How to get back with your ex by hidden messages

How to get back with your ex by hidden messages

One of the most challenging situation to get your ex back is when you have no access to him or her. In this case, you can’t call him or don’t want to make any contact since they block you or you are in Stop contact period. In both case you can continue your contact by hidden massages.

Here we are going to explain how you can use the hidden messages to communicate with your ex and motivate them to get back to you without they know you have tried to do so. In other words, you are going to use hidden messages to make your ex want you so bad.

What is hidden messages

it refers to the communicative chain of relation between people which make them aware from each other in an undirect way. this techniques comes from six degree of separation theory which has been proved by a recent study in the Guardian.

It says, everyone in the planet are connected to each other by 6 persons. imagine you know 100 persons. So each of them knows another 100 and all those persons in the second level know another 100. if you continue this chain you reach to all people around the world. This is why we call it a hidden messages or hidden contact because it can’t be seen and is invisible but still make others connected.

But the question is that how this hidden messages can help us to get our ex back? the answer is simple. if we know how to send massages by hidden contact, you can send him some type of massages which motivates them to get back.

How to make a hidden contact

It is not only through face to face communication that we make the hidden contact possible. Social media also help us to connect to many other persons without we understand that. People always talk about each other, comment about each other and they even post about each other.

So you only need to find a way to be the subject of others interactions. If you manage to do that, your ex will hear about you even if there is no intermediary between you. In fact, it is not important even if no one around you knows your ex, since the hidden messages is not going to happened by an intermediary but by some data which is related to you somehow.

This data can be reached to your ex through a person that you don’t know, an Instagram page, a compony, an advertisement, or a brand. You just need to focus on producing such data related to yourself and spread it out.

If you make a strong data about yourself and send it, you don’t need to be worry about anything else, since it will find its way. Like when you send a mail pigeon to find its way and get your message to its destination.

How hidden contact get them back

Before we talk about how to create related data we should mention to some false beliefs related to this techniques. Remember that they are not going to fall in love with you and get back since it only makes them to remember you and think about you.

So they will curious about you and want to send massages again to know more about you. So, as we explain in our previous article, you should be prepared for their contact and know how to take the opportunity when your ex gets back.

After that you can start to use messages to fix your broken relationship. However you need to learn in advance all related techniques about how to make someone fall in love with you and how to improve your texting skills related to get your relationship fix.

How to create a strong related data

There are many way to create such a strong related data to send through hidden messages and make your ex get back. But the first and the most important one is about making yourself a brand. But what does it mean?

It means you should change yourself to someone who is worth talking about and then improve your social skills to spread the data. In this point, you may wonder how it is possible to do something so much difficult like that but it is not so much difficult. let me give you an example

If you don’t know how to make a website, it seems unbelievably difficult to you and you may feel you can never do that. But as soon as you learn all related instructions for Building a website, you see how easy it can be.

Making yourself become a brand is not as hard as it sounds if you know how to do that. It is not only about how to become successful in life, or how to earn more money but it is related to some other tricky techniques which help you to be a subject for others conversation.

You, however, should know that it is not right to change yourself only for your ex but you must to do it for improving the quality of your own life. The good part about that is you can kill two birds with one stone.

Finally keep it in your mind that, there is no point in getting your ex back if you don’t know how to manage your relationship after they get back. So if you have still time, make yourself prepared for that and start to learn. group can help you pass all the stages of getting your ex back even if you don’t want to send any messages to them and without they know you have done any thing to get them back.

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