4 steps for beginners to start making money online

This article is for those who are going to start earning money online. while there are many practical and effective ways to earn money on the internet, keep in mind that blogging is always one of the best way of making money specially for beginners. As long as your website gets traffic, you can earn passive as well as easy and simple income for entire life.

In order to understand how to make money online even if you are a beginner, nevidya.com introduce 4 steps of earning money on internet which helps any entrepreneur to start a business and drive enormous traffic to their website in a short period of time. So you can make a profitable business without any investment ( see The only 4 things that you need to be an entrepreneur)

building a profitable website by these 4 steps are so much simple and easy that any beginner may become suspicious about how such an easy way can end up with earning life time money. But after you read this article, you will believe that.

step 1# Build your blog

Before you start to accomplish these steps, you should create a blog. Blog is a part of website and is enough for our purpose. We don’t need any more option in a website than producing content for now.

There are many easy platform which help you to create and design your website like WordPress.  Believe me learning how to make a website is much more easy than you think specially if you decide to learn WordPress.

But there is another option to build a website which is getting someone else to do it for you since building a website by WordPress is so much cheap and Affordable.

don’t think that building a website is the only thing you need to do. Many people mistakenly think all they have to do is building a website and then they have started their business. But it is only the beginning of the path to make money since without an appropriate contents and get them  in the first page of google, there is no use of having a website.  Stay with us to learn more about ways to get in the first page of google ( for more information look at what website should I make – earning money online)

step 2# Find your keywords

Keywords, in terms of online business, refers to the words or phrases that people search in search engines like google.

If you want your potential customers find your website, you need to know and find keywords that are related to your products or services. It is not important what you think is right to write about, it is important what people think is right to search for. ( To know more about content writing see 15 simple tips to become a unique content writer)

In fact, keywords help you to know more about the taste and the needs of people who are looking for any products, services or information in search engines. So you can find out, what products or what services is much more in demand to be produced.

Then you can design or offer services consistent with customers need which help you to make money passively by your website even if you are a beginner.

Contrary to popular belief, as an entrepreneur is not wise to start a business and then look for their costumers when we can find the customers and their needs first, and then make our services align with that.

Even before offering any products, it is possible to attract visitors who can be your potential customers to your website. Then, after you are sure you have customers, you can start to produce your products or services.

Or if you prefer not to be involved with products or services, you can take the advantage of google ad sense and earn money only by offering ads.

This is why finding a list of keywords is the most important step in any online business. But how exactly can we find appropriate keywords for our website?

there are plenty of free platforms, helping you to find them, but the simplest and easiest way is by thinking about some keywords which are appeal to your sense and search it in google.

After that you can check “google related searches” to find what related keywords have been searching so far.

Now that you now more about keywords, it is time to write about them and produce your content ( see how can you always find idea to generate blog post)

step 3# Producing content 

the most time consuming part of your online business to make money is producing content. In fact, you don’t have to invest money to run an online business but you invest your time to make a success of your business.

So let’s have a look at the advantages of producing content to achieve prosperity and wealth:

  • It increases your traffic
  • It develops a constant customer relationship
  • It lets people know your brand
  • It Shows your expertise
  • It is cheap and affordable
  • It creates unlimited opportunity

But the most important benefits of producing content in a website is that the process of writing is even easier than academic essay writing since the keywords you have found already come to your assistance.

you just need to know how to write about keywords and use them when you are writing a content. For example, one of the most important rule is that you know how to mention those keywords in different part of your content.

Another important point is that you know how to prioritize the keywords, more related to your content than others. After that you should relate those prioritized keywords to other keywords which have lower priority.

step 4# Building link

When you make your content and publish it, you should start to build link. Any content you publishes need to have links in its body and need to be linked in other contents of your website. In other words, you need to connect different content to each other via their links.

If you want your content to show up in the first page of search engines, you need to have a series of related content which are interrelated to each other.

here are two type of link building which help you boost your website traffic and attract more customers and money.

external link building:  Building link externally is the process of putting the links of your contents to other website. It helps you to show your website is a source and as a result worthy. It, however, is considered as one of the most difficult part of SEO marketing but we have three reason that it couldn’t be so much difficult. Fist of all, it is not a necessary part of an online business so that you can postpone it to when you earn enough money. Then you can manage building links easily. The second reason is that, there are many website that let you to write and produce content for them in free. So you can put the link of your content on those newly written contents of yours.  the last but not the least is that you can create more than a website and connect them to each other by related-content-links.

internal link building: contrary to what others think, internal link building is much more important than external link building. This one helps you to show search engines that related to any keywords, your website contents are not limited to a few topics but is complete and comprehensive. So you should produce as many content as necessary for any topic you choose according to your keywords researching. Then you can connect them to each other via their links. Remember that you can never bring a content to the first page of google if you only have one topic related to that content. Building links help you to tell search engines that your website has a complete series of topics related to any keywords, so the visitors access to all the information they need.

last word

Now you know how to start a business as beginner and make money online, but you need to know more about each steps.

Nevidya is a free scientific website for improving a goal-oriented intuition in your mind which can guarantee you to become successful in anything you desire. It happens through interrelating formula which relates different informative articles which can activate your hidden unconscious powers. So you just need to spare some time reading articles introduced in each page every day. Then you spontaneously come up with best ideas and actions for any purposes you have in any moment in you life whether relationship or business. So get started today and feel the result soon.

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