12 Tips For Hiring The Right Writer For Your Blog

how to hire a writer for your blog?

Who is the content producer? Nowadays, content writing  has become very important everywhere and for every business. But really, how should we choose a right writer to produce content for our blog? And what features should it have? If you hear the word content writing  these days and you are curious to learn more about it , stay tuned for the rest of this article.

A content creator is not just a writer who writes an article, but someone who is familiar with SEO principles and can get your business show up in the first page of google.

Here we are going to explain 15 tips for hiring the right writer for your blog; skills that any content writer needs to have to make your business successful. you can ask them about these 15 tips and let them explain to check whether he or she knows about them or not. If their answer is right and satisfactory, you can be sure that you have found a right writer for you blog.

Also if you want to be your own writer, these tips among what we explain in our previous article can help you to be a unique content writer.

1) Selecting an appropriate title

Good content has a great title. Since the title of the article persuaded people to click on it among other Google options, it is necessary to write an appropriate title . So a good blog writer must know that he should never choose a simple title or same title like other Google results!

When it is possible to use attractive and long titles, why lose such opportunity and choose a title limited to 3 to 4 short words? So while hiring the right writer for your blog you should check if they know how to write right titles.

2) Selecting Correct headings for blog content

As you know, good content is made up of different parts and sections. These sections are for the reader to be able to differentiate the content and gain a better understanding and also if they are looking to read a specific section of our content, they will quickly find that section and reach their goal.

So the writer that you choose for your blog should know that any post need to have different sections divided by different headings. Another important things that a content writer need to know is that headings should contain keywords, although it is not necessary to use the exact keywords in the headings.

In fact, A good blog writer should know that headings are paragraph summaries. Therefore, it should be strictly avoided to use headings only for the use of keywords.

Remember that the first heading is our main title and the other headings are including H2 or H3.  For example, the first heading or the main title of this article that you are reading is 15 Tips For Hiring The Right Writer For Your Blog and the second headings are including all headings that have been written by a number like the current section – 2) Correct heading for blog content which is in H2.

3) Familiarity with educational content

Another important tip to find a right writer for you blog is that they know how to produce educational content. There is nothing more precious for a visitor that learning something new that they didn’t know before.

But it is very sensitive task since education writing need so much skills to explain things in a simple and understandable way since explaining things that are unfamiliar to the reader may confuse them. For this reason, they need to write other related articles and put their links wherever readers need more detailed information or reference, so that if the reader is confused in the article, he will refer to the link and get enough information.

Note that when the reader thinks something is vague, he refuses to read more. So linking in the post can save you from a catastrophe, ie closing the page by the reader.

Writing related posts is so much effective if you want to get your post show up in the first page of google since it says to search engines that your contents is comprehensive. But your writer should know how to write interrelated post and how to use related keywords in those articles.

4) Knowing how to write correctly

the most important skills regarding correct writing is as the following:

  • A highly skilled writer should be able to write fluently (avoid using bizarre literature)
  • Contain at least 500 words. (In some cases, 300 words are mentioned) But my research has shown that 300-word texts are also indexed in the search engine, but do not rank well.
  • The more complete, engaging, and useful the text of a piece of content, the better the ranking.
  • Use legible English fonts (fonts should not be too small or too large).
  • Avoid writing about insignificant things(dealing with irrelevant issues).
  • Avoid unnecessary duplication
  • Focus on the reader’s need and explain things that need further explanation.
  • Be a clear and effective introduction at the beginning of the content.
  • Ability to skim.
  • Have clear titles and bolt point.
  • In some places, it is hyperlinked or bolded.
  • Parts of the text should be visual.
  • Use short paragraphs.
  • Do not use complex or irrelevant words
  • One can write well and convey the meaning and message of a content to the reader who has complete control over the rules of grammar, writing and spelling.
  • Use appropriate transitions whenever is necessary. Not only between sentences but also when they go from one points of view to other points.

5) Knowing Search engine optimization website or blog

The author’s digital marketing knowledge is essential. They should have basic information about WordPress and have sufficient mastery of SEO rules.

SEO algorithms are constantly changing. So if you want to make money online by being at the forefront of searches, you need to choose an author who can meet SEO criteria and produce content based on those rules.

The foremost important step regarding SEO is choosing the main title of the post. In fact, to write content, the first question that should come to the writer’s mind is what the content is about. This question is important and is followed by keywords that are supposed to be written many times in the text.

So a good writer need to know the keywords that drive the most traffic to a website and uses them in his or her content while using other related keywords for the future post at the same time. This is because our subsequent posts need to be linked to the earlier ones to show the posts are comprehensive and interrelated to each other.

In other words, To write content for one keyword, the writer should know other related keywords since they should use them in their post to make it possible for the process of link building in future.

Of course, most businesses hire an SEO expert to do SEO, but in general, the author should be somewhat familiar with the concepts of SEO and even how WordPress works. ( To know about starting an online business see 4 steps for beginners to start making money online)

6) the writer should know link building

Link building is another important skill for any writer which is related to SEO skills. If you want to get your business show up in the first page of search engines, you should hire a writer that know how to build links while he is writing content.

Let’s suppose you determine 1 main keyword. As you know there are several other keywords related to each keyword. We can find those related keywords through google related searches. Let’s suppose that we find 3 more keywords related to the main one that you specify for your writer.

We call the other keywords, sub keywords in order to divide them form the main keywords which is your main title. In this case your writer should use all 4 keywords in the first article: 1 as the main article (it needs to be repeated at least 4 times or more dependent on the length of the article) and the other 3 ones as sub keywords ( they need to be repeated 2 times at least.

Then each sub keywords will be the main keywords of the next article. In other words, the sub keywords of the previous articles are going to be the main article of the next ones. There are 4 keywords so there can be 4 articles as well; each has 1 main keyword and 3 other sub keywords.

But your writer must use those keywords organically by making them fit in the content. So a right writer that you should hire know how to write those articles in an interrelated way which means to make all these 4 articles related to each other.

It shows Google that your posts are complete regarding any subjects since there are several articles that cover all the different aspects of the subject.

It also make the visitors click more on you website since for any post, there are many other articles related to that.

7) Familiarity with Topic categorization

Once the keyword has been selected based on its criteria and rules, we need to move on to the topic category.

This is how we plan to write content and know what the main topic is and which topics follow the main title.

Suppose the site we have chosen and the textual content we are going to write about is related to medical texts.

The author you choose for your website should review and categorize the topics. That is, to identify the main diseases of each organ of the body, for example

  • Heart disease
  • Neurological diseases
  • Liver disease
  • Dental diseases
  • Etc..

Then each of the main diseases has sub-branches, or better to say, become more narrowed down.
This category can help your blog author write relevant, complete, and user-friendly textual content in the best possible way.

Another advantage of categorizing topics is that they help the writer to choose different but related keywords which as we mentioned before, show that your contents are comprehensive and convers all the different aspects of an issue. It also makes it easier for the user to find us, as well as Google and Facebook based on the keywords that have been related in a categorizing order.  So They index the site easily.

8) Creating the right structure for the content

No one likes to read long, boring and disjointed content. Nothing is more important than that the reader can easily understand the text, and this requires proper structure and readability of the content.

Lack of proper structure confuses the reader. For this reason, it should be made more readable by creating appropriate and coherent titles and subheadings, observing grammar and writing, bulletin, and visualizing a portion of the content.

9) Writing informative content

Another skill that the author need to have is to write content that is informative to the audience and adds to their information. Your content should have statistics, figures, charts and sometimes how-to explanation to be informative and useful enough.

10)  turning the audience into a customer

The writer you choose to write your website needs to know how to turn the audience into a customer. Each content should have a strong, simple and clear link at the end to lead readers to the next step.

The next step could be the landing page, which is the main page of your website related to your product. So by clicking on that link, the visitor becomes a potential customer.

11) Knowing how to write unique content

Any content that is published in the name of your blog is your identity. So the writer you hire should know that the uniqueness of the content is not only necessary to respect the readers and to respect copyright law, but also in terms of SEO. If duplicate content is published, Google can detect duplicate content and delete that content from its index.

Creating new and unique content is difficult, but it is not always necessary to create new content. One of the most important skills a content writer must have is rewriting content. Content rewriting means creating new content by combining the content of other blogs or even translating blogs written in other languages.

Even if the writer of you blog doesn’t know any languages except English, he can still find many creative ways to generate blog post idea. For example he or she can use Google Translate to find unique idea and create a new post. they just need to choose a language like Spanish and then translated your subject to Spanish by Google translate then your writer can search the translated subject to find some post related to that.

No problem if they don’t understand it since they translated those post through Google translate. At the end, they would need to go over the translated text and look if there is any mistakes in the text. After they edit the text, they can post it as a unique article or only get some idea from it.

Google translate doesn’t offer a perfect translation but still it is understandable and your writer can make it a perfect post for your blog by a little improvement.

12) The writer must have high research ability

Research is the main pillar of any content and should begin some time before the first words are typed. Great writers should be able to research any subject and find information, statistics, figures and views on the subject and use them in their writing.

They need to know how to select and research important topics and ultimately write them down. They need to be able to read thousands of words relatively quickly and extract the best information from them. It does not matter if the author has not heard anything about a particular subject and has no information since a good writer with high research skills can create amazing content through search and research.


Today, content writing is a very professional and important specialty in business and digital marketing . If you want to succeed in this field, you do not have to be a writer necessarily because you can hire other writers as your employees to increase your blog’s content to create a more successful business.

But keep in mind that your role as an entrepreneur how is the manager of business is very important, and although management does not have to do things like content producing, as a supervisor you must be familiar with its principles and rules to the extent that you  know how to educate others to write for your blog. So even if you can’t find a perfect writer to hire them, you can teach someone to be your writer.

By teaching someone to be your writer, you don’t have to pay so much money to them since anyone wish to learn something new and beneficial like content writing even if they earn nothing at first.

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