Dua and Wazifa to Make Someone Talk to You or Contact You

Is it possible to use dua to make someone talk to you?

Yes, you can do that, but you shouldn’t only rely on dua to make someone talk to you or only use wazifa to make someone contact you. For anything you want to gain, dua is useful, but your qualification is also essential.

One of the criteria that makes your dua to make someone talk to you or contact you is your qualification related to your demands. The instructions explained here for your dua and wazifa to make someone talk to you and contact you are so much useful. In fact, you will recite effective duas that is backed by strong islamic source.

Here we talk about dua to make him think of me, dua to make someone talk to you and wazifa to make someone contact you ( see 8 texting techniques to make someone fall in love with.). you can also learn how to recite dua for someone to remember you.

It worth to mention that the instructions or wazifa that we interduce to you are not imperative that you do. There are, however, many Islamic sources that confirm the helpfulness of such instructions but reading dua is the most important part of them and the things recommended to be don are not so much nessaccery if you want to make someone talk to you or contact you trough dua and wazifa.

However after reading dua, there are some techniques you can do to influence your ex indirectly and get him or her to call you or contact you first.

dua to make someone talk to you

If you would like to use dua to make someone talk to you, recite this dua on the vegetable and throw it in the water. Then boil the leaf with water and eat a little. Do this for seven consecutive days. ( see also most powerful dua for love back). This dua can be more strong if you read it together with dua to make someone text you or contact you)

English words

“ya ‘iilhi , ‘ant taqul daymana alhaqiqat , tqblny , ‘ana ‘asli min ajlk. ya allah , ‘aqdam hdha alduea’ li’iijad ‘iijabat bialjahd wala tujad quat ‘aw quat ‘iilaa biallah aleazim. ”

English translation

“Oh God, you always tell the truth, accept me, I pray for you. O God, I offer this supplication to find the answer by effort, and there is no power or strength except with God Almighty.”

Notice: Remember that there are some techniques which can help you to make someone talk to you or contact you without they find out you have done anything for that. you just need to know how to send these hidden massages to your love.

wazifa to make someone contact you

Another Islamic surah which said to be useful as a wazifa to make someone contact you is the dua below ( see also 5 duas and wazifa to marry the person you want). This wazifa to make someone contact you should be written on a paper first. Then take a bird and read the dua to his food. This dish can be millet or rice. When the bird eats, close the written dua and put in somewhere safe. Then release the bird. It’s best to do this at noon. It is also useful as a dua to make someone talk to you. (To read more dua see 5 powerfull dua to make him call me right now)

The dua is:

English words:

“allahum yaa allah , daeuna nathiq bikurmik warihmatik wamusaratika.”

English translation:

“O God, let us trust your generosity and your mercy and your paths.”

Notice: Keep in you mind that if you want to make someone talk to you or contact you, You must change yourself in a more valuable and positive way. So they become regret losing you. To do so, you need to become truly rich. Don’t worry about how you can make money for that sake, since there are powerful dua that helps you to get rich in 5 days

you should also know that if you want to make someone call you, you need to make them remember you as well. So it is better that you read this dua as well: dua for someone to remember you

dua to make him think of me 

what is the dua to make him think of me? If you ask for a dua to make him think of me, you find the right dua. Before reciting the two above dua consisting dua to make someone talk to you and wazifa to make someone contact you, it is better to recite dua to make him think of you. Since you make him think of you first and then make him contact you and talk to you ( see also Dua for Someone to Come Back to You).

You should read this dua two times a day after  Isha prayer ( According to Wikipedia, the Isha prayer – night prayer – is the night-time daily prayer performed by practicing Muslims).  If you want a sooner result, read two Rakat of Hajj every night till seven nights ( According to Wikipedia A Rakat, consists of the prescribed movements and words followed by Muslims while offering prayers to Allah). It also refers to a single unit of Islamic prayers. And then recite Surah Shara’ah seven times after dua. Be sure to recite the verses when reciting surah. Remember that you should recite surah sincerely. Then read the following dua every time you read Surah Ash Shuaraa:

English words

ya rabu albayt alharam ya raba alshahr alharam ya rabu albalad alharam ya rabi alrakn walmaqam ya rabu almashear alharam ya rabu almasjid alharam ya rabu alhali w alharam ya rabu alnuwr w alzalam ya rabu altahayh walsalam ya rabu alqadrih fay alanaam saeidni ealaa almaji’ ‘iilaa habi

English translation:

O Lord of the Sacred House, Lord of the Sacred Month, Lord of the Sacred Country, Lord of the eternality and Residence, Lord of the Forbidden Mosque, O Lord of the Sacred Mosque, Lord of the Solution, and what is forbidden, O Lord of Light and Darkness, O Lord of salutations and peace, O Lord of power in sleep and love in deep Help me reach to my passion.

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