Prayers for profitable sales

When you want your products to be sold. Then, Check the way you are operating your business. As you pray these prayers for profitable sales with a genuine heart. The God that provides you to get prosperity, will award you profitable sales, too.

Prayers for profitable sales

The following prayers consist of prayers for successful sales, and some money prayers that work instantly. Shall these prayers enlighten your path.

Almighty Lord, I dedicate and devote these products to you. Lord, bless the actions and efforts of all who are involved in trading and selling my goods. Please, I beg you to answer my prayers for profitable sales and grant my representatives an ability to do favor with the customers. My God, You know that I have just started my business, and I need your power to gain success. I am sure that you will never leave my prayers for business success My Lord, you are the power of the whole world, and if you desire, you can do whatever I ask for. I dedicate my prayers for profitable sales, and I want you to send me as many customers as you can and make my products so desirable to them, so, they buy all my goods.

Lord, I am your devoted servant who always wishes you to listen to his or her prayers for profitable sales and increasing income. God, please, help me to expand sales and add new markets every day. My Lord, in Your Name, I cover my products from every harm and evil attack, and I cut every curse of downfall upon the sales of them. My Holy Lord, I need to recite money prayers that work instantly because through these prayers I can get closer to my goal, and I can achieve profitable sales from my business. Almighty, Let the bolt of iron drop on any extraordinary money delivered to me because I want my money clean and pure. I beg for the delivery of abundance and prosperity in the sales of my products because whenever I set my prayers for profitable sales, I know you listen and bless my profit and business. So, My Lord, please, never disappoint me, and let the blessings and prosperity in my sales never gone from my life. Amen. ( To pray more see Prayer for blessings and favor)

Prayers for sales, success and financial blessing

God of Greatness, I ask you to help my salesmen to comprehend and understand the demands of my customers, and never to indulge in profiteering, but any way to efficiently introduce my products and services. My Lord, I am an entrepreneur, and as you listen to my prayers for entrepreneurs, educate me on sales advertising and strategies for expanding sales. Dear Lord, please listen to my prayers for immediate financial blessing, and make my sales more profitable and blessed. Please, Lord, help me to always stay ahead and not behind. Amen.

Lord of Heavens, help me to present my products appropriately, and grant my salesmen blessings to make profitable sales. Because I am sure that You heard my pure prayers for immediate financial blessings. Almighty, do not you hear your weak servant’s prayers for business success and profitable sales? So, please, activate starvation and need for my products, and open new entrances and provide new markets for my goods and services. My Lord, only you know how much I suffered and tried to start this business. My loved people always say prayers for entrepreneurs because they knew that I need those prayers to succeed and grow. You shall always listen to my prayers and my loved people’s prayers, and never stop helping me with my goal which is profitable sales. Amen.

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they connects God’s power to us; on the other hand scientists think it has inductive powers. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. So Nevidya has offered many prayers which is scientific and can bring prosperity and abundance to your life. You just need to read the prayers, mentioned in each page of Nevidya. Follow the prayers you think you need more.

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