8 things that make your prayer for money scientific

If you want to know about scientific prayer for money, you need to know according to science, our mind has many great powers in bringing wealth and money to our life. But the only things we need to activate our mind power is a strong internal powers. This is when prayer comes in handy since it can activate our internal powers to reach whatever we wish for.

I call  it the wisdom of prayer (The principles which make our prayer scientific) . So if you want to make your prayer for money scientific, you need to equip your prayer with wisdom of prayer.

Here we mention 8 principles that make your prayer scientific:

1. Pray regularly

scientific Prayer for money is not all about power, skills or ideas but also about the way you pray. Timing is one of the most important rules in praying So that you should have a schedule for it.

The best timing is 3 times per day. You can set you alarm clock at three different times per day and pray for what we mentioned here. Each time you want to pray, you can read one of the prayer that all riches know.

2. Use beautiful and literary words

This one is not really necessary but still worthy since God like to see you spend time to find most beautiful words to include them in your prayer.

You don’t have to find them or write them by your own, but you can find literary beautiful prayer in other sources like books or websites. For example, in nevidya.com we have plenty of literary and beautiful prayer that you can choose as your regular scientific prayers  for money.

Fortunately this rule along with other rules that you will read in this article, have been followed in nevidya prayers. For example you can see 3 interrelated prayers for success, prosperity and abundance. In other words by choosing to read nevidya prayers, you will make your prayers scientific and bring the wisdom to your prayers.

3. Show your qualification

Some people want to find a prayer for money to make them rich suddenly without working like winning a lottery. Of course, you can pray for such things and God may grant you such chance but even in such cases you need to prove you deserve it.

Why God should help you to win so much money when there are many people who work hard and deserve wealth more than someone who do nothing? So even if you look for getting wealth by chance, you still need to show your qualification.

Now the question arises, how can you gain qualifications regarding your prayer. To earn such qualification for getting wealth you need to obtain it in two ways:

  • Care about your action more than repeating some words: Praying is not about saying you are weak and miserable servant who need God’s help. Instead in all of your prayers for money, success, growing and prosperity you should mention that you are a strong servant who work hard and deserve success. It is not important if your efforts have yielded no results since it is enough that you show you have done your best. Besides doing your best, you are also need to have belief.
  • Improve your intimacy and beliefs in God: We know many people how work hard but become never rich. So hard work without believing in God, make it less likely to become rich. So, you should improve your intimacy with God and spend time communicating with God through prayer to show how much you love him. You are not going to love God or communicate with God since you need him or you want something from him. So, don’t allocate all your prayer to your need but to the love you have for God. In other words, pray God for who he is not for what you need. To improve your beliefs, you can study and read bible, gather information about his kindness and study about his greatness since more you know him, more you believe him.

If you want to know how to work and learn about starting or growing a business to make money look at the only 4 things that you need to be an entrepreneur.

4. Target your internal goals rather than external

generally speaking, you should ask for what you need to pray scientifically for money and wealth. For example, if you want to get wealth, you should ask God what you need to make wealth.

It is like when you want to obtain a doctorate in medicine. In this case, you can’t ask God to bring a doctorate for you. Instead you should pray for abilities or powers that help you to obtain such doctorate like ability to study, practice and learn. Wealth is and external goals but skill for earning money is an internal goal. If you want to make a success of your prayer specially related to business growth, you have to focus on internal abilities related to earning money.

You need to consider this not only for getting wealth but also for any other external goals that you have like studding or Bing successful in a sport competition. It also helps you to earn qualification that we already talk about. In the following we talk about skills we can pray for to get wealth.

5. Get inspired to find creative ideas

One of the foremost powers that you need to make money in your life is creative inspiration specially if you decide to start a business. Creative inspiration refers to the ability of your mind to find new ideas.

God may inspire you in sleep or while you are thinking to find new ideas related to ways you can earn money. he can also improve your creative inspiration generally which helps you to develop a significant power to be inspired form any trivial things in your life like movies, books, website, businesses and so many things. God can improve your creative inspiration or he can be the source of your inspiration which helps you to change your life drastically.

Now, you may ask that what is the use of inspiration? in short, Inspiration helps you to produce unique services to offer your customers and increase you sales ( to know more see prayers to increase customer numbers and sales). but the most important things that you should remember is that running a business need a creative mind to produce creative ideas through creative inspiration.

In fact, many great ideas which make many people rich starts from a creative inspiration. In this point, you may wonder “how you can start a business when you have no investment or funds” and the answer is internet makes it possible for you to implement any idea you come up with. So, if you look for scientific prayer form money which bring wisdom of prayer, you should ask God to inspire to find creative ideas and improve your power of creative inspiration.

6. Finding solution for problems

Another important thing making your prayer for money scientific is by pray for finding solution related to your job and career. As we know progress and development is full of obstacles which need an open mind and keen mind to solve the difficulties. So, if you want to become rich or increase your income you have to find solution for your problems which need a problem-solving mind-set. This is why in your prayer you should ask God help you to find solution for problems whenever you encounter with them.

It is not all about business but also in your life you may face with such difficulties which need to be solved. Even in your relationship, there are always challenges and difficulties. So, you should improve your problem – solving ability to increase your quality of life. You should also consider that solving problems in any situation in your life can be interlaced to other situation. For example, you if you solve your problems related to your relationship, you can focus on your business or jobs better.

7. Prayer to be powerful

Life is not easy and earning money is even harder. In such a competitive world someone may need work a lot while achieving little result. It is not all about physical labor but many times you should keep your mind working a lot which may cause you to feel exhausted. Some people even give in to exhaustion and frustration when they are just a few steps behind success. If you are determined to get wealth you need to continue you path and never disappointed. So scientific Prayer for money is a prayer that make you strong and determined.

You should even enjoy working since that may motivate you to improve and increase your income whether you work for others or for yourself. As we mentioned earlier, if you choose internet marketing you can enjoy working since there are a tone of ideas which you can choose according to your interests and then you need only a holly power to work and work and work.

Fortunately, online businesses are not about a hard-physical work, but mental work which means you should only write and produce content related to any subject that interests you. This is why you need to pray for getting more power to learn and work. More you have power to work, more you can make your prayer for earning money scientific.

8. Prayer to have other related skills

Another things that is considered as a scientific Prayer for money is praying to have skill, can help you to enjoy learning and practicing to use what you have learned. There is nothing more enjoyable than learning a skill if God bless you with ability for learning new skills. Skills have so many benefits, I.e. you can use skills to help others, run businesses, increase your quality of life, improve your business and do many other things.

For example, if you choose internet marketing as the simplest way of making money and become rich, you need writing skills and SEO skills to produce content and make them show in the first page of google. Learning such skills takes 1 or 2 months, then you just need to write and focus on improving your website.

So, prayer to have skills is as necessary as prayer to get wealth since such praying can equip you with a wonderful creative idea which always bring you a unique awesome idea that can make you rich over a short period of time. You just need to pray for such skills and also affection to spend a little time to learn about it since any skills have some fundamental rules. After that all you need, is creativity, using the best of that skills which can be blessed by God if you take them into your prayer.

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they connects God’s power to us; on the other hand scientists think it has inductive powers. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. So Nevidya has offered many prayers which is scientific and can bring prosperity and abundance to your life. You just need to read the prayers, mentioned in each page of Nevidya. Follow the prayers you think you need more.

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