How to influence your ex indirectly to make them text first

How to influence your ex indirectly to make them text first

Should you wait for your ex to contact you first?

How can I get him to text me first?

How to keep your dignity and make your ex call you first?

There is no one who does not want to get their ex text them or contact them first if they look for fixing their relationship.

So, it is obvious that you prefer your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend to call you first, especially if they are the ones who break up with you since It helps you to keep your pride and dignity.

You may think you should keep your dignity and not to call him, you are right but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get your ex text you first. So here we are going to explain how to get your ex to text you first.

If it is, however, you that break up with your ex, it is better that you start to contact with your ex first but if your ex breaks up with you, they should text or call you first.

But what if they don’t want to have relationship with you anymore?

What should you do if they are in relationship with someone else?

And what can you do to influence their feeling without contact them directly?

By reading this article, you will understand how you can influence you ex without contacting them or even they find out you have done anything to get them talk to you first. But first let’s explain if you should wait for your ex to contact you first or not.

Should you wait for your ex to contact you first?

Of course, it is an ideal situation that you get your ex contacts you first but it is not an obligation. It means you can be the one initiates the contact but after you do your best to make them contact you indirectly.

In other words, indirect contact ( or influencing indirectly) which helps you to get your ex text first is helpful for when YOU want to contact first ( To know more see 5 easy steps to get back together with your ex).

In fact through Indirect contact, you can influence your ex mind to call you first without they find out you have done anything to get them back. So, if you succeed to get them talk to you first, they think it is their own decision and you have nothing to do with that.

The possibility of influencing others indirectly

As it is mentioned in our previous articles How to get back with your ex by hidden massages, there is a theory called six degree of separation which explains how all people are connected to each other through 6 persons.

To understand this theory, imagine that approximately, you are in contact with at least 100 persons at the moment. Each one of these 100 persons communicate with another 100. So in seconds levels you communicate with 10000 people indirectly.

In third level you should multiply 10000 to 100 which reach you to 1/000/000 persons. When you reach to sixth levels, you connect with all people around the words. If you consider social networks then you can be sure that such relation between all people around the word is possible.

This theory explains how a brand can be famous through words without any advertisement only by word of mouth communication. If you consider, however, social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you will see how easy you can influence any people even those that you don’t know.

How to influence your ex indirectly

If you want to get your ex contact you first, you need to influence them in a way that they don’t find out you have tried to do that. Let’s have a look on the way you can contact your ex indirectly:

  • Contact through 6 degree of separation: According to 6 degree of separation, people can be your channels of connection without they know about that. The only thing you should do is doing something worth of talking about. Then people talk about you with others and make you famous until your ex hear about you. It helps you to make your ex hear about you even if your ex closes all possible way of contact to stop hearing about you.
  • Contact through an intermediary: However, you don’t have to be famous in the world to make your ex hear about you since any trivial things related to you worth talking about you when an acquaintance sees your ex.
  • Contact through curiosity: Even it there is no intermediary between you and your ex, still your ex may become curious after breaking up and try to have a little research about you.
  • Contact through social networks: But it worth mentioning that these days even after break up, exes still keep their contact as social network friend so that they can follow each other in there and understand about any change they go through.

How to influence your ex to contact you

So now that you know there are many ways to influence your ex and get your ex back, you should think about a change as big as possible, to show how successful, smart, powerful and attractive you are.

In other words, you need to go through a change to show a different and new image of yourself to make your ex feel that they lose someone valuable. To do so, you need to have an achievement as the following:

  • You can start a new business
  • You can do something related to art
  • You can make your business grow
  • You can make a success of your study
  • You can start to learn something new

They are only a few numbers of things that you can do to depict a new amazing image of yourself. It is not only help you to influence your ex and make them to call you first but also you can improve the quality of your life by starting a new purpose in you life.

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