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How does God give you power to get wealth?

What is the best prayer for money?succd

Can prayer make you rich?

How do you pray for wealth?

Here we are going to answer these 4 questions and explain how we can use prayer to become rich and what is the most powerful prayer for wealth.  Researchers found out that prayer has a significant impact on the ability of making money and become rich through business, career or any other things if we know how to pray properly.

In fact the most powerful prayer for wealth is the one which has been prayed in a right way. To pray in a right way you need to know that praying is not only about saying or talking with God but also doing and behaving in a way that God approves.

Of course, believing in God has some advantages which make you one step ahead of non-believers. but if you think all you need is believing in God and praying verbally, you should know it is not enough since your efforts and behavior are also count.

In other words, your prayer gives you a special power to make wealth and prosperity but what the use of such power is if you don’t do anything.

To be sure about the holy power of prayer which makes us rich, first let’s see if it is possible at all to become rich by prayer or not.

Can prayer make you rich?

Prayer can attract opportunities that may make you rich if you know how to pray and how to make a prayer powerful. In fact any prayers can be powerful but only if you know how to make it powerful. Then, you just need to know the right words which make your prayer for wealth powerful. But first let’s see what it means when we say prayer can make you rich.

Getting rich can be defined from different perspectives. For example, being rich might mean that someone has a lot of knowledge or they are popular since they do good deeds. Here, however, being rich defined as having a lot of money.

So, when we talk about become rich by prayer, we mean that you can earn a lot of money as a result of powers, obtained by prayer, although prayer has a great impact on other things like increasing knowledge and popularity as the other aspects of being rich.

Now that you know what it means to become rich by prayer, this is the time to find out the ways that make your prayer powerful.

How does God give you power to get wealth?

powerful prayer for wealth helps you to get wealth through the hidden powers of your mind. But the questions may arise that what the hidden powers are. So, let’s see what these hidden powers are and how exactly God give you power to get wealth:

  • Motivation for moving forward
  • Strange feeling that something is right
  • Dreaming about somethings
  • Intuition feeling
  • Inspiration flowing in your mind
  • Ideas you come up with
  • Your sudden choices
  • Your sudden decision

Most of the time almighty God guides you to go through a series of events by powers mentioned above. So, if you follow them, you will end up getting rich. God, however, is able to have significant impacts on things without using hidden powers but through direct effects on things around you like getting chance in lottery.

Now we know how much prayer can effect our life and how it helps us to change it drastically. So now we can only focus on our prayer but before that you should figure our what the best prayer is for money.

What is the best prayer for money?

The best prayer for money is not any specific prayer which has supremacy over other prayers since all prayers can be the best ones if you know how to make it the best one.

In other words, all prayer can become a powerful prayer for wealth if you equip them with wisdom of prayer. Wisdom of prayer refers to rules and principles that you should follow while praying in order to make your prayer efficient and effective.

wisdom of prayer helps you to use prayer as a power to strengthen you internally so that you may be more wise and cleaver for any purposes you have. Even science has been proved that prayer can help you to achieve what you want if you know how to use it as a source of internal power.

It doesn’t mean that your prayer may have no impact on your purposes if you don’t know the wisdom of prayer but it means your prayer can grow stronger if you learn how to pray with wisdom.

It’s like body building: the more you exercise, the stronger your muscles will be. So, the more you equipped with wisdom of prayer, the more powerful your prayers will be. And also, more you pray for your purposes, the more possibility there is for achieving your desire.

To learn more about these principles of prayer which improve your powers to make money, continue reading.

How do you pray for wealth?

As we mentioned earlier, to make a powerful prayer for wealth, you should take some principles into consideration by which you can achieve the wisdom of prayer. The wisdom of prayer makes your prayer scientific since science admit that prayer can effect in your life specially for wealth and abundance if you follow these rules.

Here we only mention the principles to bring wisdom to your prayer but if you want to know more about it read 8 things that make your prayer for money scientific :

  1. Pray regularly
  2. Use beautiful and literary words
  3. Show your qualification
  4. Target your internal goals rather than external
  5. Get inspired to find creative ideas
  6. Finding solution for problems
  7. Prayer to be powerful
  8. Prayer to have other related skills

Prayers for business and wealth that everyone should know

Now that we know how to obtain the wisdom of praying for creating a powerful prayer for wealth, we should start praying for those things necessary for anyone to become rich. We make two sets of categories of prayers related to become rich:

first is prayers for business: According to what we mentioned earlier, starting a business have many benefits. Frist of all it shows your qualification. second you can use internal skills that you pray for and the last but not the least is that if you use online business it can be so much easy and enjoyable ( To know more see How do I pray for money and financial breakthrough).

Second is 12 prayers for wealth: It is not imperative to start a business for getting wealth. There are many other ways that God can make you rich. For example, by helping you win money in lottery or improving your financial state. These general prayer for money is also useful for some special cases like when someone owes you money. In these 12 prayers for wealth, we also mention some prayers that are famous regarding making money.

Now let’s have a look on these 2 sets of prayer which can help you to become rich while using the wisdom of prayer.

prayers for business

Prayers for business are powerful prayers for wealth if you have long terms plan to become rich. When we say long terms plan, we don’t mean plans that help you rich after years but we mean plans help you get wealth after some month.

12 prayers of wealth – general prayer for all situation

Whether you decided to start your business to get wealth or you prefer to not do it, we recommend you such prayers since there are general and can bring you prosperity and wealth in tones of unpredictable ways that only God is aware of. It is better that you recite such prayers every morning.

  1. 3 interrelated Prayer for wealth and prosperity 
  2. prayer for blessings and favor
  3. prayer for business growth
  4. Best possible Prayers for protection at work
  5. Miracle Prayers That Work Immediately
  6. Prayer for increasing of income (prayer for income)
  7. prayer for financial help and stability
  8. Prayer to save money
  9. powerful prayer when someone owes you money
  10. 4 Prayers for financial blessings and restoration
  11. 5 Catholic prayers for financial miracles
  12. prayer for wealth in the bible (powerful psalms for prosperity)

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they connects God’s power to us; on the other hand scientists think it has inductive powers. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. So Nevidya has offered many prayers which is scientific and can bring prosperity and abundance to your life. You just need to read the prayers, mentioned in each page of Nevidya. Follow the prayers you think you need more.

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