different types of humor and related personalities

is there any relationship between different types of humor and different personalities?

why some people find a joke funny while others find the same joke ridiculous and boring?

Yes, according to psychology, different types of humor indicates different personalities. The reason is that people pass through different stage of development so that they feel differently about jokes and humors.

In other words the different personalities tend to use different sense of humor, So understanding about these types of humor can help us to understand peoples personality traits. Jokes also reveal about others’ beliefs system and how they think. It means human finds a joke funny since it is in line with their beliefs.

Here we are going to talk about the benefits of understanding others and then we explain different types of humor. After that we show how different personalities are related to different type of humor according to psychology. And finally we talk about how to analyze someone jokes to understand more about their beliefs system.

what is the use of understanding others

if you are attracted to the topic of this article, it shows you are interested in knowing others better so that you have your own reason. But we want to know exactly how understanding others by the different types of humor can help us.

  1. you can have lovely relationship: as you know, if you are going to make someone fall in love with you, you need to collect as much information as you can about your target. according to psychology, the different type of humor can reveal a lot of information about your loved one.
  2. you can have a better communication: Understanding others, whether to attract your boss or customers, are considered a great way for effective communication which help you to be more convincing.
  3. you can make them laugh better: The most important benefits of understanding others by their jokes is that you can find their taste for racy humor. So it can help you to know how-to make others laugh very hard even by sending a massage, because now you know them more.

Understanding others’ personalities by their jokes

Here we are going to explain the different types of humor that mostly used and show how these different types of humor can tell us about different type of personalities.

Knowing about the different types of humor can help you develop your sense of humor as well since you get to know more ways of making others laugh ( for more information about making others laugh look at 10 techniques to make someone laugh)

let’s have a look at the some of these types of humor and related personalities:

  • practical jokes: This is a trick which is played on someone in order to make them look foolish so that they can make others laugh. These persons telling such jokes Ares usually more extroverted.
  • A self deprecating sense of humor: it means someone make a fun of themselves in front of others. two different groups of people tends to say such jokes. First group are the ones who have a low self-esteem and the second group are those who have so much confident so that they can joke about their vulnerabilities.
  • Playing with words: some people know how to play with words and make a fun of them. It shows they love words.
  • Dry humor: It is a kind of comedic delivery in which a jokes is said by someone but he or she doesn’t exhibit a change in emotion of his or her facial expression. These jokes indicates an introvert personality.
  • Humiliating others: if a person likes humiliating others by his or her jokes, it show he or she feels good to see others abused.
  • with a one-liner: some people know how to answer any question by a joke and tease others. the reason why they do that is because of their sense of insecurity so that they use jokes as a shield.
  • the ability to say lots of jokes: it indicates that the one who is reeling off lots of jokes has a great memory and is natural entertainer

understand others’ beliefs by their jokes

Knowing about personality doesn’t reveal anything about others’ beliefs but their sense of humor reveals.

unlike understanding personalities from different types of humor, you can’t find how others believe only by the type of their jokes anymore, rather you must go farther and examine their jokes carefully to find out others’ beliefs.

In other words, to understand people around you, you can analyze the beliefs and items in their jokes. Not always someone beliefs system is obvious to be noticed in their jokes but if you listen to them carefully, you find out that some subtle massages are hidden in their jokes. And it reflects how they think and believe.

let’s give some example about that:

  • Joking about what you crave for: Has it ever occurred to you that a friend look at a Bugatti and say ” Oh I confused it with my own”. It may not seem much funny, but it is a simple joke which reveals about that friend’s desire for being more rich and successful in his life.
  • supporting their believes: if someone likes Donald trump as his president may say such jokes that: “Hilary Clinton lose presidency after 40 years building up her career to a man who picked up politics as a hobby last year. this simple jokes show that many of Tramp values and beliefs is the same as the one who said the joke

Here it is worth mentioning that when an external sources like a joke acknowledge someone emotion and beliefs, they like it specially if it approves them and bring a sense of superiority.

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