Prayer for protection from COVID

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly around the world and the death toll is over 2.4 million people. As you know, nothing has controlled the spread of COVID- 19 and many people are worried about the new variants of this pandemic disease. The best thing we can do at this point is to turn to God in times of fear and uncertainty and pray for the Lord’s love and mercy to dwell in our hearts and show us how to face new challenges posed by COVID-19. Hence, we are going to introduce some of the most powerful prayers for protection from the physical and psychological effects of COVID-19 pandemic here, in Nevidya. Prayer for protection from COVID includes a prayer for economy during COVID- 19, prayer for students during COVID, prayers of intercession during cronavirous, and short prayer for protection from COVID.

Prayer for economy during COVID- 19

Heavenly Father, You are my creator and savior. I know that Your love is infinite and that You care about me and my family in this time of economic insecurity. Heavenly Lord, please help me and my family to trust that our security is in You and no one else. Mighty Lord, protect us and those who are needy during this difficult time. Dear Lord, I read a prayer for economy during COVID-19 sincerely because apart from You we can do nothing. Gracious Lord, guide our country and the whole world out of the current economic crisis, O Lord, I read a prayer for protection from COVID and reassure myself that You will provide for our needs whenever we call on You. Amen. (To read more prayers see 4 Prayers for financial blessings and restoration.)

Prayer for students during COVID

Lord God, thank You for Your protection and guidance over people. Heavenly Father, today I bow before you in prayer and ask You to have mercy and grace over our students who may be educated at home, online, in person, or at schools. Dear Father, the students have to pursue their education during this pandemic and I humbly ask You to bless them with understanding and fortitude whenever there is a lack. Mighty Lord, give them strength, protect them from all harm, and keep them safe from this pandemic disease as I read a prayer for protection from COVID. (To read more prayers see scripture for safety of child.)

Prayers of intercession during cronavirous

You are the Everlasting and Merciful Lord. You are my refuge and strength during this difficult time. Holy Lord, heal those who are sick and protect their families and friends from being infected. Dear Father, please replace Your love and grace with the fear, anxiety, and feelings of isolation from those who are receiving special treatments in the hospital or those who are in lockdown. O Lord, bless patients with a healthy body and mind as I recite a prayer for protection from COVID . Holy Father, I ask all these things through the intercession of Holy Christ, our savior. Amen.

Short prayer for protection from COVID

You are the Compassionate and Merciful Lord. You are my protector. Holy Lord, You always hear those who call on You in difficult times. Heavenly Lord, hear our prayers for protection from COVID and forgive our sins and bring an end to this infectious disease. Merciful Lord, please remove all sickness and suffering from Your people and protect the elderly and people with chronic health conditions. When I feel heartbroken, I pray to You and sincerely ask You to have mercy on us and save us. Loving God, let Your peace and protection be with us during this pandemic and grant restored health to those suffering in the hospitals or at homes. Amen.


God’s blessings and favor are things we need to change our lives. For this to happen, we have to do things that satisfy The Lord, and in return, He will grant us His blessings. Recite the above-mentioned prayers every day, and ask God to accept your request. Also, you can recite the miracle prayers that work immediately and be sure that Almighty God gives you power and inspiration to meet your needs.

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they give you the chance to receive God’s power. On the other hand, scientists believe that those who recite prayers are benefiting from a feeling of emotional and mental support. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. Hence, Nevidya has offered many prayers that provide you with healing and comfort. To meet your needs, you just need to read the prayers mentioned in Nevidya. Recite the prayers you think you need more.

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