Free guide to create a WordPress website for beginners

Free guide to create a WordPress website for beginners

The first and most important steps to earn passive income by blogging is creating a website. Many thinks that is the most difficult part of the job but they are wrong. Building a website is the easiest part of running your online business but creating content is the more difficult part. In fact it is not really difficult, I’d rather to say it is time consuming.

On the other side, creating a website is not time consuming and you can make it through one or some days. Then after you make your blog ready, there is nothing to do more. Now you can only focus on creating content.

Here we first explain how you can let others create a website for you and then teach you how to build a website easily by your own and then publish your post and earn money online.

Use your time wisely

Although creating a well designed website is not difficult and you can do it but our own, it is still time consuming. If you are motivated to make money online, you want to focus on the most important part of the job which is SEO.  As we explained in 4 steps for beginners to start making money online SEO is much more important than building your website. Because once you build it, there is nothing more left for you. But you always need to produce contents.

In fact it is your content that help you to make money online via your blog. Furthermore, It is an easy thing for someone who has related experiences but for your it could be so much time consuming.

Why you should spend so much time on learning something which is used only once when you can use every second of your time on producing posts for your website?

Fortunately, making a WordPress website is so much cheap and you can afford it easily. Nevidya Group can do the job for you and all you need to pay for that is 30 dollars plus the money you should pay for host and domain. let’s have a look at the all prices you need to run your website:

  • 12% for your .com domain
  • 30$ for creating your website.
  • 25$ for your host per year.

So you can make everything done by a really cheap price. The reason why our services is cheap, is for that we have so many customers And building a website by WordPress is so much essay for us.

But it is not all you need and all we offer. As we mention before, to earn money online you just need to know about SEO and producing content which is the only 1 way to make money online without paying anything. Nevidya group not only make your website by a cheap price but also give you free consultation before and after starting your online business to assure you know all things you need to be an entrepreneur.

Our free consultation is about producing content and how to make your articles show up in the first page of google according to SEO which is completely free even if you don’t use our services related to making website.

Nevidya Group has already make 2 millions visitors for their websites that can be proved by our visitors result according to google console;  we can show you the screenshots of our previous visitors to ensure you we can make you rich on internet.

Even if you need a professional group to produce content for you and publish it on website according to SEO by a cheap price, you can count on us. Our price for creating content is unbelievably cheap: Only 3$ for each content with 1000 words.

All our services have 100% money back guarantee.

So don’t hesitate to call us and find free information about how to become successful in any business.

  • WhatsApp number: 00989131018576 ( Please only send massage through WhatsApp )

We, however, do not insist on using our services but we insist on helping you make money online so that we offer you so many free articles which can teach you how to earn money online without paying anything. For now let’s have a look on how you can build your WordPress website.

Start making your website

A blog is a part of your website that you can produce content with but there are more things that website can do. For now the only thing you need is a blog which can make you rich without you need any other option in your website.

First of all you need to choose what type of website you prefer to build and choose your domain name ( see what website should  I make). Then you just need to make it online.

As you probably know, WordPress is the best platform you can build any website with. WordPress platform is not only optimized for search engines, but also so much easy and cheap to be used.

To create a WordPress website, First you should find a Hosting company. they prepare and bring you a cPanel. Then you can start creating your website blog.

step 1# Install WordPress in you computer: Here all you have to do is unzipping WordPress files on your computer after you download it from this website:

step 2#  Upload WordPress to your cPanel: The most easiest way of uploading it to your cPanel is through File Manager.

Step 3# Create MySQL database: In you cPanel, there is something called MySQL Database Wizard. Click on its icon and create a Database. If you need for information you can find here.

Step 4#: Run and complete the installation: After creating MySQL you should Configure wp-config.php. then you need to run the installation scrip. Finally you will reach to a WordPress setup page where you can choose your language.  If you need step by step information to create your WordPress website, you can find it in this article.

Publish post in WordPress

After you have installed WordPress, you should write a post on your new website.

When you log in WordPress you well encounter with a screen. At the left side of the screen, choose Posts and then click Add New.

It leads you to the WordPress Editor, which helps you to write your blog posts. Each time you want to add text, you need to click and type. For other thing like an image or an embedded YouTube video, you should add new “block”

How to change your theme

After creating a WordPress blog, you can take advantages of WordPress’ huge numbers of theme and plugin. By theme, you can change the appearance of your website and by plugin, you can add functionality to your blog.

Click on Appearance and add new to find your chosen theme. Here you can find so many free themes for your WordPress website.

You can also customize your website, through Appearance —> Customize.

If you need to add some functionality like Contact form or Social network buttons, you can click on Plugin and Add new ones. Then you just need to search what you need to find the related plugins.

Nevidya is a free scientific website for improving a goal-oriented intuition in your mind which can guarantee you to become successful in anything you desire. It happens through interrelating formula which relates different informative articles in Nevidya which can activate your hidden unconscious powers. So you just need to spare some time reading articles introduced in each page. Then you spontaneously come up with best ideas and actions for any purposes you have in any moment in you life whether relationship or business. So get started today to see the result soon.

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