Prayer for increasing income

Prayer for increasing income

Prayer is an essential factor in our life that can awaken the inner powers of the soul. It can activate and lead the positive energy appropriate for anything you wish. For example, you can use prayer for increasing of income to make your life better.

Prayer puts peace and tranquility in our life. Prayer also can change our life into the better and brings us closer to God. The closer we get to God, the more peace and tranquility we get. Of course, the calmer we are, the better we can communicate with other people which is helpful in increasing of income.

In other words, prayer can help us to have a good communication and a good communication can affect our job and income. Communication skill is not the only benefits of prayer for increasing of income since there are many other skills that you can gain through prayer.  For example, if you pray in a right way, you can increase your motivation to work better and harder or you may become more creative. ( To pray more see prayer for motivation to work)

Then you can expect an increasing of income and salary. Or maybe your boss would grant you a promotion of your manners and hard work.

As you notice, everything in our life is linked together. Prayer helps us to find those links and get a good result from our job.

Here we are going to talk about the right way of praying for increasing salary and also we mention a prayer for increasing of income:

How do I pray for my salary?

As we mentioned in our previous article, prayers that all business should know to grow and prosper, when you want something from God, for example, an increasing of income, there is a chain of qualifications that need to be achieved.

It means that you have to be qualified enough to deserve an answer to your prayer. In other words, when you pray for increasing salary or start a prayer for income in general, ask God to grant you the skills or the powers that lead you to increasing of income. Because you are not making a wish, you are praying which is called the wisdom of prayer. The below list will help you to pray wisely to earn more salary and income.

Learning skills related to the job

this is the first power that helps you to make your business grow by increasing the income of your business or increase your job’s salary. ( to know more see prayer for business growth ).

Never stop learning new skills related to your career or business.

When you learn more skills as an employer for your career or as and employee for your business, you will easily get promoted and your salary and income will be raised. More like that, whatever your job is, when you learn new skills according to it, you can get your income increased. So, in your prayer for income ask God to give you the ability to learn new skills. For example you can say:

Heavenly Father, make me creative and motivated enough to learn new skills every moment of my life. So in this way, I can get more salary and more income from my job and business.

Strengthening communication skills

Another factor that leads to increasing of income is how you communicate with other people. Once you learn how to communicate with the surrounding people, especially, those who you are related the most to your job, like colleagues, bosses, and customers, you will get a chance of increasing income and salary. ( To know more see praying to increase your customers and sales)

For that, we advise you to pray for strengthening communication skills along with your Prayer for increasing of income.

Prayer for saving money

God Almighty does not like extravagance. Therefore, to get closer to God, you must learn how to save your salary and spend only as much as you need. In this way, you will satisfy your lord.

Ask The Lord in the prayer for increasing of income to grant you enough wisdom and knowledge to save your money. Because prayer to save money is a way to say that you are reliable and deserve increasing of income.

Start a new Business

As you know, increasing of income does not only happen when you work for or with other people. Sometimes you need to start-up your own business. For this to happen, you are recommended to recite prayers to start a business and ask God to help you succeed.

Because when you succeed in the business you own, you will have increased income as well. Always remember when you trust in yourself and rely on God, you can reach all your goals ( to pray more see Prayer for successful business)

Prayer for Financial help and stability

Stability is one of the factors that can help you to increase your income. So, it is important to recite a prayer for financial help and stability while you pray for increasing of income. Because when you pray for financial help, the Lord may put you in situations that cause an increase in your salary. For example, you get a better job opportunity, or you simply get promoted.

prayers for increasing income

Some people want to increase their income while they are employees or workers and some other ones may looking for increasing their income as a manager or business owner. ( To pray more see Best possible Prayers for protection at work)

So Prayers for increasing of income should be divided to two different prayers; one is related to increasing of income as an employee and the second one is about increasing of income as a business man.

Consequently, in the following, we are going to mention two different prayers which is for those how are employees and those who are owners respectively:

Prayer for increasing income as an employee

Here are some powerful prayers that can change your life and cause the increasing income of your career:

I believe God is the source of all supplies, and money is God in action, so it should be used only for good.

I Know through God’s help, the income of my career will be freely flowing to me so bountifully in a way that I cannot use it all, and I will have an abundance to spare and to share, today, and ever.

I am expecting the increasing income of my career very soon, and I believe God is going to give this to me if he sees it a right thing. Please, my Almighty Lord grants me all the factors I need to increase the income of my career. Make me knowledgeable and skillful, so I can work better and serve you more. My Lord accept my prayer for increasing of income, in a way that I can do my job better for my employers and I can fulfill the expectation of  my bosses and my career managers.

I believe true prosperity includes the demonstration of the right living conditions, the right activity, and the right kinds of happiness that are going to appear in my life and my family life.

My Heavenly Lord, I ask you from the bottom of my heart to answer all my prayers specially my prayers for income and my prayers to save money since I need is your help and support, so, I can serve your servants in a better way.

Prayer for increasing income as a business owner

Now, let’s pray together the following prayers and ask God to increase the income of our business:

I honor You, Oh Mighty King, I bless and acclaim your Holy Name. I am greatly thankful for providing all my needs, according to what I prayed for.

You never forget me, even in these tough times, when finances are intense and worry bully my mind. Now, I ask you to answer my prayer to save money and get financial help more than ever.

My Holy Lord, help me to get confidence and tranquility from Your holly dignity by which You will bless all my needs, out of your prosperous fortune.

Holy God, Open my eyes today to the opportunities that may come to me, and make me able to start prosperous business investment, in which I can increase my income and improve my life quality.

Almighty, May I be a good manager of all that you give. Then, Help me not to rely on money but only on you. Don’t permit money to weaken my associations through anxiety and arguments.

Thank you, God, for everything you have done for me, for without you I’m nothing! Heavenly God, I ask that you keep guiding me on this journey and take care of me whenever I feel fearful, continue to show me tolerance and forgiveness towards my opponent.

My Holy Lord, you know how is it important for me to ensure my future. Please, help me with my prayer to save money to increase my income and make sure that nothing will go bad for me in the coming years.


To sum up the above article, reciting prayers and expecting them to be accepted, need wisdom. In other words if you want God to care about your prayer for increasing of income, you have to first learn how to pray. So, to obtain your goal, which is increasing of income, you have to ask God gives you another abilities like learning different skills, or improving communication skills. Something else should be put into account, and it is the way you insist on your prayer for income. God likes to see His servants begging and insisting. So, if you want all your prayers, like prayer to save money and prayer for financial help and stability come true, then you must say them everyday, until you achieve them.

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they connects God’s power to us; on the other hand scientists think it has inductive powers. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. So Nevidya has offered many prayers which is scientific and can bring prosperity and abundance to your life. You just need to read the prayers, mentioned in each page of Nevidya. Follow the prayers you think you need more.

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