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Cash or paper money, in general, represents the true value of everything, and seeing money in a dream is usually a symbol of nutrition or mental energy. Many of us have had various dreams about money during our lives, and when we wake up we think about what this dream could mean to us. Recent research suggests that there’s a link between particular events in your dreams and later real-world interactions with your loved ones. Other studies have also shown that dreams can influence your actions and emotional state the next day. In the very article “dreaming about cash,” Nevidya team will explain the semiotics of seeing money in a dream to help you find out some important interpretations of dreaming about cash.

1. Dream of finding a large sum of money

Money symbolizes the valuable psychological status of something in the dreamer’s mind. If you dream that you suddenly find a lot of money or find yourself in a hidden cave or room in your house/apartment that you have never been there before, then the money is a symbol of something in your personality that you have never been aware of it.

It could be a talent or ability (for example, the ability to write, draw, sing, analyze, or anything else) that has not yet been fully utilized. When you find such a treasure in a dream, it means that your subconscious mind is asking you to take more steps towards the flourishing of this talent.

Just like a biblical story that gives you a moral message and asks you to use your talents and not hide or bury them. If you dream that you have found a diamond or a pearl, this dream is a picture of the same inner treasure hidden in you.

2. Money in the dream as a material category

We all know that sleep can have a very direct language or message about your relationship with money and material values in reality.

Do you have a completely materialistic mindset? Are you very dependent on earning money and having a high social status?

Maybe you are one of those people who need something outside of your inner world to tell you what you deserve. So the message of this dream for you is that you need to find something inside you that keeps you happy and satisfied.

Moreover, you need to know that your self-esteem comes from deep within you, not something from without.

3. Dream of shopping or spending money

You may have dreamed of spending money. For example, you find yourself in a big mall looking for something special. This dream indicates that you are frantically seeking to satisfy and respond to an unconscious and unknown inner need of yours. You may dream that you are giving someone counterfeit money.

The interpretation of this dream is that you have a hypocritical relationship with some people in real life and you have not shown your true face to them.

4. Dream of earning or inheriting money

If you dream that you have inherited money, this dream can prepare you for a change in life, which will probably be positive for you. The donor wants to prepare the dreamer for future challenges and give him the energy and life he needs.

5. Dream of stealing money

If a person dreams of stealing money, this is a precautionary measure for him/her, that is, that person should beware of scams in which a lot of profit may have been promised.

So, this dream can not only be a symbol of empty hands but may also indicate significant financial losses. It is better for that person to work harder so that s/he can earn money in the right way.

6. Dreaming of winning money

Interpreting the symbol of monetary gain in a dream, for example through the lottery, is a symbolic dream that probably signifies great success and further achievement in the future.

If you set a goal, you expect success. But the interpretation of this dream does not necessarily relate to the dreamer’s financial situation but may affect other areas of his/her life, including family and the circle of friends.

But, if the dreamer makes money in gambling, for example in a casino, s/he will most likely have to expect financial losses. The dreamer should not engage in dangerous businesses and property speculations.

7. Dream of borrowing money from someone

If you dream that you are borrowing money from someone, this dream tells you that in reality, you may not have enough money, but you accept responsibility and depend on the help of others.

8. Dream of giving money to others

A person who dreams of giving money to others shares his/her money with them. This person is obviously a very helpful and generous person who can sympathize with his/her peers in difficult situations.

In the same way, the dreamer can trust his/her friends and relatives, who will help him/her immediately in case of emergency and need. For more information read the very article about giving money in dream – Islamic interpretation.)

9. Dream of losing money

When a person dreams that a thief steals his/her wallet or when s/he loses it, that person is very afraid of such a thing happening in reality. Maybe s/he thinks s/he doesn’t have enough cash left. Credit card theft may also indicate the same meaning.

10. Dream of a suitcase full of money

A suitcase full of money in a dream is a symbol of a thriving business. But, it is also a sign of responsibility, which in the strict sense of the word promotes a dream. Similarly, a person holding a bag of money in his/her dream and moving on may be always worried about losing it in reality.

11. Dream of money inside an envelope

The dream of money in an envelope usually indicates that someone wants to trust you with something valuable. You will probably establish a relationship based on loyalty and trust in reality, so appreciate this “gift.”

12. Seeing money in the water

The symbol of dreaming of money in the water indicates that the dreamer has recently become very involved with his/her personality and has realized in which areas s/he should make a change. The dreamer is now free from negative moods and can look to the future with confidence.

More importantly, if someone finds cash in the water, s/he will be relieved of the potential burdens of a past life and will be able to pursue new projects with great motivation and enthusiasm.

13. Dream of cash or coins

The shape of money in a dream generally indicates success, power, and cognition in the waking world. Anyone who dreams of many coins should consider such a symbol in a dream as a reminder and not exaggerate in pursuing finances and wealth.

The small coins are the symbol of good luck, which indicates that the dreamer can expect success in both personal and professional fields.

14. Dream of a safety deposit box

Generally, the place where we deal with money is a bank. As a symbol, in your dream, this warns you to be especially careful in business, as you may become involved in fraudulent schemes. The interpretation of this dream should be used especially when the dreamer wants to withdraw money from the bank with a credit card, for example.

15. Dream of finding money

If one dreams of finding money, one must acknowledge the fact that s/he can hardly prevent possible injuries or accidents in the future. Moreover, it gives the dreamer enough strength and energy to deal with life’s challenges.

16. Dream of finding money and giving it back to its owner

If you dreamed of finding money and giving it back to its owner, that is, you are an honest person. In addition, you seem to feel sincere about yourself. And, in reality, it indicates that you have the courage to achieve your goals with the resources at your disposal.

17. Dream of stealing a wallet

Your wallet is related to your personality. All your documents, including your credit card, driver’s license, and ID card are in your wallet. So what does it mean when you dream that your wallet has been stolen?

This dream shows that you are not aware of your identity at the moment and that others are pushing you forward without your own consent. Maybe your co-workers are focused on promotion or your family life is more complicated.

18. Dream of stealing a bag

Stealing a bag is a symbol of the responsibilities that you have when you are awake. This dream is a symbol of the negative energy that you carry with you, and this energy is destroying you.

If you dream that you are stealing a bag full of gold, it means that the time will come when you will drown in unnecessary worries. You worry about things that may never happen. The only way to experience the feeling of liberation is to get rid of the emotional burden you carry with you.

It may seem difficult at first, but when you take the first step, everything will seem easier. Let go of the past and its negative and unpleasant feelings to provide space for better things to happen.

19. Dream of stealing money or gold

Gold in a dream is a symbol of spirituality, knowledge, and cognition. Gold is a precious metal. Therefore, it is spiritually related to self-worth.

Do you value yourself? The colors yellow and gold symbolize forgiveness, generosity, kindness, love, and wealth. In addition, gold in a dream shows that you are on the right spiritual path. Keep moving in this direction.

20. Dream of a lot of money

If you see a lot of money or if you count it, such a dream is a great sign. It symbolizes wealth and abundance in the future. It is also a symbol of luxury and peace of mind.

21. Dream of finding money that was hidden

If you dream that you unexpectedly find the money you have hidden somewhere in the house, or somewhere else, such a dream is probably a sign of minor problems and worries in the coming days. This dream may also have opposite meanings, referring to happy events and auspicious changes in your life.

22. Dream of finding torn money

If you dreamed that you found torn money, such a dream is not a good sign, and it may refer to a misconception that everything in your life is going well. You may find that people close to you are saying things behind your back in a way that you could never have imagined.

23. Dream of finding a package of money

If you find a package of money in your dream, such a dream is a good sign, and it indicates that everything in life will be as you wish in the near future. Maybe someone can even help you overcome the difficulties and pave the way for you to achieve your goals. That is, all your obstacles and problems will be easily removed.

24. Dream of finding money in old clothes

If you dream that you find money in one of your old clothes, such a dream is not a good sign. This dream may indicate financial problems or income loss.

Maybe this dream is a reflection of your past mistakes, which will give you the insight to learn from. This is also good for managing your future business.

25. Dream of finding a pocket full of money

If you find a pocket full of money, it is a good sign. This dream may indicate success in planned risks or business projects. In other words, you may suddenly come up with an idea that will be very profitable for you.

26. Dream of lending money to someone

If you dreamed of lending money to someone, it means you have to invest more money in your current project.

27. Dream of making money

If you dream that you are making money and income, this dream may not be a good sign, and it indicates that, in reality, you will soon have to spend a lot of money. Maybe you will buy something expensive like a house or a car.

28. Dream of giving money

If you dream that you are giving a sum of money, such a dream is a good sign and refers to a period of peace in your life. You may go on a trip to a foreign destination that you have always dreamed of but never had enough money and time to go there.

29. Dream of paying for something

If you dream that you are paying for something and giving it to money sellers, such a dream is not a good sign, and it indicates problems and hard times. You may experience unpleasant situations that affect your work or your personal life.

30. Dream of keeping money in your hands

If you dreamed about holding money in your hands, such a dream has a very auspicious sign. This dream means that you are not far from achieving the most important goals of your life. In the coming days and months, all the conditions will be in your favor.

31. Dream of lending money with interest

If you dream that you are lending money to someone, and you expect them to repay it with interest, such a dream is a bad omen and indicates the great disappointments that lie ahead, usually in the area of finance.

32. Dream of money in the form of gold coins

Money in the form of gold coins in a dream represents a bright future ahead. You will soon experience a happy life because of the hard work you have put into it. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

33. Seeing money on the table

Seeing money on the table, in your dream, is a positive sign. This dream means you have the ability to overcome the challenges or problems you are currently experiencing. Not only can you solve your own problems, but you can also succeed, grow, and prosper under new circumstances.

34. Dream of having money in the right hand

The image of money in the right hand is a promising symbol that indicates your success in the very near future. This type of dream shows that your goals and aspirations are about to come true.

35. Dream of money disappearing in the wind

This dream refers to a constant, continuous, and repetitive influence on you, in reality, which can lead you to a dangerous situation. Further, if its intensity increases, as time goes by, and you are not careful, it can lead to a catastrophe.

This influence can be something you are not aware of, but it has begun to manifest itself in your subconscious mind. The sight of money disappearing in the wind and then the wind blowing can be a sign that the influence on you under such negative conditions can be repeated many times and that you have been affected by a similar event in the past.

36. Dream of taking money from an ATM

This dream of taking money from an ATM is a symbol of your kindness and generosity towards others in reality.

37. Dream of putting money in the safe

To dream that you put money in a safe indicates a lack of perseverance. This dream is a symbol of your carelessness. You may be worried about your life because you feel that someone may care for you. Maybe now is the time to be more responsible and plan ahead for the future.

38. Dream of exchanging money with a clergy

Receiving money from someone as well as exchanging it with clergy is a symbol of your kind and sincere nature. You always want to help someone when they are in a difficult situation, and you are eager to share what you have with those who are less fortunate. This outstanding personality is most likely the result of following religious beliefs and instructions.

39. Dream of money raining down from the sky

The rain of coins and money from the sky is generally interpreted as a positive symbol in relation to financial achievements in reality.

40. Dream of burning money in the fireplace

Burning money in the fireplace is a relatively bad symbol that indicates a loss, especially a financial loss. If a large sum of money was burning in the fire it indicates that you won’t get the return you expected from an investment. In the meantime, you should try to avoid financial losses as much as possible.

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