Giving money in dream – Islamic interpretation

giving money in dream according to Islamic meaning have so many meaning depending on the situation in which you give money. For example Islamic interpretation of giving money is different when you see money as a paper or coin, or someone ask for money or  you give money to poor in dream.

In this article we are going to cover all these different situation and interpret dreams related to giving money according to Islamic interpretation of dreams.

To give somebody money in a dream

If you take money from someone, that person will cause you trouble, and if you give money to someone, uniententially you will cause him or her troubles. If you dream of money, it is better to give alms. ( To know more about meaning of money in dream see seeing money in dream according to Islamic meaning)

If you dream that you are taking money from someone, you will feel sad and upset. If you dream that you are giving money to someone, sorrow and grief will leave your life.

Also, if someone gives you money in a dream, it can mean that a boy will be born.

giving money in dream according to Islamic meaning can have the following meanings as well:

  • Satisfy needs and wants
  • Government
  • Collected property
  • Friend
  • Child
  • Extensive sustenance
  • Safety, maid
  • Gaining space and status
  • Dignity and respect

Someone asking for money in dream islamic

If someone asking for money in dream according to Islam means that your honor and status will increase.

It also means, profit and benefit, but if the number of money is an odd number, its interpretation is the opposite of the previous case. If you see that someone ask for money and you pay it or you have lost money or it has been stolen, it means that your grief will disappear.

The interpretation of asking a lot of money is the property that you get through suffering and hardship and conflict and enmity.

If the amount of money is unknown, you will have an unpleasant problem, or you will hear a bitter and heavy word.

Giving money to poor in dream according to Islam

If you see that you give money to poor,  you will earn money or someone gives you money because of the trust they entrust to you. Giving money to a poor also mean you will have a child.  but if you see that a poor has stolen you money  it means you get into trouble because of your child.

If you give a lot of paper money to a poor person, you will get new and small houses. If you see bags of money given to a poor, that means, you collect halal wealth and blessings. There are so many meaning related to paper money according to Islamic interpretation so that if you want to know them you should look at seeing paper money in dream according to Islamic meaning

If you see that you have given a lot of money to a poor and he put it in a safe and secure place, it means that you are keeping the trust of the Muslims.

If you see that you make money or make money through business and then give it to a poor, that is, you lead people to the right path and salvation. It also means you will be trustworthy among Muslims.

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