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nevidya chief editor – Shahin Zand – exceeded 100 million visits since he had his first blog. So it should be enough that qualify us to write about how to find a high demand content topic.

If you want to generate content with best ideas to make them show up in Google first page, you need to discover what people need related to your favorite topic and then choose the right content idea related to that need but people usually do it the other way around. One of the most common mistakes people usually make is that They prefer to produce content according to what they think people need and what they are interested in, without reviewing what people really need.

The second common mistake is that people think they can come up in google result for any topic only by writing one content related to that topic but it is impossible. To make even one page show up in google first result, you need to work on a set of contents related to the topic and each other.

you need to keep in your mind that to generate idea for your content you should consider a sets of related contents regarding the market need. If you know such rules you don’t have to do all of them by yourself but you can hire writer who writes content for you and you just observe their works as a manager.

Here in this article, we are going to cover how to generate content idea by a set of related ideas according to market’s need.

The importance of market need in generating idea

If you want to get rich via internet you should know that trying to start by your own ideas before searching for market need, is like trying to sell coat in a country where whether is always humid and warm. Your coat might be perfect and beautiful but this doesn’t change the fact that they don’t need it.

There are so many general topics that a successful entrepreneur can choose namely, Marketing, relationship and dating, cooking, health and medicine, learning a second language, gardening and many others. But before choosing any of them, You should know what aspects of those general topics, categorized as sub-topics, will be searched according to the need of your customer ( see what website I should make). Then you can inspect all aspects to know what contents you need to produce related to your topic.

In other words, The first step to generate an idea and write a content is that you find out what people need according to your general idea and categorize them as sub-topics. Then for each sub topic, you can generate sets of content while each of them has a related unique idea.

In fact, by understanding what people need related to any topic, you can find so many ideas that you can classify them to sub-topics. In other words, by discovering the sub-topics according to what people need, you can provide many contents for your blog whose the ideas are that of the chosen sub-topics.

Idea classification strategy

Finding what people need is not all you have to do since you need to have idea not only regarding the need of your market but also can be related to each other somehow.

undoubtedly, you want to generate ideas to write content and you want to write content to get on the first page of google since it brings traffic to your blog and consequently you have more sales. So when you create your idea, you need to put everything ( from being on the first page of google to have more sales) into consideration from the very beginning of the step. ( To know more about content writing see 15 simple tips to become a unique content writer)

To do so, you shouldn’t look for one idea but you need to find out several ideas that are related to each other since it shows your blog is comprehensive regarding that idea. In fact, Google ranks a blog page in a WordPress website which has been interrelated to other pages of the same blog while their ideas are related to each other.

This is why after you specify a general topic ( let’s call it central topic), you need to find all related ideas and categorize them as sub-topics. Then you can manage them and interrelate them to each other easier. You should prioritize interrelating contents under the same sub-topic but you can also make content related to each other if they are from different sub-topic. Even you may create several sub-topics derived from each sub-topic which for their own sub-topics they can be a central topic. In other words, each topic can be sub-topic for its central topic and can be central topic for its sub-topic.  More you can categorize these idea and more you know how to create hierarchy for them, more likely you may came up on google result page related to those ideas.

Anyway, you should keep in mind that, while you are writing your content about any idea, you should interrelate it to other ideas which you have content for ( we fully explain this process in How to write seo friendly content).

  • topic: each topic consists of some sub-topics.
  • sub – topic: each sub-topic consists of some ideas.
  • idea: each idea consists of a content which has a min title and some sub-title

For example a topic like gardening may have so many different sub-topic like:

  • Producing gardening tools ( or how to use them)
  • Teaching how to design a garden
  • Offering services involved with maintenance of the garden
  • How to grow vegetable

let’s suppose that you choose “How to grow vegetables” as your sub-topic. Related to the sub-topic of growing vegetables you can find 4 ideas like:

  1. How to grow vegetable in garden
  2. How to grow vegetable in home
  3. Growing vegetable in balcony
  4. Easiest vegetable to grow

So when we say, finding an idea should take other related idea into consideration we mean you need to prepare these 4 Ideas which can create four of your post blog idea before starting  to write any content.

As you probably guess that there are so many sub-topic and idea related to each central topic but this question sill remains that how we can find these ideas in order to make category, produce content and interrelate them while we don’t know what people need and search.

Ideas for producing content are like golds which are spreading out through internet; so you don’t have to do anything but knowing how to mine them. To be honest with you, mining keywords is even easier and more beneficial than mining gold since it only needs skills that everyone can gain it. so continue with us ( see 4 steps for beginners to start making money online).

For now you just need to know that there are two ways to generate related ideas:

  1. related searches keywords
  2. creative searches keywords

But before we talk about how to find keywords concerning our ideas to make category and content we should first talk about what keywords is.

Ideas according to keywords

Keywords refers to a phrases or a sentence ( sometimes only a word) which search by people in search engines like google. So finding keywords equals with finding market need. when you search an idea there is a section below google first page that offer 8 keywords related to that idea called Related Searches. Related searches section in google is a type of “content idea generator” which is always updated and can offer you unlimited number of ideas related to any central topic, sub-topic or even a simple idea. We can also say that google is a best content ideas tool.

As you probably know that, business ideas and blog topics should be according to current need of the market and based on those needs, many new ideas emerge on the internet continuously so that if you want to start a new business you must take those need into consideration. Fortunately, you can always keep track of  you market needs by knowing about keywords research ( see How to be successful in any business).

In other words, if you want to have a successful blog, you have to cover ideas in your contents that people search on the google which is called keywords. So keep in your mind that until you choose ideas that are based on keywords, even your best effort will be doomed to failure. In fact we can say each idea must cover one main keywords ( or some keywords that are synonym) which can be found on google as the best content creation ideas.

So from now on, when we say a keywords you should know that it is an idea which can be covered in a content. Consequently, a sub-title has some main keywords idea which will be covered in several contents. All ideas that we choose should be according to these keywords.

Let us summarize what we have so far.  In order to find a post blog idea, first you need to identify a general topic which you can choose it according to what you are passionate about, second you should make list of the market’s need (or let’s say keywords) as your ideas involved with the general topic that you like and the last but not the least is that you should categorize them as different sub-topics. Now you have all the Prerequisite to start writing content.

How to find related keywords

As we said before, there are two ways to find keywords to find more ideas whether for specifying your category or producing related content to show you have a comprehensive blog.

  1. related searches keywords: Imagine that you want to generate idea related to ” Growing vegetable in balcony”. In this case, you should follow the keywords that people search related to Growing vegetable in balcony. You can find them in “related searches” section in google first page after you search the central keywords: ” growing vegetable in balcony”. then you are presented with 8 related keywords that people search after or before searching ” Growing vegetable in balcony” as your central keywords. Some of these keywords might be synonym to your central keywords but others are new idea and you can write a new content for them. Then you can search each one of these related searches and find many other new ideas. If you start this process with you general favorite topic you can gather many related keywords and categorize them to different sub topics.
  2. creative searches keywords: Regarding above example, you may know that the idea ” how to choose best potting soil” is related to your chosen post idea. The mentioned idea may be is a keyword which is not searched related to “growing vegetable in balcony” ( it is not included in related searches), but you know it is related to your idea so you can write content about it and put it in the same sub-topic under which ” growing vegetable in balcony” is categorized ( or you can place it in another sub-topic while both sub-topics have a same central topic. For example “Growing vegetable” and “gardening soil” can be both considered as two sub-topics of a central topic, called gardening.

How to grow your audience

Once you have gone through preceding step, you have done most of the road of success and prosperity. Now it is time to increase your blog traffic by writing content related to each idea. As long as you have visitors, there are always some customers for you. it, however, takes so much time and effort to be accomplished. But it is not hard if you know how to do it.

From now to the end, you just need to focus on producing content related to your topics and sub-topics.

Nevidya is a free scientific website for improving a goal-oriented intuition in your mind which can guarantee you to become successful in anything you desire. It happens through interrelating formula which relates different informative articles in Nevidya which can activate your hidden unconscious powers. So you just need to spare some time reading articles introduced in each page. Then you spontaneously come up with best ideas and actions for any purposes you have in any moment in you life whether relationship or business. So get started today to see the result soon.

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