/her problem. And, if you give someone a handful of coins and you will get rid of suffering and sorrow in the near future.

12. Dreaming of silver coins

Seeing silver coins, in a dream, indicates that you will have difficulty in achieving your financial goals.

If a silver coin looks shiny, in a dream, among other coins, it is a sign of future happiness and bliss.

If a girl dreams that her fiancé gives her a silver coin, it means that her fiancé will leave her.

13. Dreaming of a copper coin

Seeing a copper coin in a dream is a sign of physical pain and despair.

14. Dreaming of a nickel coin

Seeing a nickel coin means that you will be in charge of handling different things in your job.

15. Dreaming of fake coins

Seeing fake coins in a dream indicates that someone will deceive you if you want to make a crucial decision about your life or business.

16. Dreaming of an old coin

Seeing an old coin, in a dream, is a good sign. It means that luck will be on your side as you solve your financial problems and achieve financial stability instead. More than that, you will live an abundant life full of happiness and bliss.

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