10 Techniques to Make Someone Laugh

Humor and joke differs from mockery, ridicule, and disrespect. If you want to know how to make someone laugh really hard and for real you should know that Fun is, in fact, a smart and artistic ability that makes others laugh.

But first let’ have a look at the benefits of making someone laugh

why you need to make someone laugh

Having a sense of humor has many benefits. Here, we only mention 3 out of 7 benefits in having a sense of humor:

  • you can improve your physicals health: one study found that laughing can burn calories which can help you to lose some pounds during a year. Another study found that funny people live longer than those who don’t laugh so much.
  • you can be more attractive: having a sense of humor definitely make you more attractive either for your boss or your customer. It is also useful in making someone fall in love with you. as a result, it makes it possible to have a more successful life regarding your career or relationship.
  • you can overcome sadness: by making someone laugh, you can help people overcome their sadness. Many times you may find yourself in a situation where you need to make someone happy because they are sad with you so that developing a sense of humor could help you to make things right and reconcile with them.

According to the benefits that were said, making others laugh makes you to have a more successful life.

So we can say that a sense of humor is a weapon you should always carry with you. So here in nevidya.com we are going to talk about how to make someone laugh really hard.

10 techniques to make someone laugh

Here we are going to develop some skills of humor to make someone laugh really hard that tears welled up in their eyes. being funny is a truly useful characteristic that can be developed even if you have a serious personality.

But before we talk about these 10 techniques, you just need to know that making others lough depends on the situation you are in.

For example making someone laugh over text need specific techniques which are completely different with those ways for making someone laugh without speaking which is by your body language.

But here these 10 techniques are somehow general. so most of them can be used in any situation, although mostly they are more effective in face to face conversations. We give you also some kind of exercise which help you to develop your sense of humor.

Don’t forget that humor is something essential and efficient for anyone how knows the power of effective communication.

So don’t Miss Out on how to become a fun, witty and lovely person.

1. funny ways to make someone laugh

One of the most important reason for some type of jokes is that they make us feel better about ourselves. So if something make you laugh because it bring you a sense of superiority, it will probably makes others feel like that and laugh too. So write down all the funny things in books, movies, serials, poems, snippets, gossip, humorous programs, and so on, on your mind or a piece of paper.

Three things make someone laugh the most which can be used over text or also without speaking:

  1. 1. Feeling superior to someone stupid.
  2. 3. Unperturbed and sedative response to anxiety and mental distress
  3. 2. The difference between our expectations and what happens in reality

The “first” and “second” reasons are, in fact, an explanation for the fact that laughter makes us feel better about ourselves, while the “last” reason is a way to better understand the world around us. However, all three are vital.

However, keep in mind that not everyone can feel the same as you do about the jokes. Understanding your audience personality and the way they think can help you to know what jokes are more appropriate for them ( see different types of humor and related personalities).

You also need to be careful that Sometimes the environment you are in, make the situation more funny but when you explain or recount it in another environment or situation, it may seem boring and ridiculous.

So if you want to tell a funny story, first you should describe the environment where your story takes place and make your audience imagine the situation.

but if it is hart to be described and imagined, just forget about that.

2. be funny and make others laugh 

In order to do something funny, you need to find funny things. So you need to spend time on reading an studying about funny things. For example you can read comic magazine and so watch comic movie. Then analyze what part is funny and why.

After that you should practice it by telling them to kids. Then you can fill the world around you with laughter and funny activities. Having a sense of humor means understanding when to laugh and what to laugh at in a socially responsible way ( for more information look at 7 ways to develop a sense of humor)

3. Divert your minds

One of the way to make someone really laugh is by surprising them with something funny. In order to to do, first, you need to distract them so that their mind get prepared for a surprise.

This is where you make the difference between the person’s expectation and the outcome. Just as juggernauts do by distracting people’s attention.

In short, making someone laugh  or being funny depends on timing to get the most out of a particular subject. Scheduling is an essential factor for a surprise, and that specific subject also shapes the overall structure of your joke or fun behavior.

4. Proper scheduling

As it is mentioned, if you want to know how to make someone laugh when they are sad or over text you need Proper timing. it is essential because if you give the brain too much time to work on your situation or joke, the hilarious moment will be ignored.

This is probably the reason why people do not laugh at duplicate jokes, because it reduces the sense of humor in the story. You need to respond promptly and say joke very quickly before it’s too late.

5. Listener recognition

First of all, you need to know the personality of the person or people in front of you and see what makes them laugh. When you are in a crowd of people you do not know, first find out what they are talking about and what they are laughing at.

Are they the ones laughing and joking? Or do they laugh at drama jokes or physical comedy? The better you know your opponent, the better you can make them laugh ( see different types of humor in conversation and writing).

Do keep in y0ur mind that in any of these cases, you need to know your audience to make them laugh and show your humor.

6. Watch Comic TV Programs

the best answer to the question how to make someone laugh is practicing, and the best practicing is watching comedy shows. There are multiple writers and many talented comedians come together to create the funniest moments for you.

Although repeating the same jokes to people who have seen the program before you may not be as fun, you can only use it as an idea for creating new jokes of just to practice how to act our to make someone laugh.

7. Don’t take yourself too seriously

If you want to make someone laugh, don’t take yourself too seriously. Remember all those moments of sabotage and when messing up was most funny. Use them and know that no one is perfect.

the harder you get on yourself, the more annoying the environment becomes for you and others. On the other hand you can make everything more sweat and funny if you see the circumstances as an opportunity to make others laugh since even a small mistake can make fun of you. Then more intimacy and friendship in your relationship would be your prize.

8. Know when not to joke

why are you looking to know how to make someone laugh when they are sad?  because you want them happy but you should know that wrong jokes make them sadder.

So remember that you shouldn’t make a joke with anything like religion, cancer, death, bullying, killing people, and so on. It is strongly noted that such jokes are not socially justified and acceptable. There are also some other things that may be a sensitive subject for one person or another.

Humor is a tool to make people laugh, cheer, criticize, and sometimes challenge others, but if used to offend others, it is actually abused. Rely on your common sense and notice the way your target look at you as an alarm to prevent crossing undefined boundaries.

9. Enjoy the surprise element

to make someone laugh with a joke for real It is good to know that the more serious the atmosphere, the easier it is to use a surprise element to joke.

Because of this surprise element, in many films, the funny parts of the film are embedded in the most serious scenes that the audience does not expect. On the contrary, it makes it hard to laugh at people watching funny movies or comedy shows.

10. improve witty personality traits

some people think anyone who is wit and funny necessarily has a problem and behaves this way to hide their sorrows and problems but it is not true. Sometimes there are people who do not seem very successful in their personal and external lives, But their happiness comes from their life style and the world inside them; When we get in touch with these people, we find that they don’t take life very difficult.

It is why you need to improve a funny and witty personality if you want to make someone laugh.

The people with a witty and funny personality have different mental perceptions of the phenomena, and they are not very sensitive to get annoyed easily. These people rarely have negative perceptions. Such people, when faced with failure, the world will not end for them.

One of the causes that make their mind work and see like that might be their body shape which effects the mind; For example, researches show that some people who are a bit obese, which we call picnic types, are often sympathetic or indifferent. On the other hand, we find that some of the lean people are extremely boiling; They quickly become anxious, sensitive, and sad, especially because of their sensitive personality traits.

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