Prayer for successful business transactions

Have you ever thought about prayer and how it can change our lives? Prayer for successful business transactions means that we ask God to give us a hand to reach the best out of our business transactions. Our mighty Lord asks us to try and do our best for everything and while we are trying, do prayer for strength and power to make our goals come to reality.

prayer for successful business transactions does not mean sitting around and asking God for help. Or just say “powerful Lord, please grant me success!”. We all know, to be successful there are so many factors that need to be considered; knowledge, talent, innovation, power and strength, faith, motivation are some of them.

So, to be successful in our business in general, we have to ask God to grant us all these factors and more to reach all our goals. In other words, praying from the bottom of the heart while having all the factors needed are the keys to successful business transactions. In the following article, we are going to introduce what factors you exactly need to achieve successful business transaction and offer you some powerful prayer that makes your transaction successful that will help you to attract all the positive energy you ever need.

How to pray for successful transaction prayer

Before you learn how to pray for successful business growth you need to know how you should pray to make your transaction successful. As we already explain in 8 things that make your prayer for money scientific, in order to make a success of your prayer you need to pray according to wisdom of prayer.

Praying wisely means you need to ask God for things, necessary to get your demands. In other words, it is not enough to only ask for what you want but also you need to ask for other effective things which help you equipped with nessaccery abilities, skills or tools to achieve what you seek for.

In this case, you need to ask God for achieving skills, abilities and characteristics regarding successful business transaction. Here we are explaining some of these things that you need to have successful business transaction according to wisdom of prayer:

Ask for Wisdom

One of the most important elements in prayer for success, prosperity and abundance is wisdom. When you ask God to bless you with wisdom and after he grants it to you, you can make a success of your business specially your transactions. Then you have prosperity and abundance as well. This is why prayers for successful transactions are associated with 3 interrelated prayer of success, prosperity and abundance. So if you want to become successful in your business affairs and earn a lot of money through big transactions, you need to pray for success, prosperity and prosperity as well as successful transactions.

wisdom helps you to think enough before taking any action. Wisdom is the key to prevent sin). The wiser you are, the fewer sins you commit, and the more successful you are in your business and transaction. Ask God for wisdom in every prayer that you read:

“my Lord, please grant me all the wisdom I need to grow and save my business. Let me be wise enough not to abuse the money and wealth you give me only to serve you and your servants. My Almighty, give me the ability to help the in-need people and forgive my shortcomings.

Ask for Innovation

Innovation helps you to create new ideas and ideas increase your chance to make you innovative when you have chance to win a transaction. You can also ask God to offer you an innovative mind while you prayer for attracting customers. Then you may have more transactions and sale as well ( To know more see prayer to increase customer number and sales).

Innovation also helps you to have powerful idea while you are doing any transaction whether to make it more profitable or solve any proceeding problems that you may encounter through your dealing.

you encounter with a new transaction provide you a situation in which you can become innovative enough to create new ideas. Pray and let God get you inspired with new ideas and thoughts.

Ask for Motivation

Another factor in prayer for business success is Motivation which is not only helpful for your business transactions but also for the general success of your business. Motivation makes you move on and overcome any obstacle in your way to obtain goals. So, ask The Holy Lord for a feeling to get you motivated. Once you get motivated, success will come to your business specially for your transaction. It also is helpful if you want to pray for making your business grow and prosper which bring more customer and you may have more transactions.

Ask for Power and strength

When you face any problem in your business, absolutely you will need power and strength to fix the problem and standstill on your knees. Problems and disagreement are especially common in any transaction so that Your power and strength can help you to get over any bad feeling. When you get rid of bad feeling you can focus on working out the problems. So, ask God in your prayer for successful business transactions to make you strong and powerful.

Ask for Faith 

Faith is an internal power that keeps you hopeful of God and His superiority. Believe that there is someone in charge of you and your deeds, and He is always around to give a hand and help you. You always need to ask God to strengthen your beliefs. Because faith is essential to get your prayers answered. Having faith also is helpful for all your prayers and is not limited only to business success prayers.

Ask for talent

To grow and succeed in your business, you need talent and skill. So, Ask God in your prayers to help you discover your talent and grant you all the prosperity of the running business. Talent also is very significant when you are negotiating for a transaction. It helps you to talk better and persuade easier.

Ask for Knowledge 

All successful people have the knowledge about the business they run. When you have knowledge, you know what to do and how to do it while doing a transaction. God gives and grants this precious factor only to those people who deserve it. But the question that may arise is what people deserve it? People who use their knowledge only to serve Him and His servants. So, in your prayers, ask God to enrich you with the knowledge you need for your business to do whatever you can to serve your society.

Ask for Modesty and humbleness

People who lose their modesty and become mean, greedy, and selfish to other regular people, will of course lose their position toward God. It is really hard not to become greedy and egotistical after progression which may hurt your business since it is not according to God’s low. It needs a lot of strength to stay humble and modest and save the business after its prosperity and success. This is why You need prayer for saving business because only God can give you this power to stay like what you have to be.

Two wonderful prayers for successful business sale

  • My Almighty Lord, I have experienced many difficulties and gone through a lot of disappointments in the past. But I still try to be energetic and positive all my life. Not only for myself but more and more for my loved ones. I never asked more than what I want. Because I just want a better life for my loved family and other close friends.  I pray and hope that you will bring success to our coming transactions. And I’m hopeful that you will choose the right and good people to deal with us in these business transactions. Lord, please accept my prayer for successful business transactions and prayer for successful business sale So I can be helpful for your other servants, too
  • My powerful God, help me to have successful transactions and make me be able to increase my trading successes. My goal in business success is nothing but to serve your servants and also to gain more resources to help people who are disabled and poor. My God, give me intelligence, ingenuity, the art of expression, and the art of dealing so that I can get good results from my transactions. Yet, more importantly, wisdom and awareness that will help me to avoid sin and ugliness, and get closer to salvation and enlightenment. O God, if you see my interest is to have successful business affairs, then I want nothing but to answer my prayers for successful business transactions and my prayers for successful business sale  , and also my prayers for successful business growth.  O God, please grant me this honor and accept my business dedication prayer and take its control in your hands. Whatever happens, I will be satisfied with your will, and I will not give up trying to grow, succeed, and rise. Because you created me to serve you and your people.


As we mentioned in this article, no success comes without effort and trying. Even prayer without wisdom is nothing but a couple of words. If you want to succeed you need to try and make your best and besides, you need to ask God to help you. Asking God for success in business is not enough. Ask God to grant you all the factors such as wisdom, talent, strength, and knowledge you need to obtain success. This is how prayers works.

Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they connects God’s power to us; on the other hand scientists think it has inductive powers. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. So Nevidya has offered many prayers which is scientific and can bring prosperity and abundance to your life. You just need to read the prayers, mentioned in each page of Nevidya. Follow the prayers you think you need more.

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