how to make money online without paying anything in 2020

If you are going to learn how to make money online without paying anything 2020, you have found the right article.

2020 is a different year from all other years we have ever remembered since a global pandemic, called COVID-19 effects world life.

Health crisis is not the only problem with this pandemic, but there is something much more important problem comes with this virus which is a huge economical crisis.

The restrictions, caused by covid-19 make a greater need to make money online in 2020, and since many people doesn’t have any funds to invest for their businesses, they need to find a way for earning online without paying.

here we are going to explain how to make money online without paying anything in 2020 only by two usefull and beneficial skills, namely web developing and content writing. By learning these two skills, you can get by with only one computer or laptop to do the things you need to  make money online,.

So spare some minutes to read this article and find a practical solution for this pandemic socio economical crisis in 2020.

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

If you search on the intent you will find plenty of various ways of online earning including becoming a freelancer, record podcast, create video, start a blog, make a website, sell your products online, publish a book and many others. But none of them explain exactly how…

So no, we are not going to talk about all these repetitive things which is known for all of us. Instead, we are going to concentrate on two important skills which can make us successful in any internet businesses  which is web developing and the art of content writing ( see free guide to create a WordPress website for beginners )

It’s not necessary to learn both ones since becoming proficient in one of these two skills would be enough for earning online money on the internet to the extent that it makes you a millionaire.

The reason why knowing only one of these two skills helps you make money without paying anything is that each one alone can be the only  necessary need for running an online business and earn unlimited amount of money. Any other things for this job is free or cheap like internet or a laptop.

The secrets beyond the skills of making money by writing

You may heard about writing skills as one the most important skills to make money online without paying anything in 2020 but that is not enough.

Many people thinks about content writing as a writing skill but it is not quite right. earning money by writing to earn money online by producing a content which can makes any entrepreneur successful, need something much more important than writing skills which is called SEO.

In our previous article, the only 1 way of making money without paying anything we talk about the definition of SEO  and explain SEO is all about making a content reach to first result in search engines like google.

But now we want to talk more about writing as a way of making money which needs no investment. But for now, that is enough you know there is something else related to content witting which is called SEO.

why content writing helps you become rich

Content writing is about writing and editing web content as a kind of making money strategy. It worth mentioning that the eminent domain power of content writing is not only related to writing, but also to making video and podcasting. It is also not restricted to web and blogs since content writing can be included writing for social media platforms like, tweeter or Facebook.

The other power that writing has and helps us to make money online is by freelancing and advertising. In fact, all other ways on the internet can be summarized to one ultimate skill which is writing to produce content in world wide web.

A unique and skillful content writer can produce content which attracts many readers which if the content writer language is English, it can attract readers all over the world.

Writing good qualified content for your website helps you to convince visitors that your business is worth their time and money ( to know more look at what website should I make).

By concentrating on unique solution you offer to your customer needs, you are not only lead them to buy from you or use your services but also you make them a loyal customers who get used to visit your website and continue to use your other products or services.

how to earn money by content writing without paying anything

In fact, earning money by content writing as a part of online earning skills, is not fully without paying anything since you are paying something which is not money or investment but your writing skills and time.

So the first thing you need to make money on the internet is sparing your time to write and practice. although spending time is free and abundant, it is so much worthy and valuable. So never underestimate your time and try to take advantage of every minutes of your life to improve and make more and more money.

But consuming our time in vain has no benefits for you and even make you disappointment and frustrated. So to use your time properly and make money online in 2020,  first you need to learn how to produce an appropriate content to make money online without paying anything in 2020.

how to improve out writing skills

while there are many different ways of producing content like making a video and podcast, we are only going to talk about how to improve our writing skills to publish articles and posts in our website since to make money online without paying anything in 2020 which is the primary goal of this article, writing or specifically posting contents in websites or blogs is essential specially because finding idea to generate new posts is much more eaier than any other online business.

The reason why it can be considered as an absolute money making skill in 2020 is that the first stage of coming up in search engine result is by posting an article in a website.

Organize your mind: try to organize your thoughts by categorizing what is in your mind. It helps you to understand your topic separately and make more posts for each of them. it would be a great help to create outlines

study your competitors: Even most professional writers read their equivalent articles of their competitors, being published before related to their subjects. It helps you to see exactly what you need to cover in your article.

write to be understandable: you should write in a simple way that is easy to understand for everyone, otherwise, they’ll click over to something else. one way to do that is by trying to keep your paragraph and sentences short.

how to earn money by web developing

you can offer web developing services to anyone all over the world and make a significant amount of money without paying anything, however, to make money from a website, it is not necessary to know web developing since you can let a web developer, design your website.

This is beneficial for both side because while there is always a developer to do the job for website owner, there is always a job for web developer. So the owner of website can only focus on its website content to attract more visitors which is equal to attracting money.

how to learn web developing

if you want to know how to make money online without paying anything in 2020, you need to be a web developer or at least deal with a web developer.

Even if you don’t want to be a developer and prefer to five the job to someone else, it is better to know a little about it, then you can explain what you want better to the developer.

Contrary to popular belief, learning web developing is much more easy than what it seems which mainly is because of technology advancement.

It’s not necessary to learn program languages like python, Java or even Html since online platforms like WordPress or Joomla has done most of the job for you already. simply put, learning WordPress is like learning Microsoft word.

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