Seeing a known person in dream – Islam

Seeing a known person in dream - Islam

what is the interpretation of the dreaming about meeting a familiar person in a dream?

Today we want to talk about the meaning of seeing a known person in dream according to Islamic interpretation sources.

Put generally, if someone dreams that he accidentally meets a person he already knows and talks to him, he will hear good news in the next two or three days, which will make him happy.

what does it mean to meet someone in dream

The famous Islamic interpreter – Khalid bin Ali bin Muhadd al-Anbari says: Seeing and meeting in a dream signifies a bond of kinship. Seeing the righteous person in a dream is a proof of loving them, and it also means fulfilling the covenant.

According to the  land of dream

According to the one of the most famous Islamic sources of dream interpretation, called land lf dream, seeing a known person in dream means as the following:

  • You go to see relatives: you are suspected by others.
  • A doctor visits you: you surpass others.
  • You see others: you have a trial ahead of you.
  • Others come to see you for work: great sadness will upset you.

Dream Interpretation of Meeting Bad People

Khalid bin Ali bin Muhadd al-Anbari says: If a person dreams that he is visiting evil and heretical people, it indicates the destruction of that person’s religion and world, and it is also a reason to spend precious time in vain matters and having fun.

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