15 simple tips to become a unique content writer

If you want to know how to become a content writer with no experience,  you find out a right place to learn everything related to that. unique content writer is more than a writer who writes about new ideas. A unique content writer is someone how knows how to drive traffic to the target weblog by getting to the top of Google’s search result.

Today, businesses in various fields regularly produce blog posts, social networks, e-books, and more.  Given the mass production of content in different businesses and fierce competition, being on the first page of Google is difficult, but not impossible if you know the rules. So if you know the characteristics of good content, you can become a unique content writer how knows the golden rules of success and prosperity in any businesses.

what makes a content look good

A successful freelance blog writer should write a content that appears at the top of Google search results because it will drive traffic to the entrepreneur’s website.

Paying attention to SEO rules and right dealing with keywords is important to achieve such goals which we are going to discuss in the following as 15 simple tips to become a unique content writer.

Even if you are going to hire some writers to write for you, still you need to know the SEO rules to to manage your freelancer and check their works.

1) knowing search engine algorithms (SEO)

Many of the points mentioned in this article are exactly the principles of SEO that you should consider if you want to be a successful blogger.

SEO means optimization for search engines. This will help search engine robots know what your article is about and why it should be on the first page.

Search engines like Google use special algorithms to process content, and when a user searches for a keyword, those algorithms rank the pages of sites in search results. You as a unique content writer need to know these constantly updated algorithms to be able to use them to succeed in content writing.

2) Being familiar with the keywords

The first step to make a success of writing content is knowing the keywords. Of course, sometimes finding and analyzing keywords is the responsibility of an SEO expert, and the author is only focused on writing content, but in any case, the reader needs to be aware of them, especially since they will need to know how to use such keywords in their articles.

Keywords are phrases that are searched by visitors or users of search engines. There are many ways to find these keywords, the cheapest and easiest of which is through Google.

When you do a Google search for a topic, you will see a section at the bottom of the page, called the related searches. In this section, the phrases related to your topic that have been searched in Google so far are displayed.

If you do not see related searches at the bottom of the first page of Google, it means that the keywords you have searched is not searchable and you should search for it in a different way or use other words.

Because keywords are created based on user searches, it is natural for new keywords to be constantly created and old ones to be removed. Even a high-traffic keyword may be reduced or a low-traffic keyword may be high-traffic. This is why e-commerce is a business that needs to be constantly updated.

3) Focus on audience-centric content

Focus on your audience to make them satisfy. You will achieve more success by creating relevant and useful content that prioritizes your audience’s needs; Especially since the main focus of Google is the satisfaction of the visitors with the results. So if you prioritize visitors as your main plan, Google will put you at the top of the searches as its main result.

To put it simple: do not write or explain what you like or think you need. Instead, write down what the reader needs and is looking for.

4) Know you competitors and your audience

If you are new to the field, find successful competitors in your field and pay attention to what they offer. Reviewing competitive content can help you understand what the content on the first page of Google was written for.

In other words you need to know your competitors  to identify your audience because before producing content, you need to know who is going to view your content.

understanding the needs of your readers and producing content based on the opinion and needs of your audience is one of the most important factors and amazing skills in content writing.

For example, you should not write a love letter to your boss and a formal note to your spouse. Note that effective content is never written generally. So you need to know who your reader is so that you can create content that is not only accepted, but shared

So once you get to know audience of your desired subject, you can provide them with content that answers their questions according to their needs. Keep in your mind that success in content writing and digital marketing depends on your communication skills.

5) Writing specialized content

If you master your topic and know the details better, eventually your content will be more useful. Being an expert in the subject you write for is exactly what Google values ​​and what the visitor is looking for. So we can say that a successful content creator offers a solution to a problem with whatever he or she writes.

6) Strengthen your vocabulary and writing skills

After you have finished your article, read it several times and look for words that you can replace with better ones.

This will greatly enhance the credibility of your writing.

You will also learn more words by reading different articles and books, which will help you a lot to use different words.

7) Find unique ideas

Find the best ideas for your content. knowing how to find blog post idea is not difficult, it just requires a little study. For example, you can read the content of several sites related to your topic and write a new article from their combination.

You can also use Google Translate to search for your topic in another language on Google and then translate the results back into your own language by Google Translate again. This way you can find or translate ideas related to your topic from another languages.

Google Translate can’t give you a perfect translation, but it can give you something you understand. Then with a little editing you can create a perfect post for your weblog even if you have no experience of content writing.

Uniqueness is a sign of originality of content. The uniqueness of the writing is a must, not only because of the audience, but also because of the SEO goals. Posting duplicate content on the web increases the likelihood that Google will detect your post as and mark it as bad result. Your website or weblog may be panalized as a result of publishing duplicated content.

8) explicit writing and keywords management

Your content should be easy for the reader to understand while they are focused on the main keywords for which you want to paper in Google first result. This is a simple task for a successful writer. Here are four key points that help you to write explicitly while manage your keywords smartly:

  1. Stay in touch with your readers: Talk to your readers. Use second-person sentences because when you speak directly to your readers, you allow the reader to read your content consistently. This one is necessary only for explicate writing.
  2. Consider the right volume for the content: Readers enjoy long posts, but if they find out that you just want to lengthen the content, they will quickly close your blog page. Content volume is also very effective in optimizing your post. In order for Google to put your content on its first result, it is essential that you write your keywords sparsely throughout the text based on the length of the content. That is, more your content is, more you need to mention your keywords while you avoid excessive repetition. keep in mind that, you may need to cover several keywords in a same post since they have close meaning, but you should be careful to specify what your main keywords is.
  3. Focus on the main idea, which is also your main keyword: Your main idea is your main keyword. You need to write your article in such a way that it is clearly mention what the main idea or keyword is. You need to make sure that your content does not deviate from you main idea. Be careful that your article does not focus more on the sub ideas than on the main idea. Because other ideas are other keywords that you have to deal with separately in another post but you may need to mention them since they are relevant to your content. So you can include sub-ideas ( as sub keywords) transiently or as a subset of the main idea in the article. By doing this, you can provide the necessary space for future links. As a result, when you use the sub-keywords of this article as the main keyword in the next articles, you can put the link of that new article in your current one.
  4. Make sure the content is consistent: Another principle for being explicit is to be consistent. As a content writer with no experience it is very important that spend extra time to check the consistency of your article. If you do not pay attention to this issue, the reader will leave your page immediately. You need to know how to connect your paragraphs to each other while they are all focused on one title which your main keyword. so that you can keep your visitor’s mind focused on the content. Note that the structure of the content is very important in keeping the visitors on your blog, and the fragmentation of the content will confuse them.

9) Edit the content

When you have finished writing, edit it as a neutral reader. Editing requires patience, order and accuracy. You need to look at the content in terms of vocabulary and grammar. This may take a long time. If you consider yourself a reader and fix content bugs, not only will you get error-free content, but new ideas may come to your mind.

Sometimes you may not notice the flaws because you wrote your own article. Since what you have written has already been in your mind, you will understand what you are aware of. But when someone else reads it, they will notice if there is a problem with your content because they do not already have any idea about your explanation.

You can also read your article a little later, for example, one or two days after you finish your content. Because after a while you will forget the details of your article meanings and as a result when you read it again you may find that part of the article that is incomprehensible or difficult to understand.

10) Update old content

Updating old content is one of the most important skills of a successful content writer. You need to make sure you have the ability to create new and unique content from the previously written ones. This is because in connection with each topic, new keywords may constantly appear and old keywords may be deleted, or they may only change structurally. Even if they have different meanings, this difference is very small.

As a result, by updating old content and adding new keywords through a slight changing, you can always be at the top of Google search results regarding the keywords you wish to be known with.

Content updates also help you send signals search engines which show your blog is active and alive.

11) Answering visitors questions

When you search for a keyword, you will find that Google has written and answered questions related to it. These are the questions asked by visitors related to the topic being searched.

By considering these questions and answering them, you can write content that leaves no room for any questions for the visitors. So answering visitors question helps you a lot to become a content writer even if you have no experience.

12) Write a good introduction

Another important point for a content writer how is a beginner is practicing to write a good introduction. in other words if you want to be a good writer, you have to write good introduction since it tells the reader exactly what this article is about and attracts the visitors to read it.

Mentioning the benefits of content can be an important part of writing an introduction. In order  for search engines to understand exactly what keyword you have covered in your post, it is better to repeat your main keyword in the introduction at least one or two times.

Some believe that bolding the keyword phrase can help search engines recognize it. Although there is no evidence to prove it, I personally follow this advice.

13)  social media management

Knowing how to manage social media may not be directly related to content writing but if you want to make a success of your blog, you would need to produce social media contents as well.

Many business owners even see social media as a whole market. Social media helps you build trust and better promote yourself as a brand. But its main importance is in SEO and increasing the ranking of your blog.

When someone clicks on your blog link on social media, they give a very high score for your website. You do no necessarily need to have direct clicks. since when someone knows you and your business from your social media pages, it is possible to search for your name and brand on Google, which will also help increase your ranking.

14) Stability in writing

You may encounter unexpected challenges in the middle of a project and become frustrated or disappointed and decide not to continue. But remember that there is no success without going through many difficulties and challenges. So all you need is endurance, perseverance and diligence. As long as failure does not prevent you from continuing, it means that you have not failed but you have only faced an obstacle that you have to get it over because victory and failure are in our minds and only WE can give it meaning.

15) Improve your skills

No skill can be acquired without practice. Remember that knowledge is different from skill. This articles alone can only teach you the knowledge of content writing but it can not give you the skills.

Only through practicing you can achieve the skill of content writing. It doesn’t matter if you already have writing experience or not, it’s important to start writing and improve your skills.

One of the services that our team offers is to help you improve your content creating skills. This means that we give you exercises so that you can increase your skills by doing them.

Then, by monitoring those exercises, we will be aware of your progress, and by giving relevant comments, we can turn you into a professional content writer.

All products or services regarding content writing focus on providing content writing knowledge. So they do not involve themselves in skills training because then they have to take responsibility of your skills. But by offering these services for the first time, we take on this responsibility and not only teach you how to produce content, but also ensure that your blog gets significant traffic. In other words, we GUARANTEE  that your income from your business will increase by earning enormous amount of traffic. Even if you have not started your business yet, we will help you go through all the steps of starting your business until you start earning money.

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